Rippon Lea Estate- OOTD

Remember in my Echuca travel diary post how I talked about wanting to explore more of my own country? I’m still on that bandwagon and determined to put on my tourist eyes day to day to discover new things and go on mini adventures.

A few weeks ago after eating breakfast at a great little cafe, instead of going straight home I decided to go for a drive around the area. Within about three minutes I found a huge hedge-lined property which I discovered to be the historic Rippon Lea Estate. I was so shocked, here I was regularly eating at this cafe and not even realising that there was a mansion and picturesque gardens practically around the corner. Good one Julia, I felt like a real chump.



Thankfully the sun was shining brightly (perfect exploring weather) because I know myself and if it were pouring rain outside I would’ve just stayed in the car and thought “maybe next time.” Cosy car wins over rain every time.

The mansion itself was just as fancy as you’d imagine (albeit a little old and dusty) but the gardens were the real treat. Think little huts, lookouts, a bridge overlooking the lake and perfectly shaped hedges. I don’t know exactly how large the gardens span but it felt never ending in a good way.Between taking blog photos I spent most of the time walking around wondering what it’d be like to live there and pretending like I was one of the rich characters on Downton Abbey. Yeah, I could definitely go for having my own mansion, throw in some picturesque gardens while you’re at it.





What I wore-
White Shirt: Zara
Denim Shorts: Zara
Tan Sandals: Sam Edelman
Bag: Urban Outfitters


If you’re in the area I’d really recommend checking out the Estate because it was absolutely beautiful. The only downside to this adventure was the spiders that crawled up my leg while taking the photos on the stairs…. (#bloggingproblems).


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  1. The estate looks gorgeous, and your photo's are beautiful. Glad it was such a great day for you and your outfit looks great. I don't think I would have lasted to long with the spiders haha

    Nicole xx |

    • I didn't notice the spiders until we'd finished taking the photos! As soon as I realised I jumped up and started shaking myself around like a crazy person to try and get them off. I still don't really know if the pictures were worth those spiders…haha

  2. So pretty Julia! The estate is so lovely (it reminds me of Pride & Prejudice) and your outfit is super classic. Loooove!

    Ps. You have super gorgeous skin!

  3. Beautiful collection you have. If you are looking for world most beautiful collection then join us on

  4. Sarah Laird says:

    Love the outfit and I could definitely imagine myself living here – its stunning! 🙂

    Viva Epernay ❤

  5. This look beautiful! How I wish it was sunny here – it gets dark by 5pm now 🙁 xx

  6. You look so pretty! <3n And i love the pictures.

  7. Tiffany Legg says:

    This looks so beautiful. It must be such a perfect place to take photos. x

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  8. Meg Siobhan says:

    What a beautiful estate!!! Gorgeous pictures.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  9. I'm in love with your outfit! And the scenery and photographs are break taking ♥

  10. Blissy Joyce says:

    I love how simple and comfy it looks. Definitely a good style to recommend to anybody.

    Joyce | Joycentricity

  11. you look pretty with that outfit! so simple <3
    Beautiful place too!


  12. Viviene Kok says:

    Looking very effortless 🙂

    Real Life Nerd //

  13. Emma Spencer says:

    I've been meaning to visit Ripponlea Estate and after seeing your gorgeous pictures I think I'll have to make a trip there when I come home to Melbourne over Christmas! Ripponlea is such a beautiful area! Love your summery outfit too, and LOVE that bag! Xx

  14. wow what gorgeous pictures!

  15. These photos are absolutely stunning. Not only is the Rippon Lea Estate amazingly beautiful, but you look so gorgeous in these photos!

    Rae of Love from Berlin
    Bloglovin' // instagram

  16. Lovely photos! Looks like an amazing place! Love your outfits too!

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  17. Lina Khalifa says:

    Love this outfit! Cute picture as well x

    Lina /

  18. Hilary Young says:

    You look stunning! Thanks for sharing this is super fun to read:) Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  19. These are some lovely photographs. love the picture of the blooming plant! Love your outfit too!

     Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

  20. Natalie says:

    Spiders?! How brave!

    What a gorgeous garden. Lovely photos as well 🙂

    Nat | Dignifiable

  21. Karen says:

    I am always looking to explore my own backyard too, it gets you off your butt and who knows you might for a gem! This one definitely looks like it fits the criteria. Lovely photographs xoxo Karen.

  22. Phoebe says:

    I love the photos. You have a great eye for beauty in life.

  23. You have nice blog, let`s be a friends)

  24. These photos are amazing, such lovely surroundings! I really like this outfit, it's a very "me" summer look. Seriously making me miss summer now!

    Kirstie |

  25. Sara Ali says:

    Such a lovely outfit. I love such simple yet elegant looking outfits. x

    Sara Ali |

  26. This estate looks gorgeous and your pictures are lovely!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  27. Now these are beautiful photos and I love your outfit!

  28. Oh my goodness, your photos are absolutely gorgeous!! They make me want to go travelling! Your outfit is lovely too, perfect for a day out like this! oxo

  29. Gorgeous photos – absolutely beautiful and loving your ootd!!! It's so pretty and look at how glorious the weather is over there! Ah, send some sunshine here hahaha!

    Layla xx

  30. Lauren says:

    Beautiful location, love the photos! <3


  31. Breath taking! Wow! Such a lovely estate!
    Loving your look!

  32. Love your bag! So adorable!!

    xo, mikéla /

  33. Stunning photos!

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

  34. Charlotte says:

    So pretty and I loved your photos the blossom on that try looked lovely!
    Charlotte //

  35. Tara Birds says:

    I went to Ripponlea last year when they had the Miss fishcers murder mystery exhibition on! it was amazing! loved the grounds and the mansion

  36. Beautiful place! Nice photos

    kisses Adela Acanski

  37. Jenny says:

    Wow the estate is beautiful! Love your outfit too! Very chic x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  38. Great pictures! The area looks so lovely and peaceful!

  39. Gabrielle says:

    This looks like a picturesque day to me – there's nothing greater than roaming through beautiful grounds! I love your simple outfit for the occasion, you look lovely 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  40. Elle says:

    What a beautiful place! I love it when I'm just wandering around and suddenly discover a new place to visit!


  41. thatsellen says:

    Rippon makes me think of Downtown Abbey (which I love) and I envy you so much for going to this beautiful place haha! Love your blog 🙂 x

  42. That mansion is gorgeous, what pretty photos! I'm in love with your satchel by the way, it's so cute! Great post 🙂
    xo Kiki

  43. Raj says:

    What a stunning place to discover so close to you, I love hidden treasures like that
    Sounds like you had a lovely day out exploring, and such a pretty outfit too

    What Raj Wants

  44. Such a lovely place to stumble upon! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Happy Sunday

  45. taislany says:

    wow what a beautiful place! love your outfit

    BLOG | Taislany

  46. Still loving this post – you really do look gorgeous, beautiful outfit and it makes me miss the summer!

    Layla xx

  47. Loving these gorgeous shots, and you, of course, look beautiful! Really loving your shirt!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  48. What a beautiful mansion! And I totally agree, I keep meaning to see more sights in my own city too, it's so easy to look past all the beautiful things on your doorstep! x

    Brigitte |

  49. Keelie M says:

    wow that place is beautiful and i love your outfit! xx xxx

  50. Lovely photos! I love your shirt and satchel too 🙂 xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  51. stylehue says:

    Wow the location is so beautiful !!!!
    Really like how you wore the white blouse with the brown bag 🙂

  52. Samantha says:

    This place looks amazing, and seems like a perfect place for pictures! So cool that you got to explore a place like this. Your outfit is super cute too 🙂

    Sam |

  53. This estate looks utterly stunning, as does your outfit!

  54. Emma says:

    That place looks so beautiful! And so do you, I especially love your bag!
    Emma xx

  55. Gorgeous photos. I love your bag – very cute.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne | Enter my giveaway!

  56. veebz boo says:

    This outfit looks so pretty on you! It's so simple, but beautiful at the same time. I love Zara for everything too, so the shirt is something I'm especially loving!:D

  57. How gorgeous you look! I love these photos so much 🙂

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  58. Mari says:

    How gorgeous is that! Love your outfit! x

  59. Stunning photos!

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  60. Rissie Blog says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I agree with you too, it WOULD NOT take me long to get use to having some gardens 😀

  61. Wow- what a find! I can imagine how nice it would be to find such a lovely retreat so close to a cafe! Your outfit is gorgeous- I'm loving the bag! And you look stunning in the whole thing, of course:)

    Savannah xx

  62. Sarah Usha says:

    This place looks gorgeous! Might have to make a trip out there:-)

    Sarah xo.

  63. Nissi Mendes says:

    This place is beautiful!!

    ♥ Nissi

  64. I love your top! So cute! 🙂 xx


  65. Adaleta says:

    What a beautiful outfit, you're gorgeous! xx,

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