5 TV Shows You Should Watch


As it gets closer to the end of the year I feel like a lot of people are either on holidays or on a mandatory break from work. Even if that doesn’t apply to you, around Christmas time it seems everyone relaxes a little more and takes time out from their busy lives to kick back and just enjoy life (I hope?). One of my favourite ways to kick back is to either catch up on TV shows I’ve missed throughout the busy year or to binge watch something for days at a time. Hi, I’m Julia and I’m a TV-aholic. The hardest part is always admitting it. 

If you’re like me and you love watching TV during your down time, here are five brilliant shows you should watch:

Prison Break 
It all starts with Michael Scofield, a man with a plan who purposefully gets himself thrown into the same jail as his brother in order to save him from death row- it’s an uphill battle from there. Prison Break is one of those rare ‘had me on the edge of my seat’ shows and with season one especially, many of the storylines were unexpected and always kept me guessing. Seeing as the majority of the show is set in a prison environment the stakes are painstakingly high and you never really know which characters can be trusted, if any. I spent a good chunk of my teen years loving Michael Scofield (I still do) and if you watch this show you’ll quickly understand why.
My favourite episode? ‘Riots, Drills and The Devil Pt.1’

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The title is pretty self-explanatory here but if you can’t stand vampires don’t let that scare you off, vampires are the footnote in this show rather than the main attraction. Personally I think Buffy is the perfect mix of light and dark and that’s why it’s hit cult status- there’s not too much drama without comedy and vice versa. One of my favourite things about the show is that it always feels grounded in reality so no matter how far-fetched or supernatural the storylines get, there’s always something to reign it in and make you feel like you can relate to the characters. The jokes are multi-generational as well so you could easily watch this with an older or younger crowd.  I first watched Buffy when I was very young, re-watched it at 17 and again at 21 and I think it only gets better with time.
My favourite episode? ‘Hush.’


Grey’s Anatomy 
I don’t normally enjoy medical-based dramas but this one’s different, there’s a reason this has 12 seasons and is still going strong. Grey’s Anatomy has characters that are really easy to get attached to (I dare you to not love one of them) and the storylines week-to-week literally range from heart wrenching to hilarious. The writers aren’t afraid to kill characters off though so always have tissues at the ready. Without giving spoilers, this show has some intense episodes which means there’s a high possibility you’ll want to have a Grey’s marathon and not leave your room for a few days. You’ve been warned.
My favourite episode? ‘Sanctuary.’


Gilmore Girls 
I’m forever greatful to my best friend who suggested I watch Gilmore Girls because it’s one of those feel good shows that just makes me happy. It’s a comedy drama that follows the relationship between mother Lorelai and daughter Rory and overall it’s a very upbeat show; perfect to watch when you don’t know what to watch or on days when you need a cheer up. Lorelai and Rory have a pretty specific brand of humour and a quick witted way of speaking and it’s extremely catchy. I can always tell when I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls because I notice my inner monologue becomes a lot more witty and sarcastic, which my family would argue isn’t possible…
My favourite episode? ‘Bon Voyage’


Parks and Recreation
Watch it, just watch it. I know a show that’s set in a parks department may sound dull but this is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. I barely ever laugh out loud while watching TV but I do with this, I’ve even done a few knee slappers which is unheard of for me. You have to persist though because the seasons get better as they progress. It’s like cheese, it only gets better with time. If that doesn’t entice you, it’s got Amy Poehler in it…what more could you want?
My favourite episode? All of them.

Honourable mention goes to Friends because it’s a classic and I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching reruns. “We were on a break!”What are your must watch TV shows? I feel a marathon coming on…