5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe

refreshing your wardrobe and style

Lately all I have wanted to do is shop, style and repeat, which is interesting considering a while back I was feeling really uninterested in fashion. I realised my wardrobe was the cause, it just felt…stale. I’d look at the clothes I had and feel uninspired and there was little to no eagerness to get dressed in the morning. After writing this post I felt an overwhelming need to refresh my wardrobe and it felt SO damn good.

Now when I get ready I look into my wardrobe and feel inspired and eager to put together an outfit. Some of these tips may be a little out of the blue, but here’s what I did to breathe some life into my wardrobe-



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1. Splurge for dry cleaning. 
No shame, but I wash my clothes the least amount I possibly can (within reason). Why? My drier shrinks everything. I’ve got long arms and legs and it’s just not fun when after one wash your pants turn into three quarters and your long sleeve top ends up looking like a crop top.

Recently I grabbed a bunch of my clothes, the ones I rarely wash, the ones with delicate materials, the ones with stains on them that I swore I’d remove but forgot and I took all of these to get dry cleaned. My dry cleaner still shrinks my clothes a little but no where near as bad as my drier does. When I got my clothes back after the dry clean, it honestly felt like I’d been given a whole new wardrobe. Everything was fresh and looked like it’d been ironed- all of the pieces look like they were new again. Even older pieces suddenly felt new and fresh. While I wouldn’t recommend doing this regularly, for a splurge and in the name of a refresh I would really recommend it.

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2. Change up your clothes hangers and re-arrange. 
We look into our wardrobes every day and unless you’re someone who buys new pieces regularly (I am jealous of you) everything starts to look the same. It’s a simple thing, but just visually changing up what your wardrobe looks like can make a huge difference in how you feel about it’s contents. If you’ve got wire hangers, try swapping them out with wooden ones or if you’ve got wooden ones, maybe go for velvet hangers. Personally when I swapped all my hangers to the wooden kind I automatically felt like all of my clothes had just gone up 10 fancy points because I always associate wooden hangers with clothing stores. Something simple like this can really make you excited to get dressed in the morning. If you don’t feel like spending money, try re-arranging and changing up how you organise your clothes- that way when you look into your wardrobe each day everything will have a whole different energy to it.


3. Weed out the dead weight. 
It’s the old classic rule- refresh your wardrobe by getting rid of any pieces that you don’t wear,  they’re just taking up space that could be filled with items that you’ll actually get some use out of. I think there’s a saying out there that if you haven’t worn something in a year, toss it. So be realistic but also be brutal, if you think about wearing something and it doesn’t give you that happy feeling- throw that sucker out.
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4. Steal someone’s style for a day. 
Sometimes when I want to add a kick of new energy into my wardrobe and when I’m after a new take on how to style my clothes, I’ll pick someone I look up to style-wise (sometimes it’s a blogger, sometimes a celebrity or even a TV character etc) and I’ll try to sort of channel them for a day and dress how I think they’d dress, with what I have. It’s an odd little thing to do but it gives me a boost of motivation and creativity to start trying different combinations with the pieces I already own.


5. Hunt down staples. 

If you’re doing a full wardrobe revival and you’ve gone through the process of tossing or donating any clothes you don’t wear, a really easy way to inject some new life into your wardrobe is to write a list of some staple pieces that you’re currently missing and spend time tracking them down. As much as I like to think my wardrobe is full of staples, when clothes shrink or when I grow tired of certain styles I find it’s always beneficial to add new staple pieces that I can use to style multiple different outfits.

Do you have any easy ways to refresh your wardrobe?


  • Liz

    These are all great tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xo, Liz

  • I noticed if I take my clothes for dry cleaning it makes them more special and feel like new! Love your coat !

    Also, I am the same at the moment, just want to shop and shop. Also, it is bloody freezing in Manchester and I am tired of chunky jumpers, need my summer dresses! xx


    • Haha and I'm the exact opposite! I was so so sick of the boiling hot weather all I want is to be able to wear some layers and a bit coat!

  • I keep reading tips about jigging up your wardrobe and yours is my fave so far! I must do mine! Aalso your coat is amazing.
    Kate x

  • Great tips. I was feeling the same way recently too but I'm glad I'm finally starting to feel excited about my wardrobe/outfits again. I like tip number 4, I may have to try that one, it seems like a great way to take yourself out of your comfort zone when it comes to styling. 😀

    Samio x

    • Me too! Except now my problem is trying to reign myself in to do other things and not just shopping and styling…

  • These tips are really useful! I also hate when some of my clothes shrink, it's really annoying! Will try to do the hanger thingie. Have a lovely day! xx


    • Argh I know right! Shrunken clothes frustrate me so much.

  • Ugh girl I've been feeling kinda uninterested in my closet lately, too. I need these tips! I used to be so excited and adventurous when it comes to fashion but these days I just feel like I'm wearing the same things over and over again.
    I love these ideas though, especially the one about channeling someone else's fashion for a day.
    Great post!
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm

    • I can completely relate and thanks Julia! Sometimes it can be so tempting to just slip into wearing the same thing over and over again eh?

  • Such great and useful tips! Stealing someone's style for a day sounds fun!


  • These are such great tips, and I'm loving your look! The coat is so beautiful!


  • Oh I love this post! I am all for spending absolutely no money whatsoever! There are definitely times when my closet feels very stale– what I like to do is dig really deep through it and try to wear pieces I haven't worn in years– sometimes it feels the same as going shopping. Even so, these are definitely amazing and functional tips! Staples are also a huge thing for me– I have a vest I've worn for 6 years– since I was 21–because its so classic, it still feels new.


    • That's my favourite thing about staple pieces, how long you can wear them for. I love how you said you shop your own wardrobe too, I do that as well and sometimes it's also a great way to figure out what you do and don't wear!

  • Love your photos, your style and love that coat! – I might have to steal your style for a day 🙂 🙂
    I am overdue for taking a look through my wardrobe and have been procrastinating about it. I will take on board your advice and try to dive in. Thanks for the motivational tips.

    • Oooo thanks Phoebe! It would literally make my day if I saw someone 'stealing' my style for a day, haha

  • Great tips. I actually try to keep all my hangers the same color and style so they look neat and streamlined in my closet. Drycleaning is something I do in waves, but such a fantastic one. 🙂


    • Me too! I love everything in my wardrobe to look nice and neat and as streamlined as I can get it.

  • This is excellent advice! I think dry cleaning is so important, your clothes feel refreshed and new. Also, splurging on some staple pieces you can wear more then once is very important. I just love your coat and boots here gorgeous style 🙂

    • Thanks so much Heather! I think investing in staples in one of the best things you can do 🙂

  • This is great advice I really wish I could afford to get a load of my stuff dry cleaned but I'm on a budget this semester boo!

    Lauren x Huggled

  • Having regular wardrobe clearouts is a must for me. You're so right that everything starts to look the same otherwise, and I end up wearing the same four outfits over and over! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Same here, that was me a while ago and that's why I wanted to write this post, partly just to motivate myself to fix my wardrobe!

  • Kim

    Ah, I always have trouble with your third tip, weeding out the dead weight! For some reason, I always think that I might possibly wear my old clothes again, but I never do, haha. Perhaps I shall spring clean this weekend! Thanks for the tips!

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

    • Eeep, I'm the complete opposite. I am a little ruthless when it comes to throwing things out :/

  • I love your style, you always look so effortlessly chic! I had a similar coat through this winter and practically lived in it : ) x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    • Thanks Tiffany, I feel like that's what will happen to me with this coat as well!

  • These are all great tips! I love the idea of getting rid of old stuff and buying the staples that you're missing . Thanks for the tips. xx
    PS: Your coat is lovely.

    Coco Bella Blog

  • Amazing tips! Thank you, I loved to read them. 🙂

    Michelle Morchella

  • I cleaned my closet a month ago and now I need to do some shopping. I got rid of many things I didn't like any more or didn't fit and it felt good. xx


    • I'm just in the process of doing something similar now, I've got even more clothes I want to toss!

  • Great tips! Switching clothes hangers is such a good idea; I recently bought a ton of black velvet hangers and my entire wardrobe looks (and works!) so much better for it. Have a lovely week 🙂


    • I've never tried velvet hangers myself before but that sounds great Gabrielle, good on you for finding a system that works for you! 🙂

  • Dry cleaning is a must for me too!


  • Yay, I love your style posts. Forever in need of a total wardrobe detox so this is perfect!!


  • Haha I can totally relate to the washing machine problem – I've lost too many beautiful jumpers that way x

    Freya | http://www.freydefleur.com

  • Really good tips, dry cleaning is one I haven't heard before. I re-organize my wardrobe every two months to see what I have I haven't worn 🙂

    • Wow I wish I was as on top of things as you are! That sounds like an awesome idea.

  • Lol I feel like taking things to the dry cleaners is so adult and I've never actually done it for myself, but you make a very good point! I'm in the process of ditching most of my wardrobe as I'm moving overseas and I plan on only investing in things that I love and that are good quality and fit perfectly, etc in future so it makes sense to actually spend the time/money/effort and take care of them properly.


    • Haha don't worry I'm the same way, I usually just get whoever is taking their own dry cleaning in my house to take mine as well. So it's really not that adult sounding when I do that :p

  • These are great tips! I keep all my hangers the same colors. I rarely Dry clean my clothes but Hubby does that all the time for his shirts and suits but I never thought to bother but that's a great idea! I love staple pieces too as I'm not big on the whole fashion trends. I just love classic, timeless staple pieces that I can wear all the time. xx

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

    • That's exactly how I am as well, I just find when I buy trend pieces I wear them once or twice and then they just collect dust!

  • This is such a good post and really useful! I did a similar post to this a few months back and had similar ideas so I can totally relate to it all! Especially the clothes shrinking in the wash!! Robyn xx


    • Oh god that's so annoying isn't it?! It's like I cry every time I take my clothes out of the washing machine now.

  • Oh I love rearranging my clothes and just by doing that, they look so much more appealing hanging in the closet. I also started stealing some styles and trying to find my own so I can proudly say I found it now and I'm so comfortable with it 😀

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

  • Amazing post!

  • Love this, I think my wardrobe could use all these tips!

  • Such a great read! Love this!

    The Cassie Paige
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  • I’m really late, but I just wanted to say how much your tips helped me. I was feeling kind of stuck in a fashion rut (never good news for a fasion blogger) and just needed some motivation, I guess. Thanks tons!

  • zoe

    I just cleaned out my wardrobe and wrote an ebook about it as well, and got rid of three huge bins of stuff! but still after that, I want to shop more! the shopping bug has bit me and I’m online looking at all the latest fashions! I think it’s part because I got a new job, and the fall season, but yeah i just want to shop shop shop! I like the idea of stealing someones look for the day, I’ll try that one with stuff I have already so I don’t go broke, haha!