Beauty Rules You Should Break

Beauty rules come and go and despite the fact that I don’t think beauty should really have any rules we all know the rules are out there, watching us, judging us. Always use heat protector on your hair, don’t wear red lipstick if you have red hair, always moisturise after cleansing etc etc etc. 

I’m not usually the rebellious type, but here are 5 beauty rules you should definitely break:

‘Always apply blush for that healthy look’

It seems to be widely accepted that contouring and highlighting doesn’t work for everyone, but oddly enough blush is supposed to suit the masses? Nope, unfortunately with my fair skin blush just makes me look like I’ve either been smacked in the face or I’m really embarrassed. For anyone that’s naturally red cheeked or super fair like myself especially, don’t be afraid to ditch blush altogether. Blush, we are never getting back together. Like, ever (okay that was embarrassing just to type).

‘Only wear either cool or warm toned shades’

I can’t be the only who gets annoyed by this ‘rule’ right? Obviously we all have different skin tones and different preferences but at the same time, makeup is makeup. It’s there to be enjoyed and experimented with so why on earth are we all sticking to our own safe little colour palettes? Life’s too short to wear the same shades all the time.

‘Apply your face makeup after you finish your eye makeup’

Technically I’ve been breaking this rule since 2010 because I just don’t understand it (unless you’re working with eyeshadows with a lot of fall out). Am I alone here or does anyone else think it just feels more natural to do your face makeup before you do your eye makeup? Plus, if you always do your eye makeup first then how on earth are you supposed to blend your concealer in properly around your eye area without smudging everything?! These are the questions that haunt me.

‘Don’t leave the house without doing your hair’

I think we can all agree that we’re happy to break this rule. Messy waves, a loose up-do or a slicked back ponytail are what it’s all about, especially on those days when you’re running late or just want extra sleep.

‘Use bronzers for that golden, bronzed summer goddess skin’

99% of the time bronzer on me just looks like I have dirt on my face, not so cute. I can see the appeal of bronzer for those with medium or dark skin tones but when you’re as white as a ghost it can be a bit of a different story, you end up really questioning why you’re trying to make a product ‘work’ on your cheeks when it’s the same shade as your brown eyeshadows…

What beauty rules do you like to break?


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  1. Ok, i'm so glad someone else finally mentioned the blush thing ! Cheek colours makes me look like i'm wearing SO much makeup ! The lightest swipe of peach or a teeny amount of highlighter is all i ever use. p.s. taylor swift references make me happy <3

  2. Bash Harry says:

    YES! YES! ALL THE YES-ES! I understand where these rules came from, but at the same time, I find them to be general guidelines. They don't fit everyone. Personally, I don't like using bronzer, it just makes me look dirty and off! Love this post <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    • So very true, they're definitely general guidelines but I feel like some people stick to them a little too closely and are really serious about it all. Bronzer makes me look dirty too, I get so sick of people telling me I'd look better with some bronzer. It's like nooooooo!

  3. ahahah i usually do the eye make-up for last all the timeXD generally i wish i could follow rules, but not really!
    absolutely love this post, i agree with bash when she says they are just guide-lines(:

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube | Enter my Charlotte Tilbury GIVEAWAY here

  4. Phoebe says:

    I prefer to put my eyeshadows after I've done my foundation and concealer too. 🙂
    One thing I rarely do, is put on facial moisturiser in the evening – most irritate my skin and forget about daily sunscreen on my face, I would be a rashy spotted, dotted mess if I did that.
    Mascaras also- I've tried so, so, so many and while I've found some I really like none will survive the day without eventually turning me into having racoon eyes, iIve just had to settle for eyeshadows and eyeliners.

    • See now I'm sure if you went to any kind of makeup counter they'd swear up and down that all you need to do is find the 'right' mascara and moisturiser. It's not true though, but very frustrating!

  5. Gabrielle says:

    I'm a bit of a blush-fanatic, though I can appreciate it isn't for everyone – especially for those who may blush naturally already and want to cover it up! You're so right, there are a ton of 'rules' that shouldn't apply to everyone; we all have different complexions and preferences, after all 🙂

  6. I always do my eye makeup last, haha! I tried doing my eyes first a few times, but it just seemed and felt wrong and awkward for some reason haha: )

    Thirteen Thoughts

  7. S Y E D A says:

    Haha loved reading through this! I also find it so natural to work on my base first and then tackle the eyes. A lot of professional makeup artists then to do the eyes first but hey ho! x

  8. Katie Mills says:

    I only wear blush when I have a full coverage foundation, otherwise I look like I just ran a mile! A lot of these I follow without even realizing that I do lol I want to try more cool shades now! x

  9. ►Nadush says:

    Great helpful post !

  10. OMGG YES! The last one just touches my soul, everytime I apply bronzer on my face *and contour* it looks like someone slapped a handful of mud and dirt on my face. It's true that not everything applies for everyone so it's important to know what works for you. 🙂 xx


  11. Haha, this was such a fun read. A lot of time, I do my face first then my eyes and other time, it's eyes, then face. I have no rule. I know what you mean about the bronzers. I use them, but rarely! Great post! x

    Face to Curls |

  12. Chantalle says:

    I am right with you with doing face make up first. I've ready so many things that say eye make up should be done first but I've never been able to grasp the concept either. Doing face make up first to me just makes so much more sense! As a fellow pale girl I used to steer clear of blush and bronzer but now I've found some alternatives that work better with my skin tone but I don't wear a lot of it! Great post! xx

    Chantalle |

  13. Yes! Totally agree with this! I personally always need blush to bring a bit of color to my pale face or it just looks like I'm sick haha. Also, I leave my house without doing my hair like 95% of the time.

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  14. Shell says:

    I agree on some of these (especially bronzer – fellow paley here, just can't do it – and the warm/cool tones thing – bronzes & golds make my blue eyes pop), but I do need a bit of blush or else I look dead. I don't apply too much of the stuff though – the clown look is not in. I always do my eye makeup first but then again I rarely wear eyeshadow or eyeliner, so a slick of mascara is all I do.

  15. I think I've done my hair a grand total of maybe 30 times in my lifetime? That totals to once a year if I start my count at age 0. LOL

    As far as blush, I'm finding that as I get older, I reach for it more and it works better with my complexion now. When I was younger, I never used it! And I'm with you on doing the face before doing eye makeup. It just feels natural! (Maybe it's the artist in me?)
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  16. Loved this, I totally agree with a lot of these. I ALWAYS do my face make up first everyday and hardly wear bronzer only every now and again.

    Nicole xx |

  17. Doanerfide says:

    Totally agree with the blush. Sometimes i just prefer a slight contoured cheekbone without the blush above it. I think rules are made to be broken anyways hehe DF xoxo

  18. Amaar Elkout says:

    I love your beauty rules. Thanks for sharing such nice tips with us.

    Roxcii Boutique
    Evening Dresses Sydney

  19. Callia says:

    So true about the bronzer!!! It just looks weird on me too! 🙁

  20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and I completely agree with all of these. I ALWAYS do my face make up first everyday too <3 fab post x

  21. I love this post – I do what I like in regards to beauty rules but I also tend to share advice based on what I know and what people want to find out about but I love this post and seeing that more people want to take a step away from rules and to do what they love, wear what they way and feel happy! 🙂

    Layla xx

  22. Love this post and I completely agree with the bronzer haha! Always aiming for that bronzed goddess look but it never quite turns out like that does it!

    Hayley xo

  23. i never wear blusher either! my redness shows through any foundation i wear so i don't see the point

    love, roz xx

  24. I am lucky to be naturally tan so most bronzers suit my skin tone but I must use blush or I look sallow and ill. I usually do my face makeup first unless I am using glittery eyeshadows, I find it quicker and easier.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  25. Love this post! Most of the time I don't brush my hair before leaving the house and I look like I'm covered in dirt when I use bronzer too, haha.

    Ashleigh x

  26. Jessica says:

    Really great post filled with helpful tips! I'm totally breaking some of those rules, including the one about bronzer.

    Woods Lifestyle

  27. It's definitely hard to find the right shade of blush or bronzer if you have pale skin! But I'm super pale and I wear both. I never learned to do the foundation after the eyeshadow and I just think that sounds so strange also!


  28. I love this post! I am a redhead and spend all of my time trying to cover up the redness from my fair skin, so when I hear people saying blusher is a staple, (and boy have I tried to make it work), I just seem to end up looking as red as I was before my base is on! Madness. Also agree on the whole bronzer thing, I just use a very subtle, light brown as a contour and leave it at that! Ghostly skin is so difficult 😉 Xx

    Fay <3

    Life With Fay

    • Yeah I tend to think no one should say any makeup product is a staple because something different works for everyone.

      Agreed! Ghostly skin definitely has its problems.

  29. Lauren says:

    4 i break on a daily basis, especially for uni, who has time for that!!!

    Lauren x |

  30. Ana Picazzo says:

    i'm with you in this one! Specially on the "wearing blush" and leaving the house without my hair done! I mean it's always nice to have your hair tamed and put together, it looks amazing but some days I just don't have the energy or the time to use a flat iron or curling wand, plus, it's perfectly fine to let your hair rest from all those heat tools! This is probably one of my fave posts from you girl! So relatable! xx
    Indie Suns | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  31. Yiotou_La says:

    I always do my face makeup and then my eye makeup. Always did it this way, not gonna change it now haha! 🙂


  32. Yiotou_La says:

    I always do my face makeup and then my eye makeup. Always did it this way, not gonna change it now haha! 🙂


  33. Aelin ART says:

    well basicly I break every of these rules I am rebel 🙂

  34. Leaving house with messy hair is my thing haha jk x Great post

  35. Wow, your blog is amazing! I love it! xx
    Would you like to follow each other? If yes, please follow me on the both of my blogs and let me know in the comments of my newest posts so I can follow you ASAP.
    Have a great day!

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  36. Such a great tips!! I think the best tip and the rule is that 'less is more' especially in a summer! I am not a huge makeup person and I like keeping things simple and I noticed that I feel most confident when I dont have too much of everything!

    Thanks for sharing!

  37. Alice Gibbs says:

    I love this and I think I break every single one of these rules! I've recently started breaking the 'eyes OR lips' rule that I have always been taught. I like a winged eyeliner with a bright pink lip, shoot me! 😉

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  38. Stacey-Lea says:

    I totally feel the same way about the cool/warm toned makeup, let me just mess around with it all! Why would I buy any sort of palette if I could only utilise half of the shades?! – and BLUSH, UGH, so not for me either!

  39. Beckie says:

    YES.YES.YES. I recently tried doing my eye makeup before face makeup because seemed to be what everyone was doing but it felt so utterly and completely wrong! And like you said, it's then impossible to conceal around your eyes properly without smudging your makeup!

  40. Gil Zetbase says:

    Wonderful post!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  41. Serena says:

    I totally agree with you! Some rules are meant to be broken ahaha x

  42. Totally agree! I'm pale too and bronzer is hard to pull off. Also, I don't really go by the warm or cool tones thing either. Rules are there to be broken!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  43. Trang Do says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing these beauty rules!! Very helpful!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  44. Couldn't agree more with these!! Especially the one about cool and warm tones, I definitely don't stick to that rule I have found products from each which suit me either way, even when they aren't "meant to". And I also do my eye makeup last!

    The Makeup Directory

  45. veebz boo says:

    I completely agree, there are so many rules out there for make-up! Personally I think that there’s no rules and anyone can do anything they want. I’ve recently thought 'I’m not going to do my foundation last anymore'. I find that I get inspired more when I have a flawless base going on anyway lol. Haha and I've definitely have left the house many times without doing my hair. I have a mane of hair, so if I styled it all the time, I would never get anything done lol. I really enjoyed this post, as usual. It makes me feel better about all the little things I do, that we apparently aren’t meant to.xx – Pinky Peach Shimmer Make-up Tutorial

    • I couldn't agree with you more, I think the whole concept of making having rules is pretty ridiculous in itself when you really think about it.

      I think I also work better when my base is done too, then I feel inspired to play up my eyes and my other features!

  46. Cara E says:

    Beauty rules and fashion rules are SO stupid, both things are technically art forms and definitely forms of self expression so people should be able to wear whatever they want! I always break the base makeup after eye makeup rule, partly because I didn't even realise it was a thing hahaha! x

  47. Yes I'm the same, I very rarely do my eye makeup first (only occasionally when using super pigmented dark shades like you say)…And I have found myself recently using a bronzer as a blush because it just seems to work so well on the apples of my cheeks. Total rule breaker there haha.

    Samio x

  48. FIONNAC says:

    i actually never do my eye makeup first. i usually do my face beforehand. but then again i never stick by the rules when it comes to makeup 😡 not that i'm a skilled mua anyway hahaa

  49. Nora Gouma says:

    Love your 5 beauty rules, truly inspiring, thank you for sharing!!!


  50. Saara Sofia says:

    Great points! I really agree with the bronzer. I rarely use anything to to bronze up and I most definitely do not contour haha. I'm super pale, literally almost white, and every bronzing product looks awful on me. | Bloglovin’ 

  51. Velvet Blush says:

    I break quite a few of these rules, too, especially the blush/bronzer. My cheeks are quite red and blush can look a bit too much on me. I can rarely wear bronzer too without looking tangoed haha 🙂

    Velvet Blush

  52. I have to admit I mostly use lipstick instead of blush 🙂
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  53. Whaaaat? I always do my eye makeup after my face! So confusing! And yes, I always struggle with bronzer too, agh! x

    Martha Jane |

  54. PutAllOnMe says:

    Great tips girl, thank you for sharing! 🙂 I always do my face first though and then my eyes:)

  55. Charlotte says:

    This was hilarious hahahha! I hadn't actually heard of anyone saying that one about hair before but all I was thinking was wait when do I ever do my hair haha!
    Charlotte //

  56. It is so important to do your eye makeup first then the foundation. Great tips darling!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413

  57. Lubna says:

    I'm with you on the whole "foundation first, eyes after" routine…I like to really get into all the nooks and crevices when applying foundation and I'd be so annoyed if I smudged my eyeliner handiwork lol!

    – Lubna | The Digital Review

  58. Rules are made to be broken right? They only serve as guidelines but love that you know exactly what works for you (and what doesn't) because I believe that is key in order for you to break some rules.

    Abby of My Hair Care

  59. If i'm doing glittery eyes, I do my face makeup last. But if i'm doing neutral every day eyes, I do my face makeup first. Another good one is that you don't always have to wear winged liner with false lashes. Bare it all, girl! xo – Jessika |

  60. I definitely don't like doing my eye makeup first, as I prefer already having my concealer on when I work on the eyes.

  61. Such a fab post! I definitely agree with the hair rule – messy waves and messy buns are so in right now! x


  62. I like your blog, its really dope.
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  63. All rules are meant to be broken! Makeup is a something personal and fun and should not be confined to certain rules. It's away of self expression !


    Tamara –

  64. YESSSS you hit the nail on the head with this one. Every single one of those rules I definitely break. "Rules" like these aren't for everyone! And just by reading the comments here, we are definitely not the only ones who feel this way haha! xx

    Jasmine /

  65. Jenny D. says:

    I love this! I always apply my face makeup first 😉


  66. melis tugay says:

    Loving this list, totally agreed on bronzers and eye make up! Definitely rules don't really apply to the masses, and you should be doing what really suits you. Great post!

    xx Melis

  67. I always apply for face makeup first and then my eye makeup. I hate doing my eyes first. Then I get foundation on my eyelids!

    Mel |

  68. Tania Jayne says:

    I love this! I used to apply my base before my eyes, but now I prefer to start with my eye primer, then concealer, then do eyeshadow & then the rest of my face. I think it's so that I can let my eye primer dry. I tend to take 'rules' as guidelines & do what I like, if it works great & if not, I know not to do it again! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    • That's a brilliant way to look at things and come to think of it that's usually how I go about things as well, especially because some 'rules' work atrociously on me!

  69. I never understood why people did their eye makeup first. Usually when I do my makeup I'm winging it as a go along and don't know what eye look I'm going for till I finish my face! I hate all these rules you're meant to follow. Seems like more hassle than needed!

    Jasmine x

  70. This is so true!
    With makeup there are no rules, you can do whatever you want to express yourselves!
    And, who cares if it doesn't go quite right. It just washes off!

  71. Elle Dz says:

    I can relate with the feeling of looking like I was smacked on the face after apply blush, haha! And also, I NEVER pay attention to my hair. Girl probssss. Oh and I really enjoyed reading this post! X

  72. Snehal says:

    I don't use blush on daily basis either! 😀 Because sometimes it highlights certain blemishes.

  73. One beauty rule that I have broke is never forgot to apply mascara on the eyes. Though my eyes become puffy after applying the mascara but I apply revitol eye cream in order to reduce this puffiness.

  74. Its true that beauty rules come and go and despite the fact that I don't think beauty should really have any rules we all know the rules are out there, watching us, judging us. Very informative post.
    Skin Brightener Cream Rev 🙂

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