The Red Polish For Every Occasion

If you’re anything like me, your nail polish reflects how you’re feeling, whether you realise it or not. Forget those 90s mood rings, nowadays the colour on my nails is a much more accurate indicator of my mood.

If it’s sunny out or I’m in a happy mood, I tend to lean toward brighter colours that really catch the light. If the weather is dark and gloomy? That usually means my nail polish is too. I don’t know why, but in my mind there are just certain nail polishes that suit different seasons, moods and occasions.
This does tend to get me into a bit of a nail polish rut though….

OPI’s Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It to the rescue–the perfect shade to suit any season, outfit or mood. It’s described as a red-orange polish, which is exactly what it is. I know it doesn’t sound too special yet, but bear with me.

Yes it’s red-orange, but it’s the perfect blend of the two shades, not too orange where it leans slightly toward tangerine and not too red where it borders on a cherry or red wine hue.

Style-wise, if you tend to favour dressing quite monochrome then popping on this polish will add a great flash of colour and vibrancy to your look.

Red is known as a classic shade for a reason, but as this polish is toned slightly brighter then most classic reds, it’s a lovely twist on an old favourite, a fresh take that suits any occasion.


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