5 Huge Drawcards To Get Your Blog Noticed

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Do you ever read a lot of different blogs within a day and then realise that they’ve all sort of meshed together in your mind and you can’t really remember each one individually anymore? Not to diss anyone because not everyone’s blog is to everyone’s taste, but I’m pretty sure when that happens that means you’ve been reading a lot of unmemorable blogs, and I’m pretty sure bring referred to as ‘unmemorable’ is a blogger’s nightmare…am I right?

The polar opposite of that is when you land on a blog and something just feels right. You start scrolling through their old posts, their photos inspire you and suddenly it’s been two hours and you realise you haven’t moved from your spot. That feeling is what inspired this post.

I started thinking, what separates an unmemorable blog from a memorable one?Β What’s the difference between a good blog and a greatΒ one?

Excellent photography draws people in, it just does, and it’s the blogs with brilliant photos that people seem to keep gravitating toward and coming back to. In my humble opinion, captivating photography doesn’t mean you have to own an expensive camera or that your photos are 100% crisp or perfectly lit, it just means that your photographs are the kind that either draw people in, show them something different, inspire them or make them genuinely feel something. Interesting photos of a reasonable size that are the best quality you can reach is always a huge drawcard, but different photos in my opinion will really set apart your blog. Anyone can use stock photos and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to make your blog memorable, try and push yourself to create photos that are unique and will really grab people and make them stop and want to read your blog.

With great photography comes great responsibility….just kidding, but be mindful of the size of the shots on your blog as well because I think when it comes to blog photos size does matter. No one wants to squint to see the detail in a photo but you also don’t really want a picture of someone’s forearm take up the entirety of your laptop screen either.

You want people to go to your blog and feel like they could sit there for hours reading your posts. With your layout, your graphics and the size of your images play a huge role but so does your colour scheme, font and font size- in the end it’s all about finding something that will draw people in (and looks aesthetically pleasing!). Think about what turns you off from reading someone’s blog and try to do the opposite of that. With me for example, I really don’t like reading blogs with tiny text and I hate it when I’m reading a post and in the ‘ads’ section on someone’s sidebar there’s several ris-kay websites being advertised…

This sort of goes along with having a strong layout, but don’t make it hard for people to love your site. The best blog’s are easy to read, easy to navigate, nice to look at, exciting to explore, not annoying and all around just user friendly. When I click on a blog for the first time for example, a huge turn off for me is if an obnoxious ‘subscribe to my blog/Instagram/email list’ ad pops up before I’ve even had a change to read a single post. Again, do things to your taste but don’t make it hard for people to love your site!

I get that some people feel like clickbait titles are the best way to draw people in, but I think they’re misleading and a cheap tactic. Clickbait titles annoy most people and turn them off, and there’s no way that the best blogs out there are getting their page views by using constant clickbait. Try to create interesting titles that’ll still draw people in, but be practical and honest with your titles depending on what you’re content is like.


Beautiful photos are great but I think we all know that nothing can cover for crappy or passion-less content. Even though it feels like every idea has already been done a million times, if you give your own voice or opinion to an issue and write about things you actually like and are passionate about then that alone will make your content memorable and set you apart from the pack. Another key factor that great blogs have is they produce posts that have value, as in they help or benefit someone else in some way. Those are the kinds of posts that people save, bookmark, re-read and remember. If you produce enough of those posts, your blog will definitely be memorable.


What do you look for in a blog?


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  1. i use clickbait………….. cat photo haha i think you nailed them all really well. i personally love a well-made layout. doesn't have to be fancy. as long as its easy to navigate with readable fonts then i like it already. your content will propel things further. there's still a wide misconception that good photography = expensive camera, while it's actually not! i think as long as you know how to take proper photos, not out of focus with nice style of post-processing then you're all set. it doesn't take much to make your blogs known, actually.

    • I agree, an easy to navigate and easy to read layout goes a long way in my books! I definitely think you don't necessarily need to have an expensive camera to have good photos either.

  2. Love this post, it really helps! Lovely blog by the way, love the style! X

    Love, http://herrendezvous.com/

  3. PetiteElliee says:

    Loved this post! I totally agree and NEVER like to use clickbait to get people to read my posts. I feel like photography is 90% of the way to draw people in


    Ellie xx

  4. Jasmin N says:

    Wonderful post!
    I've never really understood the clickbait headlines, it's something I don't want my blog to be recognized from haha πŸ˜€

    ~ Jasmin N
    // littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi

  5. Great post! I think some blogs are so familiar with each other and missing that unique feeling!xx


  6. Frances says:

    Great post and all so true – there is nothing more annoying than clickbait! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

  7. taislany says:

    Totally agree with these points. Especially that the photos need to be amazing.


  8. Diana Maria says:

    I completely agree, it's so nice to find a unique blog every once in a while. Your blog layout is lovely! It's great to see blogs that don't all look the same and that inspire you!

    My Lovelier Days

  9. Nurul Rasya says:

    Spot on. Having a strong photography game and good contents will definitely make people want to stay and be a follower.

    Nurul Rasya | Blog

  10. Megan Denton says:

    Honestly…. any click bait titles I just ignore those posts completely, I always feel disappointed after I spend the effort reading it and feel more often than not nothing comes out of posts of that nature. My oh my how I love a clean blog layout (all the love heart emojis!) xx

  11. These tips are so important. Having good quality pictures is key and I'm constantly trying to improve the quality of my pictures. Having quality content is also important as you said. Thanks for sharing. xx


  12. Wow…great tips babe and great post…xoxo, NEHA


  13. Maggie Krol says:

    All of this advise couldn't be more true! Thank you for sharing your input with us!

    Xoxo, Maggie

  14. alittlekiran says:

    Lovely post and great advice, I try to adhere to these most of the time haha, thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  15. Having a strong layout is something that I feel a lot of people forget about as a tactic to make their blog memorable! Love this post!

    Sharni // http://www.agirlandgrey.com

  16. YES to this post girl, I genuinely think blog layout and photography is so, so important! Completely agree with click bait too, find it so frustrating!

    Hayley xo

  17. Beckie says:

    I definitely feel like photography has become more and more important in recent months!


  18. Always love reading useful posts like these to help my blog =o)

    Thanks for sharing!


  19. veebz boo says:

    I loved this post so much Julia! It was really insightful to read your advice and has definitely given me some food for thought. I really enjoy the photography side of things. I think that images can turn a pretty simple post into something so much more. Blogs I enjoy the most are for sure ones with simple, yet pretty layouts. I think that if your blog is stripped back, it gives the posts room to shine. I definitely agree that it sometimes feels like every single piece of content has already been made. But everyone is different, so I try to remind myself that that's what sets us all apart. By the way, your new layout is absolutely beautiful and so are your images (as always).xx

    http://www.youtube.com/veebzboo – Beauty Bay Unboxing/Haul | The Ordinary by Deciem

    • You make such a good point! I think I gravitate toward the simpler blog layouts as well because like you said those are the layouts that really let the posts shine.

      PS, your comments on my new layout and photos have literally made my day! πŸ™‚

  20. Of coarse those things. But I need to feel like I engage with the blogger. I love reading what someone has written and feeling like I am getting a glimpse into there life or I feel I'm reading a nice letter from a friend.

  21. Phoebe says:

    Well written! I agree with you and think all of these points are important. Moreover, I can see from your blog that you do consistently follow these points, so good job πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work. I think your blog is wonderful πŸ™‚

  22. Cool! I will remember these points! πŸ™‚
    And yes it does happen with me that sometime I just spend a lot of time reading other beauty blogs!

  23. Cool! I will remember these points! πŸ™‚
    And yes it does happen with me that sometime I just spend a lot of time reading other beauty blogs!

  24. Tiffany Legg says:

    Good points! Strong photography is always the main seller for me.

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  25. Emily Austin says:

    So true! My biggest pet peeve is definitely risquΓ© ads which is why I've gotten an ad blocker for my computer, haha!


  26. Lauren says:

    Lovely post, there are a lot of tips to consider here. I hate adverts too I use an ad blocked on my laptop.

    Lauren x Huggled

  27. Great tips and all very true. I'm loving the new layout.

    http://amyevans.blog – Amy

  28. Vidya Gawas says:

    Such a nice tips. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Gabrielle says:

    Totally agree with your tips! High quality photography is usually what brings me back to blogs time and time again, though memorable content is key πŸ™‚


  30. I love finding blogs with clean layouts and crisp photography…definitely a great quality that is attractive to anyone xx


  31. I agree with all of these things. They are definitely what draws me and keeps me at a good blog.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  32. Georgia. says:

    Such great tips – think I need to follow some of these!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  33. Artdicted 2 says:

    I believe unique content and photos are the best way to get noticed, you have to be special πŸ™‚
    Nati xx

  34. Completely agree with all of this – it's such a lovely post with so much advice and guidance for everyone, no matter if you're just starting out of experienced in blogging!

    Hope you're well lovely! πŸ™‚

    Layla xx


  35. Maria Colon says:

    Thank you so much for the tips. They were all really helpful!
    IN 1997

  36. Saloca says:

    I love good photography and I can appreciate the really high quality polished pics but I actually LOVE slightly less polished one! They just remind me of how blogs used to be, back when they weren't even called blogs! Good navigation, clear text, and seeing some real engagement going on in the comments really pulls me in too!

    Sarah πŸ™‚
    Saloca in Wonderland

  37. Ugh!!!! I need to work on photography….

    Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

  38. SofiaaDot says:

    Love this post!! Definitely agree about the photos! I'm definitely no where near nice photos yet but its a great top to remember πŸ˜€

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  39. Jenn says:

    I totally know what you mean about clickbait! Even though I hate it, I still find myself clicking on them!!!! Hahahaha

    jennnngo | twitter | insta | latest post

  40. Honey_R.L. says:

    I totally agree.
    I don't really like photos that go out of my screen because of how big they are. Also fonts are usually the problem…
    and, of course, clickbait titles/photos/anything is just the worst!!!

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

    • We seem to feel the exact same way, when you think about it it's actually pretty lucky if you come across a blog where you love the photos, the content, the fonts and the size of the pictures etc!

  41. Julia Bluhm says:

    This is such a helpful post! As soon as I read your intro, I knew exactly what you meant. I read so so many blogs, and it can sometimes be hard to keep them all straight, especially if they're really similar. I think these tips are definitely accurate in determining which blogs are more "memorable." I'm definitely going to consider these… (especially those about layout and user-friendliness because those are the ones I tend to think about less). Thanks for the tips! I really admire your blog, btw.
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm

    • There are so many similar blogs out there nowadays isn't there? It's a little sad when you think about it, although it definitely makes you appreciate the unique ones a hell of a lot more!

      Thank you so much for saying you admire my blog as well, that's really nice of you to say πŸ™‚ x

  42. Great post as usual – your blog is definitely in my memorable ones then! One I like to spend time reading and feel inspired by. Above all, sense that the blogger is really involved in blogging and is happy sharing.

    Margaux / http://www.bonjourwhite.com

  43. Fabulous tips! Photography definitely helps a lot. That's always something I'm working extra hard on since it helps to draw people in x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  44. Sonia Bray says:

    You are adorable, and I am loving your pictures!!! Would you believe this was the first year I got a pair of winter boots?! I don't know what my problem was but I always just wore my rain boots or my old pair of Tim's. I can't believe I resisted for so long and for what-I really have no clue. You are so right, boots make such a difference and tech gloves are a must! Techlazy.com Howmate.com Crazyask.com

  45. Photos are definitely one of the most important things I look for in a blog and the one I'm always working on for my own! My camera and editing skills aren't the greatest though but it's definitely something I want to improve!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  46. Amy Amynmore says:

    I like a blog that has a 'real' feeling to it, that isn't completely polished. I don't like the text area to be too wide and I love it if the blog makes it easy for me to follow. Something that I hate is when there are a million photo's of the same thing on a post!
    Amy at Amy & More

  47. Jessica Jade says:

    I definitely agree with all of these, strong photography makes such a difference!

    Jessica Jade

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