A Day In The Life

Maybe it’s because I’m kind of nosy, but some of my favourite blog posts to read and Youtube videos to watch are the ones where people document a day in their life. I find them so interesting that I thought hey, why not do one myself?

Seeing as this blog is called The Sunday Mode, what better day to document than a Sunday. Sundays are fairly ideal for me which is why I love them so much. The key word here is ideal though, so please don’t judge me too harshly based on what I’m doing or not doing. After all, I’m in Sunday Mode!

8.30am: I rise and shine and get that body moving.
We have an elliptical machine in our house which makes exercising really convenient. I hop on for around 45 minutes and use this time to multitask. While walking on the elliptical I use my phone to check emails and plan out the coming day (for more info on how I do this, see this post).

9.30am: Time to put on my super fluffy robe and make myself look presentable. I do my hair and makeup, get dressed, grab my camera and I’m set for the day.

10.30am: Leave for breakfast/brunch. Sundays are the greatest in my eyes because I usually go to a cafe with either a family member or a friend. If the sun is shining that day, extra bonus.

11.00am: Devour a delicious breakfast and soak up the cafe life (I promise there’s Acai under that granola).

12pm: Head to the Farmer’s Market and see what local produce or delicious baked goods the vendors are selling. This weekend it was scones fresh from the oven, mmmm. I usually find a nice area nearby and take some outfit pictures for upcoming blog posts or some snaps of anything that I think I might want to incorporate into a future post.



2.00pm: Get home. I tend to wash my hair on Sundays so before I hop in the shower and get all fresh, lately I’ve been loving doing a little boxing. I rope a family member into holding focus mitts for me while I box with my super girly pink gloves.

I’ve only been boxing for around 3 months or so but I already love it. It’s probably one of the only forms of exercise that feels like fun to me, rather than a chore.


3.00pm: I start to get hangry (hungry/angry) around this time, so I refuel with lunch while I watch something on Netflix. Right now I’m still loving Nashville!


3.45pm’ish: Blog time. I upload photos, edit, write, plan upcoming posts, schedule and spend time reading other people’s blogs through Bloglovin’ (if you’re interested, you can follow me on Bloglovin’ here). I love reading different blogs, it’s always great for gaining inspiration and honestly it’s just interesting to read fresh content from diverse people.

8.00pm: Dinner.
I blame my Italian heritage for my immense love of Italian food, I just can’t get enough of the stuff. So naturally, Sunday nights are designated pasta nights in our house. We use freshly made pasta from the market and trust me, once you try fresh pasta you’ll never want to go back to the packet stuff. So good I can’t even explain.


8.30pm: I park myself on the couch, catch up on TV shows and enjoy some R&R with the family. I’ll usually spend time scrolling through Instagram and catching up on Twitter too. If I’m feeling extra restless I’ll work on my blog as well.

10.30pm: Unless I’m dead tired, I read for quite a while and then head to bed.

That’s it! I love Sundays and you can probably see why; it’s basically all the things I love crammed into one day. My Sundays aren’t always going to be this idyllic, so for now I’m just trying to enjoy every minute.

Let me know if you liked this type of post and what a typical Sunday looks like for you, I’d love to know!


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  1. Sophie says:

    I really like these day in the life kinds of posts and videos! I have to agree with you, fresh pasta is so nice but I don't always get the chance to buy it. With school and work I never really have a typical Sunday because some times I have work and sometimes I don't, I'm looking forward to one day having the traditional 9-5 weekday job so I can actually have a routine!

    Sophie | http://www.fairlyinterested.com

    • I was like that too, back when I was in uni I never knew what the heck my weekend was going to be like. Sometimes I'd have nothing to do and other times I was swamped!

  2. Kim says:

    I loooove pasta, but I've not tried fresh pasta before. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled to see if I can get my hands on some! I've tried fresh noodles (asian noodles) and those were really good so I really want to try fresh pasta now! Love your chevron print robe <3

  3. phoebe says:

    My Sunday can be surprisingly similar except I like to slot in a long nap and sometimes just skip the getting dressed part and going out part and just stay in my pj's all day. I like to escape to my book world too.

  4. This is my typical sunday too, I love visiting the Farmer's market to stock up on the week's supplies and just chill there and talk to people.

    Latest Post.. Indian Festive Wear

  5. Meg Siobhan says:

    Sounds like such a lovely day! Chilled out, but also fun!!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  6. Awww hun this is such a lovely post – I don't think I've ever seen anything else like it, no one really lets you into their daily lives like this and I really like it!

    So cute and all your photos are really lovely too – beautiful!

    Hope you're well 🙂

    Layla xx


    • Thanks Layla, this post actually took me forever because getting all the pictures ended up being harder than I thought, so hearing your positive feedback is really wonderful!

  7. vivienekok says:

    What do you think about ? I'm looking for a good read on the plane for my upcoming trip 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.blogspot.com

  8. Leela Sule says:

    Great post – sounds like you manage to fit a lot into a sunday whilst still keeping it chilled!

    Leela x

  9. I really love blog posts and youtube videos like this also! I'm addicted, so it was lovely to come across your blog when doing what you love also. I'd love to see you do another blog post like this again in the future. 🙂


  10. I love how much exercise you fit in on a Sunday. I really need to take some tips off you… It's quite interesting seeing what someone else does with their Sunday. My boyfriend and I are renovating our house, so Sundays for me these days are generally spent doing D.I.Y.


  11. Hekyma _ says:

    It really motives me ahaha I'd like to the same 🙂

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

  12. pinkqueen says:

    Sounds like such a lovely day!


  13. Lisa says:

    Sounds like you have such a chill day! I enjoyed reading this so much!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  14. Sounds like such a cute chilled day, you've made me want to try boxing and fresh pasta now haha x
    Freyas Fashion Chapter MAC GIVEAWAY

  15. May Cho says:

    I can't ever sleep by 10, how do you do it?! I usually work till 2 in the morning before heading to bed and waking up at 6 the next morning, and, surprise, continue working. Your daily life sounds so good?!

    Haha, but I loved this post!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    • I definitely don't sleep by 10, I'm naturally a massive night owl. Usually around 10.30-11 on a Sunday I'll start reading for a while, and when I say for a while I mean for hours!

  16. This was such a fun "day in the life" post to read! So awesome you can easily work out at home. Also, I totally understand your love for Italian food, even though I don't know whether I have Italian heritage, I could eat it all day every day. I guess I'm definitely European enough for that haha


    • I don't know if I'm motivated enough to work out at a gym or something like that, so I guess it's lucky we have some equipment at home that makes it easier for me!

  17. kit michele says:

    I love this, what a productive day you've had 🙂 Fun post!


  18. Thanks so much for sharing your entire day with us! Right after you mentioned it in the beginning it actually made me really curious myself also. I need to pick up some of your habits (such as going on the elliptical in the morning, or just exercising period hah). But I also read before I go to bed! Cant' wait to follow more of your posts!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

  19. This was such a lovely post. I am also such a fan of these kinds of posts and would love to do one myself but haven't managed it yet. Sounds like you have had quite a jam-packed but awesome Sunday and I am really impressed with your motivation as well.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  20. Síle Murphy says:

    Your Sundays are jam-packed! Mine always involve long family dinners and long showers, and a lot of browsing the internet or going for walks. I seriously need to structure more!
    x Síle
    Any Idle Sunday

  21. Bash Harry says:

    Oooh, I love reading these kind of posts! Getting a personal look in your life, or maybe that's just my stalker-ish tendencies hahaha! Your Sunday is so full, but I'm so happy you spent some time blogging and relaxing with a good book. With blogging, exams and life getting in the way, I don't think I can ever balance anything anymore haha <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

    • Don't worry, if loving these kinds of posts makes you stalker-ish then that's me too! Actually considering I love 'What's in my fridge' and 'What I eat in a day' videos/posts as well, I think I'm definitely more of the nosy one, haha

  22. This looks like such a lovely Sunday! Bruch, blogging and a lovely dinner is just perfect x

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  23. Such a great post Sunday's are the best for relaxing as well as catching up with all the things you need to prepare you for the week ahead. xx


  24. Summer says:

    Such a wonderful day! I like this type of post♥


  25. I love boxing too! It's such a fun sport; I totally agree that it's one of the few sports that doesn't feel like a chore!

    M x


  26. Raj says:

    Lovely post, sounds like the ideal way to spend a sunday!
    Also that pasta looks amazing


  27. veebz boo says:

    You have such productive days! I really need to take a leaf out of your book and get organising lol. I love Italian food too, so you have one of the best heritages in my opinion lol.


  28. Sounds like my kind of day! Thanks for sharing

    Krissie x – http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com

  29. Looks like a lovely day!! 🙂 great post, I love the pictures!

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  30. I also love reading posts like this one 🙂 Farmers' markets are the best! 😉

    Thirteen Thoughts

  31. I love these posts 🙂 you pack so much in, I'm veeery lazy on Sundays haha xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  32. Ana Vicioso says:

    Sunday is the one day I allow myself to be lazy!
    The rest of my week is jam-packed its so nice to do nothing at the end of the week!


  33. Sunday is my ultimate lazy day. Usually, I woke up really late and after that I just do some skin and hair treatments! 😉

    All the love, Eiren.

  34. Sundays are a very special day, indeed! And love that you're reading The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin is my all time fave! (Have you heard her weekly podcast Happier yet? It's the best!:-)

  35. Hannah T. says:

    Just discovered your blog and I absolutely love the name and this post :). And I really share your love for pasta :).

  36. Gabrielle says:

    Ah, so now I understand your blog name – your Sundays sound ideal! Waking up and working out is so impressive, it always takes me a good few hours before I feel about to put on my trainers and get moving haha. The Farmers Market outing on a Sunday must be lovely.. especially with the promise of scones! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  37. Sharmi Shah says:

    I just discovered your blog and what a delight it is to read! 🙂
    Loved it!
    Love the pictures too!


  38. Zeynab M says:

    I love these types if posts as well, I am just a nosy person. I love Italian food, I am all about pizza and pasta.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  39. Really loved this post! Your Sundays sound so nice and relaxing 🙂

    Brigitte | brigittehayley.com

  40. Just come across your blog and your posts are so cute!

    I'd love to visit Aus one day but its just so far away :(:(

    Bethany x


    • That's really sweet of you to say, thanks Bethany!

      Don't worry I'm dying to go back and visit the UK again but sadly the Australian dollar is awful there at the moment 🙁

  41. Lovely Post, sounds like the perfect Sunday <3


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