Weekly Highlights (#1) -19.06.15

Sometimes there’s just too much fluff on the net, so to sum up a week’s worth of me searching online, watching videos and other such productive tasks, I thought I’d make ‘Weekly Highlights’ a regular series– if one person can benefit from my un-productiveness, then in my eyes it’s justified.

(Drum roll please!) Here are the highlights of the week:

Top Youtube video to watch: The Power of Makeup by NikkieTutorials.
This video is seriously one to show your mum, sibling, friend, a makeup-enthused stranger or anyone that’s ever questioned why people enjoy makeup. In the video, Nikkie transforms half her face into full glam and leaves the other half au natural, the difference is pretty awe-inspiring. Honestly, this video reminds me that makeup is such a creative outlet– experiment whenever the mood strikes because makeup is there to be enjoyed, ‘rules’ be damned.

Top fit tip: Boxing.
No longer will I half-heartedly jog on the treadmill pretending my knees don’t hurt, no longer while I twist my legs in strange positions during exercise routines because it tones up a specific muscle I’ve never heard of. Grab yourself some boxing gloves, channel your inner Hilary Swank in ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and let that hidden aggression out. It’s like exercise and therapy all in one go, amazing. If you can’t get yourself a pair of mitts, try this really great free kickboxing workout where no equipment is needed.

Top Instagram account to follow: @kristina_bazan. 
When is this girl not doing something amazing and looking chic while she’s doing it? If you like the sound of travelling, delicious food, fashion, fitness tips, photo shoots, makeup inspiration and killer selfies, then Kristina is one to follow.

Top book to read: Bossypants by Tina Fey. 
While I shamefully have watched barely any 30 Rock (yet!) and have only dabbled into the world of Saturday Night Live, there’s always been something about Tina Fey’s comedy that I’ve enjoyed. Okay, Mean Girls was mainly responsible. As far as autobiographical books go, this one is a keeper. Tina narrates tales from her childhood to current life, not missing any chance to humorously poke fun at herself or highlight hilarious but truthful points about society. Clever, witty, hilarious–as I said, this one is a keeper.

That rounds up this week, let me know what you think if you delve into any of the ‘Tops’ from this post!

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4 responses to “Weekly Highlights (#1) -19.06.15”

  1. ndudlagirl says:

    I love this Day in a life post, really introduces you so much, and yeah..this is cool you can wake up in 8:30, the best time for me to wake up is 9:30 )) I've never try boxing, maybe I should!


  2. I loved Bossypants by Tina Fey & I fit into the same category as you — didn't watch much 30 Rock or SNL. She had me down right laughing out loud at some parts & I love how "real" she is.

    Glad I found your blog, think I'll stay awhile 😉


    • I agree, I feel like Tina's realness is what makes her so good. If you're looking for a read along the same lines I'd go for Amy Poehler's Yes Please next 🙂

      So happy to hear that, hope you enjoy my other posts!

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