Brunching My Way Into 2016- OOTD

I feel like the first week or so of a new year can really set the tone for the year ahead (unless you have a crappy week, in which case pay no attention to me). So I was wondering…what should I do to kick off my 2016?

Go out for brunch.

I’m officially declaring myself a member of the Melbourne cafe culture because going out for brunch is honestly one of my favourite things to do. In the hopes of continuing that trend, I’ve been out for brunch almost every day on this first week of January and that’s not excessive in the slightest to me, it’s more like a dream come true. There’s just something about someone else cooking and cleaning for me that can’t be topped, not to mention the food I make at home isn’t presented nearly as nicely!

Feast your eyes upon these, can we all just take a moment to admire this stack of buttermilk hotcakes? I would eat them through the screen if I could, I mean look at them! This particular stack of heaven on a plateΒ hotcakes were from a local cafe that’s a firm favourite of mine, they’re topped with homemade raspberry jam and lemon curd and they tasted as good as they look. Reigning in 2016 with hotcakes is pretty much my idea of perfection- can you tell I’m a foodie?

On this particular day it was fairly overcast (apparently Melbourne hasn’t quite gotten the memo that it’s summer) so I went for my trusty dark wash denim shorts paired with this Urban Outfitters top that’s patterned but simple. I actually wore this top on my 21st birthday in Hawaii and ever since then I feel like I get good vibes whenever I wear it, good Hawaiian birthday vibes. I paired it all with black boots to combat the lack of sun and called it a day.

What I wore-

Top: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: My Bag Shop
Going out for brunch: Priceless


So far I’ve been loving 2016 and you know it may just be the delayed sugar high from the hotcakes talking, but I feel like this is going to be a great year. Who’s with me?


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163 responses to “Brunching My Way Into 2016- OOTD”

  1. Cherie Koh says:

    Well the year got off to a very tricky situation (still is) but fingers crossed it'll be smooth soon… I love those shoes you're wearing, and your outfit looks so comfortably chic! Ahh Melbourne hasn't changed with its temperamental weather I gather… I wished there were more of these brunch places when I was still around! They all popped up literally the minute (aka year) I left πŸ™

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

    • Oh that's such bad timing, nowadays there seems to be a nice brunch place at every corner!

      Hope your 2016 picks up and you end up having a brilliant year πŸ™‚

  2. I've been craving pancakes for days and this might of just tipped me over the edge- haha! Great post- as always! πŸ™‚

  3. June L. says:

    The pancakes look SOOOO GOOD. OMG. And your outfit and makeup are always on point, haha! πŸ™‚ (Btw, I absolutely love the top… I don't have anything like it, but I shall make a mental note to add something like that to my shopping list!)
    Junniku blog! (What I got for Christmas)

  4. Ana says:

    If I could go to get brunch every single day of my life, I would. I totally get you, it's the best thing ever. Loved how you paired that outfit together! I'm currently obsessed with black. Hope you have a wonderful day gorgeous!

    Love, Ana

    • I tend to wear a lot of black as well, it's just to easy to wear and style I find. Glad you're with me on the brunch train, anyone that doesn't like brunch is just an alien to me!

  5. Adalias C says:

    I love that outfit and the food looks amazing! xx

  6. Love your outfit! The food looks so delicious!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  7. Kimmy says:

    Wow, they look so yummy!!!! I wish I could have brunch every day for a week. XD

  8. Mallory says:

    I love your look here! It's really casual yet chic. And, I wish Seoul would get step up their brunch places. I love brunch so much! I hope you're having a great 2016!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  9. What a fantastic way to start the year! I adore brunch also and if I could I would also go everyday. Those pancakes look so delicious and I love your outfit choice…perfect for brunch.

    Keisha xo
    The Chrysalis Gal

  10. Trang Do says:

    You looks so pretty! Love your beautiful face!! Gorgeous outfit!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  11. Georgiana says:

    Your top has an amazing pattern!
    See my winter outfit from vintage pieces (link)

  12. Natalie says:

    Every day of the week! That is quite impressive.

    I am in love with your outfit, especially your shoes!

    Nat | Dignifiable

  13. You look beautiful! Yumm, the hotcakes look delicious!


  14. Hilary Young says:

    You look stunning! I am in love with your style. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  15. khaira khan says:

    gosh, it was stinky hot in Perth when I was there. Same, I loveeeee doing brunches. Perth has some awesome cafes as well, if you're ever in town. Let me know, i can show you places!

  16. Aaah, I love your outfit and I needed a moment to take in those amazing looking hot cakes haha β™₯

  17. Sarah Wagner says:

    I was planning on making pancakes this weekend and OMG that lemon curd is the perfect addition! Your outfit is also amazing though. Those boots are everything!

  18. Amy Liddell says:

    Oh my goshhhh that looks like the best brunch ever! You look gorgeous too! // UK Fashion Blog

  19. Yay for brunch! You look so lovely and stylish! I also have a feeling that 2016 is going to be a pretty awesome year πŸ˜‰

    Thirteen Thoughts

  20. Great way to bring in the new year! Pancakes look so good I am now craving them haha and your outfit super cute πŸ™‚

    Nicole xx |

  21. Those pancakes so sooo amazing! I love your shoes btw!

  22. Shannon Sage says:

    That's a great brunch outfit! And those hotcakes look DELICIOUS!! I am such a huge fan of brunch as well! Is there anything better than mimosas and breakfast food at noon?

    Shannon Sage

  23. Such a cute outfit! Brunch is my favourite!

    Isabel Marcelo

  24. Sora Hwang says:

    Brunch is my favorite!! I love your top, so I think that may be a close second. πŸ™‚

    Via Sora

  25. Great Outfit and those pancakes look to die for!

  26. Yum, that food looks great. I love your outfit the top looks great on you:)

    Please leave a comment at

  27. Eva K. says:

    Lovely outfit!And beautiful photos too!!

    Eva from

  28. I'm totally with you!! I'm absolutely determined to make 2016 the best yet!

    PS- love the first sentence of this post! Lol.


  29. Phoebe says:

    Beautiful photos – love everything. I want to eat those pancakes right off the page and as always I love the way you put together your outfits. You always look so stunning.
    I think this is going to be a fantastic year and look forward to reading your blog throughout the year.

  30. First of all, what an amazing look! Secondly, your brunch pictures are so great that I want to quit my job and move to Australia so I can brunch my life away. Happy weekend beauty!

  31. Osiarah Blog says:

    You look so pretty! Your top is really nice. And about those hotcakes.. they look so good! It makes me want to eat some right now haha.

    Camy xx

  32. Gabrielle says:

    The ASOS boots work so well with the shorts, this is a brilliant look on your tall frame! I agree the first week or so of the year is a great way of determining your attitude to the remaining months (though I love how you threw it to ignore you if someone's week isn't going so well haha!) πŸ™‚

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    • I figured I better cover all my bases! When you're having a great week it's fine to say that that's what will determine your year but I thought if someone is having an awful week, that's probably the last thing they want to hear!

  33. Your breakfast looks so yummy and your top is very cute πŸ™‚ xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  34. I've got to try going out for brunch. I'm usually too lazy to go out before noon. Lol. The food and your outfit look great though! Have a great 2016!

  35. Being slightly hungover and reading this, I now want pancakes with homemade raspberry jam and lemon curd ): #lifestruggles


  36. elifnaz says:

    The pancakes look so yummy, love your outfit!

  37. Tiffany Legg says:

    That looks incredible! I'm hopefully coming to Melbourne in October, so will have to keep a look out for this cafe. x

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • Oh that's so fun! If you ever want me to write you up a few nice places to go for brunch or if you have any Melbourne questions just let me know πŸ™‚

      Hope you like Melbourne! x

  38. β–ΊNadush says:

    Amazing OOTD ! πŸ™‚
    please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  39. CEYLAN CEYDA says:

    Amazing Look πŸ™‚

    last Post:

  40. Bash Harry says:

    I actually think it's very true that your first week of the year will probably highlight how the rest of the year will be. This year started off pretty darn well. Well, it would if I had those hotcakes…yummmm…It's almost as pretty as your outfit! Haha <3

    xx Bash | H E Y Β  B A S HΒ | bloglovin'

  41. Stacey-Lea says:

    How beautiful can you possibly get? These photos are magnificent

  42. Beautiful photos, especially of those hotcakes. My god, I would eat them through the screen as well if I could! I'm extremely jealous you've been out for brunch nearly every day this month! I love brunch but don't get to do it very often.

  43. These hotcakes looks amazing! I'm currently thinking about what I should have for breakfast and now I really need those!! Also, love you outfit, especially the boots πŸ™‚
    Charlotte Luisa |

  44. Those pancakes look absolutely gorgeous!! But your lip color is what I'm interested in lolol, what lipstick did you use, if you don't mind me asking. πŸ™‚ xx


  45. Viktoria says:

    so beautiful!

  46. Mai says:

    Love your outfit!

    Liebste Grüße β™₯ Mai

  47. Beckie says:

    Those pancakes look outstanding!

  48. JBT says:

    Your outfit is so cute and casual, and those pancakes look to die for! Happy New Year!
    xo, jill

  49. Oh my goodness! You are absolutely beautiful! <3
    That top looks so pretty, and just loving how casual and chic this entire look is! πŸ™‚



  50. Adaleta says:

    Ooooh I want to brunch my way into 2016, and definitely have more brunch this year. I feel like brunch is only a possibility on the weekend, and while I do love it being special and "for the weekend" I would love to be able to do it more often! Such a cute outfit girl xx

  51. DiagonSally says:

    Oh my gosh stop right now! Those pancakes look AMAZING! I'm so happy I found another Melbourne blogger. I think Melbourne's getting the memo that it's summer on Wednesday, 42 degrees! X

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  52. Lisa says:

    i adore your top girl!!! Gorgeous!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  53. Jo Nguyen says:

    wow! love the whole look! Lucky that you are able to wear little during this time of year!

    Jo x

  54. Such a nice look for brunch and the pictures are beautiful.Everything's well presented for sure and having brunch daily is one of my dreams too

  55. You look gorgeous and very romantic on these pictures. The brunch seems to be so tasty! I love brunches but they're not all that nice looking!
    Hope you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

    Mika | La French Connection

  56. Sarah Inks says:

    What a great way to start off the new year! I love your outfit and the print on your top is really calling out to me πŸ™‚

    Pop over to my blog!


  57. Absolutely loving your outfit! Gorgeous, and the brunch looks divine XO


  58. Your outfit is so cute I especially love that top it goes with just about anything xx

  59. Rakel says:

    I love your look of today! Check out mine:

    Have a nice day <3

  60. Oh my gosh this looks sooooo yummy!!

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  61. yum

  62. Your outfit is so chic! love it. Must've been a perfect sunday.

    Stephanie |

  63. Loved your outfit! The shots are really pretty too!
    Really enjoying your blog


  64. Ela A. says:

    Who is not a fan of brunching… well I am a big fan and if I have time, I wouldn't mind going for brunch all the time haha πŸ™‚ Hot cake looks delicious, I am really craving for it! Your outfit is pretty <3

  65. Deasy Noel says:

    Oh my gosh, can I just say that those buttermilk pancakes looks SOOOO good?! I don't even like buttermilk pancakes! Haha. And love your casual ootd :B

  66. Ashleigh says:

    Oh those hotcakes look to die for! I'm such a sucker for something a little bit sweet too .. hehe!

    This outfit is gorgeous, nice and simple but chic!

    Ashleigh x

  67. Fionna says:

    omg those pancakes look SO fluffy!!! and cute ootd πŸ˜‰

  68. Miharu Julie says:

    great post
    would you like to follow each other?
    I'll follow back after it

  69. veebz boo says:

    No wonder brunch is one of your fave things to do at the moment, the food looks delicious! I agree with you, I feel as though 2016 has started of great, and I hope that continues for all of us.:D – What I Got For Christmas 2015

  70. A bit late… but here's to an amazing 2016!! I love brunches and the relaxed ambiance of brunching… it feels like a nice way of ending the week, and prepping for the upcoming week and challenges ahead!

    Stephanie |

  71. So glad i just found your blog ! Your photography is beautiful & the Sydney travel diary was my favorite ! Looking forward to becoming an avid reader xx Lauren

  72. omg you so gorgeous!!

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