12 Hours In Hawaii (A Day In The Life)

I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a lot in my 22 years and out of all of the places I’ve been to Hawaii (Oahu to be specific) continues to take the cake. The vibe is relaxed, I get some serious vitamin D, my stress levels lower and the majority of people in Hawaii seem to be way friendlier than Melbournians (sorry Melbourne, but seriously why doesn’t anyone here ever smile back at me?!).

Recently I spent some time in one of my favourite places in the world with one of my favourite people in the world (my good ‘ol mum) and I thought it would be interesting to document what I got up to for a typical Hawaiian “I’m on holiday so my life is 100 times better” day in the life.

10.00AM: Wake up // Get ready.


Can I wake up at 10am every day…please?Once I rolled myself out of bed I slapped on my makeup (which I kept fairly simple), did my hair and relished the fact that I could just slide into a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and sandals for the day because the weather is just that good. I’m one of those people who are cold all the time so you can imagine how unbelievably happy the constantly beaming sun makes me.


11.00AM: Breakfast time.


If you’re ever in Hawaii, don’t leave without trying an Acai bowl. I eat my weight in acai bowls my fair share of acai bowls back in Melbourne but they’re absolutely everywhere in Hawaii. Hawaiians know their acai bowls and damn they make them good. It’s basically a blend of acai, banana, berries and some kind of almond/soy milk and then it’s all topped with organic granola and fresh berries. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. 

12.00PM: Road trip // Drive around the island.



We picked up our rental car, some fresh baked scones for the drive (priorities) and hit the road, crossing our fingers for dear life because this was the first time we’d ever driven on the other side of the road. Considering this was our first time driving around the island I think we did a pretty good job, maybe one or two “oh god NO!” moments along the way but other than that I swear we were good drivers…

1.00PM: Movie tour at the Kualoa Ranch.

Movie fans out there unite! We got to the Kualoa Ranch and took one of their movie tours and while the tour itself was just OK the ranch and the scenery were spectacular. If the ranch and the mountains look familiar it’s probably because Jurassic Park and Jurassic World filmed a lot of their scenes there (I saw the Gyrosphere field people!). 50 First Dates, Lost, Hawaii Five-O, Pearl Harbor and a bunch of other films and television shows have shot there as well so needless to say the Film and TV buff in me was really satisfied.

3.00PM: Inhale the best scones of my life.


Don’t judge its outsides, its insides are amazing. 

I’m not going to lie I was waiting all day to eat this bad boy. If you ever go to Hawaii make your way to Diamond Head Market and Grill asap and get yourself one of their freshly baked blueberry and cream cheese scones. Don’t even shower or unpack after you get off the plane, just go straight here because the scones are that good. They’re baked fresh, they’re doughy, they’re extremely popular, they have chunks of cream cheese in them and they’re probably going to get a ring put on them by me sometime soon.

3.30PM: Road trip home.


One minor outfit change later (sweaty top, you know the drill) we drove home from the ranch. Taking the scenic route we inevitably passed some locations along the way that we felt like we just had to stop and take photos of. Plus let’s be real, it’s not every day that I get to just casually drive around Hawaii, exploring and taking photos.

5.00PM: Explore Waikiki.


One of my favourite things about travelling in the summer is that it stays really light until late, unlike Melbourne where it’s currently pitch black by 5.30pm. With a couple of hours to kill before dinner we decided to walk around and just shop in Waikiki, stopping by the beach along the way and allowing me plenty of breaks to nurse my scorching sunburn (keeping it real people). Waikiki Beach is pretty much always busy so you just deal with the crowds and the flocks of tourists taking selfies on the beach and go from there. A rogue selfie stick or two in the eye is totally worth it for those views.

6.00PM: Walk along the beach.


7.00PM: Catch a sunset (not an original idea).


8.00PM: Dinner. 

Usually I stay away from ‘themed’ restaurants with a 10-foot pole but the Forrest Gump inspired restaurant ‘Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is actually home to an amazing chicken burger…go figure. I don’t really tend to eat burgers at home so we definitely made a few repeat visits here during our trip.

[Also yep, that burger photo was taken another day during daylight hours because the lighting was way too shotty at night, so sue me!]

10.00PM: Watch a movie // Rinse and Repeat.

Movies and pyjamas will always be one of my favourite combinations and being on holidays doesn’t change that (wild 22 year old, eh?). We settled down, bought one of the rental movies from the hotel TV, showered, scrolled through Instagram for a while and then headed to bed in anticipation for the next day in what honestly is my definition of paradise.


Hawaii, I love you (and miss you).


  • Yay! I have been waiting for this post 🙂 i haven't heard of Kualoa ranch so definitely keen to check that out & the scone place has already had a pin dorpped on it in google maps ! Can't wait. Thanks for a lovely post xx

    • I've been to Hawaii before but I'd never heard of the ranch either! It's so gorgeous there though, definitely worth the hour or so drive from Oahu 🙂

  • I live on Oahu! I'm so glad you had a lot of fun; sometimes us locals really take for granted the place that we live in so it's always nice to see other people having a good time here .. Jessika | http://www.beautybyjessika.com

    • Wow I'm so jealous Jessika, I wish I lived on Oahu! It really is one of my favourite places that I've ever travelled to, there's just something so special about it.

  • I really enjoyed reading this, I feel as though I holidayed through your words and photos! I especially liked the photos of the sunglasses at the beach, the GPS of the dashboard and the first one of the palm tree, but they were all really good so it was hard to choose. The food looked scrumptious, wish I could click the page and it would appear magically in front of me, actually, wish I could magically click and end up in Oahu 🙂

    • Thanks for letting me know which photos you liked the most Phoebe! That sort of stuff is always really helpful for me 🙂

      Oh wow yeah I wish I could click and transport myself to Oahu again as well!

  • I would love to travel to Hawaii one day, it looks like such a beautiful place! Your photos are wonderful lovely – the food looks so insanely good and the beach looks so idyllic! Xx


    • Thank you so much Emma! I'd highly recommend Hawaii (obviously), it's so beautiful there and to me it seems like the food there just keeps getting better and better.

  • Hawaii looks amazing, would love to travel there


    • Definitely get down there if you can, it's a bucket list travel destination in my opinion!

  • Ah, I actually watch Hawaii Five-O (I know, I know…) and so it's been on my to-visit list for quite a while now! The beaches look breathtakingly beautiful and I love your nighttime capture of the flames 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Thank you Gabrielle! I've never watched Hawaii Five-O before but now that I've been to the ranch I definitely want to start watching it, if not to just keep my eyes peeled for anywhere I might recognise!

  • I went to Hawaii once when I was a little and remember glimpse of it! Looks like you had a great day. Might have to go back sooon! 😛


  • okay, this is the definition of bliss. so envious <3 so glad you had a great time! xX


    • Thanks Kynia 🙂

      The only downside of going to Hawaii is the post-Hawaii blues that comes afterwards when you're home!

  • Looks fun! Glad you got to go! I would LOVE to visit Hawaii 🙂

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

  • Great post! Looks like you had a great time in Hawaii. I would really loveee to visit Hawaii it's still on my list! 🙂
    http://www.isabellaschoice.com Isabella x

  • Beautiful post x

    Jessica — Woods Lifestyle

  • Great post! Loved all your images. It looks like you had a great time there! I wish I could visit Hawaii some day!

    Vanessa, xo!


  • I'm going back to Hawaii/Oahu in September, funnily enough…hopefully I'll enjoy it more than I did last time (I've been there twice – I'm getting a cruise from there back home). I'm hoping to do the Diamond Head hike this time as I didn't have my walking shoes with me last time.

    • I think I've raved about that scone enough but if you're going to be in the Diamond Head area definitely pick up one of those scones while you're there Shell! I've done the Diamond Head hike before and from what I can remember it was really enjoyable with great views, you'll love it 🙂

  • Your trip looks picture perfect! I'd love to go someday

    Jess x

    • Thanks Jess, I think everyone should try and get to Hawaii at least once in their life if they can! 🙂

  • I loved Hawaii too! It was one of those "pinch me" moments waking up in beautiful Oahu for the first time. Maui is also beautiful – make sure you head there next time x

    • So true, I feel like every day in Oahu was a bit of a "pinch me" moment. I've been to Maui once before but I would absolutely love to go back, I feel like I was a little too young to fully appreciate it.

  • So jealous of you a) living in melbourne and b) visiting Hawaii, two places I would absolutely love to see. Beautiful pictures hun!


  • Awesome post! I had no idea that you also lived in Melbourne too! I agree, no one ever smiles back here 🙁 I laughed at the "oh god NO!" part, it brings back memories of our road trip around Tasmania in a camper van and Sean got us stuck in a ditch in the middle of the forest while trying to do a three point turn, so the van was sitting across one entire lane while we were sitting ducks. Embarrassing!

    I'd like to visit Hawaii one day, but maybe when it's a bit cooler (cos Summer is hot and I do not suit hot weather). The scones looks amazing, man, even the photos are gorgeous <3

    Stephii Mattea xx

    • I know why is that? Honestly I can't count the amount of awkward moments I've had where I've smiled at someone in Melbourne only to get a dead pan stare back…

      Oh that Tasmania story sounds simultaneously hilarious and scary! I can't even imagine how awful I would be at driving something like a camper van though.

      I'm not a massive fan of super hot weather but it luckily wasn't the peak of summer when we went to Hawaii, it would get to around 26 each day and for me that was so perfect 🙂

  • This looks so cool! I totally want to visit Hawaii now!


  • I would love to visit Hawaii one day! Your photos make it look so beautiful. Especially the ones of the beach 🙂 And judging from me for inhaling the scone; it looks so yummy! I loooove bubba gump! I've never tried their burgers but their beer steamed shrimp is sooo good and my favorite dish of theirs 😀

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    • Ironically I've only ever tried the shrimp from Bubba Gump's once or twice but it was so long ago that I barely remember it!

      So glad you liked these photos and yep, the scone was so damn delicious! If we had those in Melbourne I'd probably eat one every day if I could :p

  • Ohh man! In all my years of travel, I still haven't been to Hawaii! I've been itching to go for the longest time, but the flight time is killer. Then again, I flew to Fiji 3 years ago and to Cape Town just last year, so I think it's just the lazy bum in me that hasn't booked a flight here.

    That said, your trip layout sounds heavenly. I relish in the travels where I can drive through the landscape and take in the sights.

    I also only recently found out that the Bubba Gump restaurant now has several locations! My husband told me that they were only planning on doing one restaurant, but because the food turned out to be really good, they expanded! Thought that was pretty neat.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    • Oh see from Australia I didn't think the flight time was too bad! The worst for me was some of the flights I've done getting to Europe, it ends up being like two back to back 12 hour flights or something ridiculous like that.

      That's really interesting about Bubba Gump's as well, I feel like from what I've seen everyone has mainly kind of forgotten that it's a themed restaurant now and it can just sort of stand on it's own as a 'proper' restaurant, if that makes sense. Either way, they've got some good food!

  • Looks like such an amazing place! Would love to visit. Lovely pictures… and that burger look DIVINE!!!


    • It was divine! Thanks Sandra I'm really glad you liked the photos, Hawaii is a really photogenic place so it wasn't hard to make it look good on camera.

  • Definitely loved most about this post was the beautiful, colorful pictures! They were all very crisp and clear to look out. It also looked like you had a wonderful time there. I wish to one day visit Hawaii myself and see the environment in person. 😉 x Liddy

    • Ah I'm so glad you liked all of the photos, thank you so much Liddy! I hope you do visit Hawaii yourself some day 🙂

  • I also want 12 hour in Hawai!! ahaha Great pics sweetie 🙂
    Kisses from Portugal

    Denise de Assis
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  • Lovely post, this was such a fun read. x


  • Hawaii looks fricking beautiful!!


    • Thanks Beckie, it's such a photogenic place- it's stunning in person too!

  • Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! Hawaii is definitely on my travel list and this post makes me want to go even more 🙂

    Kelsey | kelssays.com

    • I'm so glad this post inspired you to travel there, definitely get over there as soon as you can- you'll love it! 🙂

  • I love love love Hawaii! Great post! 🙂


  • Wow Hawaii looks amazing! It's actually not somewhere I've ever thought about going to but I definitely will be considering it now 🙂

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | US & Sephora Giveaway

    • Oh for sure consider it, there's something so relaxing and tranquil about everything there- I think it's truly a unique place 🙂

  • Wowo looks amazing! I would love to go to hawaii (and anywhere tropical and beautiful) so much! Looks like you had an amazing time!


    • I wouldn't mind jet setting off to somewhere (anywhere) tropical again as well, thanks Kizzi I did have an amazing time 🙂

  • the scenery is so niceee! looks like an amazing time x


    • Thanks Fionna, this was definitely one of the best trips I've been on 🙂

  • WOOOOW this looks stunning. Your photography is so on point and really shows off the location – how gorgeous. I'm so jealous haha. I need to get to Hawaii and stat!!! xx

    Jasmine / sweetaholic-beauty.com

    • Ah thank you so so much Jasmine! Yes get yourself over to Hawaii asap (and bring me in your suitcase?) haha

  • Looks like you had an amazing time. Your photography is stunning x

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • Thank you Tiffany! I'm so happy you like my photography 🙂

  • I really enjoyed this post! Going to Hawaii has always been my dream… Hopefully someday!

    • I hope you get to experience Hawaii for yourself some day soon 🙂

  • Ahh, Hawaii! Hawaii is definitely the best place to relax and chill!
    Thank you for sharing your experience there!
    Marilyn xx

  • Oh gosh, sounds like you had an amazing vacation to Hawaii! I've dreamt about visiting Hawaii since forever so this was such a great read! Bet it was hard for you to return to Melbourne.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Yep, Melbourne was raining and freezing when I returned, it was like coming back to hell! haha

  • This day sounds and looks amazing! Thank you for taking us with you 🙂
    Margaux ∙ http://www.bonjourwhite.com

  • I really like this post, it is so great and interesting 🙂

    xoxo ♥ Follow for you, of course!


  • Sounds and looks so good Hun I am totally jealous! 10am start everyday would be fantastic!!! haha and I am with you with the bit about being cold all the time I am in that club 🙂

    Nicole xx | http://www.nicolesbeautybabble.com

    • It's so awful being cold all the time isn't it? You'd definitely love the Hawaii weather then as well Nicole, it's so nice and warm every day :'(

  • I'm so jealous! Your trip looks soo fun! I hope I get to go to Hawaii someday. You take amazing pictures too!

    Yvanne | http://composedcollected.blogspot.com

  • Lovely post!

    Maybe you want to follow each other?
    Let me know on my blog & I'll follow back right away.
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  • Oh my god – Hawaii looks amazing, I've never been before but it's a place that I really want to visit and these photos have made me want to go more! How beautiful is everything and those acai bowls look lovely too – healthy can be yummy!!

    Love, love, love this post hun and hope you're well! 🙂

    Layla xx


    • I actually always forget acai bowls are healthy, they just taste so amazing that's what always make me crave them so much!

      Really happy you enjoyed this post Layla, Hawaii is definitely somewhere to pop on your travel bucket list 🙂

  • I've only ever been to three countries in my entire 19 year of existence and never once have I ever set foot out of South East Asia, the subregion of a continent within which I grew up in. Hawaii is definitely on my travel bucket list. The Hawaiian beach and a trip down to get the scones will be things I do if I ever do go, haha.

    Watching a film to end the day is ALWAYS good idea!


    • I'm so glad that you included the scones in your plans, that makes me proud! Thank you as well for understanding what I mean about the joys of watching movies to end the day, that's literally one of my favourite things to do.

  • Very cool post. I love how you broke down the day in time segments. Thanks for sharing your experience. Checkout our latest SUNGLASSES GIVEAWAY.


  • I am obsessed with acai bowls! I'd love to visit Hawaii one day, I'm so jealous 🙂

    Kelsey | http://www.herdailyglow.com

    • Acai bowls are so good aren't they? So glad I'm not the only one obsessed with them.

  • Nice pictures <3 Love Hawai

  • Oh it looks wonderful! Very jealous you actually got to be there ! Beautiful!


  • It looks like you had a wonderful time! I got to visit Hawaii a few years ago, and I loved it!

    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

    • I did have a brilliant time, thanks Lauren. I feel like it's impossible for someone to go to Hawaii and not love it?!

  • Your 12 hours in Hawaii look amazing! I am also a fan of Island Vintage coffee! Their acai bowls are delish! I am glad you had a good trip to Hawaii! Seems like you did a lot of fun things while you were there!


    • Thanks Crissy, Island Vintage does such great Acai bowls- we ended up going there almost every day!

  • Looks like such an amazing time!!


  • Wow Hawaii looks wonderful and amazing, I can't wait to go! I loved all of your photos! xo, Sophia from http://www.sistersandglitters.com/

  • Oh my goodness, the views are just stunning!! Love the photography in this post!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    • Thank you so much Paula! Your photography is always spot on so that means a lot coming from you!

  • Your photos look so amazing!! Wow! That beach!!

    Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

  • Beautiful photos!! Love to visit Hawaii!!!
    Love from http://www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • So so so so lovely that you went away with your mum. That is SO lush.

    A blueberry and cream cheese scones?! I think I have just died and gone to heaven, that sounds absolutely insane! I've only ever had your bog standard sultana scones. WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?! I'm genuinely frantically googling and recipe now so I can give it a go this weekend.

    Really beautiful pictures, lovely lady. Absolutely stunning.

    Katie xx ♥ La Coco Noire

    • Ah I absolutely loved this comment Katie, thank you!

      The blueberry and cream cheese scones are seriously like the mother of all scones so you really need to get on to that, I don't think I can go back to just the plain fruit kind now!
      If you find any kind of a good recipe for those scones seriously clue me in! I'm suffering from some serious scone withdrawals.

  • Looks like a lovely day! So delicious with scones too, haha need one asap! Xx


    • I wish I had one of those scones in front of me right now :'(

  • I love the post!! Beautiful pictures (and mostly yummy pictures too!)

    Loving your blog! Followed!
    Dora http://www.BangsBang.com

    • Thanks Dora! The food was so good there it was hard not to just take food shots 😉

  • beautiful photos! I guess you had a wonderful time there!


  • Hawaii looks amazing!! You captured the sunset so beautifully. =) It's simply breathtaking.


  • That is totally on my list for a future vacation spot..everyone who goes loves it so much!

    • I'd recommend it so much Raquel, it's so beautiful there!

  • I love Oahu, my boyfriend is from the island and I love visiting his family and friends. There is something about the island that makes all worries go away. Lovely photos and yes the acai bowls in hawaii are the best!


    • I completely agree, I always feel so calm and relaxed there which is crazy because that's like the opposite of my normal personality! There really is just something about that place.

  • Ah so amazing!! All of these photos are incredible, but THAT scone. oh my!! I need!

    mallory | http://www.the-drifter.com | @thedrifterbymal

  • Great tips!
    I've never been to Hawaii so I'm super jealous.
    Beautiful photos… looks like you have your trips to Hawaii down!

    • Thanks Taylor! Yeah I think with each trip I perfect doing what I love there a little more 🙂

  • You're not the first to say how gorgeous Hawaii is and how it's at the top of your list, so I'm definitely convinced at this point that it really is a place I need to visit soon! The water and food looks amazing, I'll be sure to have an açai bowl when I'm there, I know I won't forget, I mean, look delish that looks (and I'm sure it is!). Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!



    • Thank you Jalisa! The first few times I went to Hawaii I never tried an Acai bowl and now looking back it seems like such a waste!

  • Oh, Hawaii! Amazing pictures from this amazing place! Love, A


  • Such beautiful photos! The beaches look amazing in Hawaii. I would love to visit one day x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

    • The beaches are pretty spectacular there, they for sure trump anything we have in Melbourne!

  • Beautiful photos, would LOVE to visit Hawai! x

  • I live here! It can be quite amazing. I think i'm so use to this place it's kinda 'meh' but the pictures that you captured made me appreciate this place, my home that much more!! Come back soon, hikes are amazing here <3


    • Ah you're so lucky to live there! I think it's normal to start thinking of wherever you live as meh though, I know that happens to me living in Melbourne as well and I think it's just because we get so used to doing the same things everyday!

  • I am soo jealous!!! It looks so lovely, even though I'm not a huge fan of the ocean lol I really appreciated that picture of the water. LOVELY!!!
    ps. love your sunglasses 🙂 xx



    • Thanks so much Mitzee! Even if you don't swim in the ocean it's still so beautiful to walk by and look at there 🙂

  • I am obsessed with sheer glow foundation its absolutely gorgeous!


  • ahh wow what an experience! Hawaii looks as heavenly since the last time I've been there and this post is giving a serious case of wanderlust! I went to Island Vintage coffee shop too, and loved it! Amazing photos girl, thanks for sharing!!

    xx Melis

    • Yeah Island Vintage seems to be so popular over there! Really glad you liked this post Melis, you should definitely head back to Hawaii again 🙂

  • cool trip and awesome pictures! 😉 xx


  • If I could, I would be on the first plane to Hawaii tomorrow ;(
    It sound like you had an amazing time there (a little bit jealous right now to be honest 😉 )
    p.s. awesome pictures

    • If I could I'd be on the first plane to Hawaii again as well! I miss it so much already 🙁

      Really glad you liked these photos as well, thanks Aleksandra!

  • This is too amazing ! I wish I could go there, the water looks stunning : )


    • your photography is gorgeous btw x

    • The water is so stunning it almost looks fake! And thank you so much Jordyn! Positive feedback on my photography literally almost makes me cry of happiness, haha

  • Oh my! It looks so good! The photos make me drool over my keyboard… I never guessed acai bowls were from Hawaii (or that they ate so much of it there…) Anyway, the whole day seemed pretty fabulous to me, thanks for sharing 😉 Clem x

    • I think acai bowls originally came from Brazil but they have them everywhere in Hawaii! Thanks for the feedback as well Clem, glad you liked this post 🙂