Travel Diary: Queensland

Is it weird to associate a destination with pure happiness? Because that’s how I feel whenever I think about Queensland and the Gold Coast- happy.

While growing up a lot of our family holidays were to the Gold Coast so I’ve got nothing but love for the place. Trips to the coast meant getting some sun, picnics, fish and chips by the beach, boogie boarding (they’re called body boards now?) and most important to little Julia were the theme parks. The only good theme parks in Australia are in Queensland so it’s pretty safe to say that every little Aussie kid almost peed their pants at the chance to get some theme park action, or at least that’s how I felt.

Needless to say that when I travelled to the Gold Coast with a family member a few weeks ago, theme parks were still at the top of my to do list. Yep, I’m one of those people who make ‘travel lists’ of things to see, do and eat. Travel lists may sound dull or un-spontaneous but they’re actually really handy for making sure you get to experience the full effect of a place. Too many times have I gotten back from a trip only to discover I’d missed a huge attraction, local delicacy or famous sight- never again! I was determined for this trip to be different, and it was.


To kick of our days, for breakfast pretty much every morning we walked down to a local cafe and had killer Acai Bowls with fresh banana, strawberries and coconut. I could eat Acai all day long and still not get sick of it so this was perfect for me.

Our first three days were spent visiting three theme parks back to back, Sea WorldMovie World and Dreamworld. Could we have spaced them out more? Probably, but what’s the fun in being sensible?

Sadly I don’t have any snaps from Movie World or Dreamworld because their main attractions are basically the thrill rides so I decided against bringing my camera. Being whirled around like a rag doll on rides doesn’t exactly leave much time for photo ops. I also didn’t really trust leaving my camera in one of the park lockers…I feel like my DSLR is my baby and would a mother leave her baby in a locker? God I hope not. To give you more of an idea, think Gollum and his ring when you think of me and my camera.

Luckily for the sake of blog photos Sea World is a marine animal park that’s far less ride based so I was taking snaps left, right and centre.


Aside from the shining sun that day and the beautiful but clearly not natural bright blue water, my favourite part of Sea World was seeing a polar bear up close. I’d never seen one before so that was definitely a new one.

Side note: does anyone else get a little depressed seeing animals behind big walls of glass? It was really nice seeing the polar bear but to be honest I just wanted to let it free…


As the days came to a close, each night before dinner we’d go for walks along the ridiculously picturesque beach, I mean just look at that sky!

When we weren’t walking along the beach we were walking around the city, visiting Ripley’s Believe It or Not, going to night markets, eating frozen yoghurt (the perfect 8pm treat by the way) and doing some shopping because you know, priorities.


Queensland is known for its seafood, so for me it just wouldn’t have been a proper Queensland holiday if we didn’t visit George’s Paragon a few times (or five). George’s is a top notch Greek style seafood restaurant and probably one of the only restaurants that everyone in my family enjoys. I never eat seafood at home so the fact that I ate calamari almost everyday at George’s really says something.



If I wasn’t too busy eating I would’ve taken a picture of the view. The restaurant overlooks the water and a tonne of boats and multi-story yachts that probably cost the same as several houses. Walks along the pier after lunch to digest everything was a must before making the hour long drive back to our hotel.



Our last few days were a little more relaxed. We spent time shopping, walking, squeezed in a couple more trips to George’s and hunted down all the Jurassic Park movies on dvd because sometimes you’re just in the mood for dinosaurs, am I right?

On the night before we left, between frantically packing my suitcase I spent a good chunk of time just sitting on the balcony, admiring the view and appreciating the city lights.



I don’t know when I’ll next get a chance to go to Queensland but for the sake of not depressing myself I’m just going to assume that I’ll be back sometime soon; if not for the theme parks and beach then for the calamari alone (I wish I was kidding).

Are there any travel destinations that you make you feel happy just thinking about them?


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  1. Hannah Lucy says:

    So envious of this! Queensland looks beautiful and there's nothing I love more than beach walks! Sounds like such an amazing place!

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I can imagine how uncomfortable you must have felt leaving your DSLR in one of the park's lockers! Sea World looks really lovely there and the spot you enjoyed lunch at looks wonderfully bright – I can imagine how nice the view would have been 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  3. Eden Mint says:

    I've never been to Queensland before but it's definitely on my travel bucketlist! Loved reading your post and beautiful photos 🙂

  4. I'm so jealous, Queensland looks beautiful ♥

  5. Georgi says:

    Looks like a great adventure! x

  6. Mouna says:

    same feelings I get with my camera! It's so uncomfortable not bringing it around with me! Queensland looks so pretty 🙂 well captured!
    (I sometimes feel that way at zoos, too…though it's a bit nice to see endangered animals somewhere safe)

  7. What a gorgeous adventure! This makes me realise how lucky I am for living in Queensland and living so close to the coast.

    I love acai bowls too – I'm addicted! I hope you enjoyed your stay x

  8. UMMM jealous! This trip looks like heaven 🙂


  9. Sabina B. says:

    looks like a beautiful place! love the photos, thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow, this is probably the place I would want to be right now. Queensland is beautiful and I made a research of this place before. Looks like it's a great trip and vacation! <3

    Have a nice day!


  11. Phoebe says:

    I think your travel diaries are my favourite. Although I love reading all your posts cos they are always entertaining with that humour throughout. The photos you take are also fabulous.

  12. It looks like a really beautiful place! We normally go to Southern France so I also smile when I think about that place. There is so many memories 🙂

  13. Kay says:

    These photos are so stunning, wow! I've always wanted to visit Australia! Thank you for sharing, this was a fab read x


  14. Oh wow – loving all your photos hun, they look beautiful and I love how sunny it is! Ah makes me miss those summer days on the beach when I was in Greece – love it there and love how relaxed everything is! 🙂

    Layla xx

  15. Caramella says:

    Oooh stunning pics! Thank you for sharing, I would love to visit!!

  16. veebz boo says:

    This place looks so beautiful, and the acas bowl looks yummy! I definitely need to be more organised like you when I go away, and start making lists. That's such a great idea, then you don't miss anything out and you always have something planned.

  17. Serene Kurd says:

    Queensland looks spectacular <3 the food and the views are spectacular!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  18. LOOOOL your comment about your DSLR being your baby!! I think the same of my G7X. I also hope no one would leave a baby in a locker! I probably wouldn't have brought a camera for that trip either.
    Queensland looks amazing. I have a friend in Australia who I am hopeful to visit some day (it is SUCH a long trip however!!). I do think Queensland is far from her, but not clear across the country, so it's not the FARTHEST. I'd totally stop by because this post gives me a really good idea of how awesome this city is! Thank you so much for sharing, it is helpful!!

    Much Love!
    -Stephanie Eva

    • Glad I'm not the only one who's super attached to their camera! I know we're really far away/secluded down here in Australia, but hopefully you'll visit your friend and come down here for yourself one day! 🙂

  19. stylehue says:

    Queensland looks like a lot of fun 🙂 I would love to go to the theme parks and eat fish and chips by the beach <3


  20. That acai bowl looks so yummy! I love your photos, sounds like you had a lovely time. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  21. Ohh Queensland is so beautiful! The views are absolutely stunning!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  22. Great Pics and Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  23. There's absolutely nothing wrong with associating a place with pure happiness. In fact it just makes sense to me. I would love to visit sunny Queensland one day. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  24. I LIVE in Queensland, lucky me! Lovely pictures by the way.

  25. This sounds/looks like it was a fun trip… I'm glad I'm not the only one who classes their camera as their baby. I too could not bare leaving it behind in a locker all day. Yep, definitely safer to leave the baby at home on theme park days haha.


  26. Tiffany Legg says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. Looks like you had an amazing time!

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  27. Georgia Jade says:

    My parents would take us every summer to Queensland when we were kids. The place definitely reminds me of being a child, and happiness. I still jump at the chance to visit the theme parks first thing whenever I'm there! Hope you had a lovely time x

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic – Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

  28. I'm sitting here shivering in my chair because it's so cold, and looking at these posts makes me incredibly jealous. Hopefully someday I'll be able to make it to Australia — it looks like a gorgeous country 🙂

    A Northern Light

  29. That Acai Bowl looks absolutely delicious! Beautiful pictures as always, they're making me want to go on holiday! x

    Brigitte |

  30. ►Nadush says:

    Great photos and post ! 🙂
    please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  31. Megan McCoig says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos, I can understand why you associated Queensland with happiness, it looks like pure bliss!

    Megan X – follow and check my blog and I'll follow back!

  32. Marie says:

    Lovely pictures ! Looks like you had fun 🙂

  33. Wow! You captured Queensland amazingly with your photos! I hope I get the opportunity to visit.

    Keisha xo
    The Chrysalis Gal

  34. Queenland is beautiful. You seemed to have had a lot of fun. I can totally relate to your intro of associating a place with happiness. I have the same feeling for certain states in Nigeria.

    I'd love to have you visit my blog. Its

  35. I haven't been to Gold Coast in so long! I'm living in Brisbane but i'm finally on holidays so I've been longing to go up. And since the weather is so nice, it'll be so good! x


    • Oh we were going to go up to Brisbane! I think I might head there the next time I'm up in Queensland because I don't think I've actually ever been to Brisbane before, or if I have I don't remember!

  36. Hi love, how are you?
    Great post as usual, love it.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Hope to see you enter my giveaway!
    IG: its.dominica.s
    Have a lovely week kisses! Xx

  37. Emily says:

    That breakfast looks incredible and just what I need right now! I'd love to visit Australia one day, and now I've added Queensland to the list as well 🙂 There are so many gorgeous photos in this post, I'm jealous!!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  38. Queensland looks so beautiful! Sounds like you had so much fun there (I would have tii after doing all the things you did haha) and I love the view from the balcony 🙂

  39. The Gold Coast looks absolutely beautiful. I have yet to make it out to Oz but I would really love to go and just travel for a good few weeks all around Australia. The last two photos are so beautiful and it is so cool to see so many different kinds of animals both on land and in the ocean!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  40. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! And that food….!! To die for!! I am a freak for sea food. I am going to New Orleans in 3 weeks and this post just made me super excited!!

    Bri | Brianna Sullivan

  41. Looked like a beautiful place to visit. I totally get what you mean about animals behind glass walls, it always feels wrong. The food look incredible too!

  42. The view is so breathtaking.
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  43. Looks like you had a great trip, I am lucky enough to live in beautiful QLD 🙂

    Nicole xx |

  44. what a beautiful place! I want to see penguin and polar bear one day <3
    this place should be in everyone's bucket list.


  45. Gorgeous pictures lovely! I would love to visit queensland!! x
    a life of a charlotte

  46. Lina Khalifa says:

    It looks like such a pretty place! Love the pictures x

    Lina /

  47. Adaleta says:

    You have a lot of lovely pictures & I am needing to go visit because of your recap! It's not weird to think of happiness when thinking of a destination. This is how I feel about Newport, Rhode Island which is on the east coast of the US and I live on the west coast! Loved this post – absolutely lovely! xx,

  48. Winscribbles says:

    looks so pretty and fun!

    Winn | ♥

  49. Eatlovemerry says:

    These photos are so amazing! 🙂

  50. beautiful photos! Queensland looks amazing!


  51. Kelly Doe says:

    That really looks amazing… And the food looks quite yummy… I hope I'll see it myself someday 🙂 xx

  52. This looks like such a fun and memorable trip! I'd definitely love to visit someday. I'm not much of a thrill seeker when it comes to rides, but I could totally get behind that calamari, haha.

    Sartorial Diner

  53. Beckie says:

    As I look outside at the very windy and wet British weather…I am very jealous!!

  54. I know I've already commented but I really do love your photos – they're all so beautiful and it makes me want to get on a plane and go somewhere warm!

    Hope you're well hun! 🙂

    Layla xx

  55. Looks like you're having a great time 🙂 We're off to Brisbane in february and I cant wait to head to the theme parks (although I avoid sea world and all marine parks like the plague!!) xxx

  56. Sarah Laird says:

    These snaps have me craving a holiday somewhere lovely and warm! I've never been to Australia but its on my travel bucket list! x

    Viva Epernay | Penhaligon's Giveaway

  57. Jessica says:

    I adore your style so much! It's super chic!
    check out my blog + follow back?

    Jess |

  58. Erica White says:

    SO beautiful! Great post!

  59. Wow, this looks so amazing. So glad you had a ball at the beach and eating fresh seafood!

  60. Wow, those photos are really pretty. I need a holiday and this place, but too bad I'm so away and lost. I hope I'd be able to visit this place soon 🙂

    Lou |

  61. Alice Grace says:

    Wow, what an amazing trip! I'd love to visit Queensland one day!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


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