4 Fashion Staples For Every Season

It’s Spring for a lot of the world but it’s currently Autumn in Australia. You know what that means? I’m reading countless Spring related-posts filled with people wearing light outfits and short shorts- neither of which will I be wearing anytime soon unless I fancied freezing to death. As much as I love all the Spring posts they do make me wish for a season that I don’t have and that’s a little depressing.

So for everyone out there- everyone in Spring, everyone in Autumn, everyone on Mars, here are 4 fashion staples to get you through any season:



Neutral tops or shirts (shh, this still counts as one!). 
Boring? Maybe, but if I don’t have some basic coloured tops in my wardrobe it would take me so much longer to get ready (and I already take a fairly long time…). Personally I need my staples of black, white and grey but honestly nowadays I’d count something striped as fairly neutral as well just because it’s so versatile.

The beauty of neutral tops and shirts is that you can wear them underneath basically anything and because they’re not too offensive or particularly memorable you can wear them multiple times throughout the seasons and it’ll always look like you’ve pulled together a different outfit. Fairly self-explanatory but for the cooler months layer your neutral top with a jumper, scarf and a coat (and several singlets if you’re always cold like me) then for the warmer months just wear it alone or under a light jacket. Voila.


Ankle boots. 
Short ankle boots can do no wrong in my eyes. Knee High boots are great but they’ve practically got a seasonal ticking timer attached to them and open boots with ankle cut-outs are just impractical for yearly wear, unless you live in a place where it never rains?

If you’ve got a solid pair of ankle boots you can wear them with shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, culottes, a romper, a jumpsuit- just about anything. Better yet, if your boots have a reasonable sized heel on them then you’ll always be perfectly walking the line between formal and informal.

Ah jeans, my trusty jeans. I never go on any kind of a trip without packing a pair, even if it’s to a hot destination.

I feel like I don’t even need to go into why jeans are the perfect item to take you through all the seasons but incase you need more convincing…

-They’re a fail-safe piece and something you know you can rely on even if nothing else you packed is appropriate (we’ve all been there, right?).

-Jeans can be dressed up or down depending on your style and to this day I haven’t found a shoe that doesn’t look good paired with jeans.

Comfort-wise I personally prefer jeans made out of a lighter denim with a little more give (not jeggings) just so that way I can move around freely and don’t feel restricted at all by super tight denim. Hot days + super tight denim = a hot mess.

Light coats.  
I’ve already practically written a love letter to trench coats in my 5 Reasons To Buy A Trench Coat post but really any light coat or jacket is a lifesaver. Something mid-length specifically is perfect for when the seasons are changing and the weather starts getting unpredictable because mid-length theoretically won’t leave you freezing or feeling like you’re drowning in fabric.

Everyone has their own preferences but I find I get the most use out of coats in a neutral colour or tone because you know, I like to repeat outfits. Fabric is something that’s often overlooked as well but when you’re trying to find a piece that can be worn in every season, try and find a coat or jacket made of a material that isn’t too bulky or too light (aka ditch the wool coat).




Trench coat: ASOS
Blouse: Banana Republic
Jeans: General Pants Co.
Boots: Merchant



What are your fashion staples?