How To Banish Travel Envy

how to stop feeling envy of people who travel

“Oh bloody hell, I’m sitting here wearing my old pyjamas watching re-runs of One Tree Hill, meanwhile everyone else seems to be sipping smoothies in L.A and having gelato in Rome…”

Maybe it’s just me, well actually no, I really don’t think it’s just me that’s experienced travel envy. It’s not that I’m not happy for the person travelling because I am, but sometimes seeing a friend of even a complete stranger on social media jetting off somewhere ignites something in me that I’m not too fond of. I get a pang of envy and maybe even a little wave of sadness because it’s not me that’s travelling, and man do I love travelling. So what do you do if it seems like everyone except you is either off on a European vacation or walking around Central Park?

Switch off. 

Oh look I’ve pointed out the most cliche thing I possibly could have. It is worth mentioning though because through my own trial and error I’ve found this is probably the fastest way to banish travel envy. If you find you can’t scroll through your social media feeds without feeling like “Why is that not me?!” then the simple answer is to stop scrolling altogether. If you have to be on social media for job purposes, try posting what you need to and then signing out. You don’t have to do this forever, just give yourself a little break from seeing beautiful images of beautiful people in beautiful places.

Figure out your feelings
Have you ever wondered why you get a twinge of jealously or envy when you see someone travelling? I’m no psychologist, but I’m guessing that when we feel this way it’s because in some part of our minds we believe that we won’t be able to do those travels and have those adventures ourselves. So the next time you see someone on some amazing holiday and feel a wave of travel envy coming on, recognise how you’re feeling and realise that there’s no reason why you can have those exact same adventures one day as well.
Find something exciting to focus on. 

It might be that you plan a staycation, a little road trip or that you have an exciting event coming up- just find something in your life that ignites excitement and focus on that. Focus on the emotions you feel when you think of it (excitement, happiness, positivity, motivated, eager etc) and how good that makes you feel, rather than focusing on how bad it makes you feel to see everyone else travelling.

Remember that social media makes everything look better than it is. 

Travelling is an interesting beast, it’s brilliant and exciting and it can give you some of the best memories of your life, but sometimes it’s not what you expect and you’d be surprised at how wrong things can go when you have a strong idea of how ‘perfect’ your travels are going to be. I talked about this more in a post here but just try to stay level headed and remember that everything looks 10 times better through an Instagram filter and no one is going to post a picture of themselves crying outside of the Colosseum because someone stole their wallet….

Do you find you experience travel envy?


  • I do for sure! I always remove people who I'm envious of off my insta etc…. Out of sight out of mind 🙂

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    • I sometimes go to do that but I'm too chicken to completely remove people!

  • I have travel envy on a daily basis, hahaha. But that's because I love being in different places all the time and I get so bored after not going anywhere and a change of scenery. The problem of cost is real – on those days I try to do something more fun + low cost i.e. making a new dish at home (I made waffles this weekend!), go for a walk in a new area and even shopping for stationery can really help! ^_^

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

    • Yeah same here, changing up my scenery is one of the best things for me (and my mind!).

      Love the idea of doing something more low cost as well, especially if it involves waffles…

  • I'm so lucky I never really get travel envy that much! But I imagine this would be a super useful post for anyone who does experience it. Your blog is looking absolutely beautiful at the moment!

    Tia | The 10am Blog

    • Thanks Tia! I've been putting a lot of work into lately so that really means a lot 🙂

  • Kim

    I get travel envy quite often! I never go as far as to remove people off Instagram… I mean, they deserve to feel happy and project their happiness to their friends as much as anyone else!! Instead I just remind myself that my time will come soon where I can travel, and if anything, it convinces me to work harder at my own life.

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

    • That's what I try and do as well. It's a good way to motivate I guess!

  • I feel travel envy pretty often, since I've never left the borders of Australia my whole entire life. I see my friends in another country and I just get so envious, but I guess it's normal

    • You can definitely go one day too though Rosalie, so that's gotta be at least a little comforting! Your time will come for sure 🙂

  • Love this! I'm definitely feeling travel envy right now of all the Instagram accounts I follow – plenty of them are out in LA for Coachella or up and about in the Maldives etc, whilst I'm stuck in rainy York revising for my final exams! Brilliant points though – I think the first one about switching off is great for preventing any sort of comparison or self-esteem bad moods! And I definitely find a great way to avoid travel envy is to use it was inspiration – so I take that place that so-and-so is that looks amazing and I add it to my bucket list and start planning when I can go and what I can do!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

    • Oh god exams, I don't miss those (but good luck with yours I'm sure you'll do well!)

      Using travel envy to create a travel bucket list is such a clever idea as well 🙂

  • Oh social media and travel envy… Can really be frustrating to get over it! I trying to establish a new habit and switch my instagram during weekends, so I wont think why someone is loving life in Bahamas, whilst I am in my pjs eating cold porridge! haha xx

    • That sounds like a really good idea, then you can just enjoy your weekend without comparing yourself.

  • Yes, great tips. I follow Beautiful Destinations on Instagram and I don't feel envy as such just more excited to plan adventures and discover new places. The world is huge, the more travel pics people post the better because that means the more I see of it, but I understand that when you don't have your own holiday peeking over the horizon it can be a bit of a downer. Thank you for sharing these tips, I think find something exciting to focus on would work really well xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • I feel the same way when I have a trip planned but when I don't it's very much a downer like you said!

  • This is an interesting post and I really agree with the point about if there are thoughts of envy or jealousy generally thoughts of " I won't ever get to go" or something similar often seem to accompany this. I like the way you expressed this so well in the 'Figure out your feelings' paragraph. I think your advice is equally applicable to all cases of having the green eyed monster and it's good for us to recognise why we get those thoughts so that we can work on letting go of those self limiting beliefs that hold us back from getting what we want in life and celebrate happily with others when they are "doing well, enjoying life etc – whatever that may be".

    • Couldn't have put it better myself and that's what I'm really working on at the moment, letting go of limiting beliefs.

  • You're totally right about social media only highlighting the best bits – definitely something to keep in mind when browsing! To answer your question, I have to admit, I can't say I experience travel envy, I tend to find other people's adventures quite inspiring! Very interesting post though, as always 🙂

  • I totally get travel envy sometimes! But, I use the opportunity to get inspired moreso than anything. I start looking into places I could go and exploring different parts of the world. I typically end up booking a trip for some point in the near future. 🙂 Having a small (or big) trip planned helps mitigate any travel envy because I always have something to look forward to!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    • That sounds great, that's what I try and do as well when I can 🙂

  • Great honest post – lately I've been having lots of travel envy cos I'm in desperate need of a holiday but luckily an impromptu trip to Budapest is on its way! x

    • wow, that sounds amazing! I've never been to Budapest before- enjoy! 🙂

  • I totally understand how you feel! Sometimes is not only about traveling, it's like, why does this person has this job or why did he go to this concert and I'm stuck here. It happens to everybody, and we are all humans so I guess it's okay to feel that little envy rush. I agree with you in everything! Oh dear how instagram makes everything makes so much better and glamorous than it actually is haha. Amazing post Julia! Hope you're doing amazing! xx

    Indie Suns | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    • I guess it is only human but it's still comforting to hear from other people who experience the same thing! Hope you're doing really well as well Ana 🙂

  • I know exactly how you feel. And lately the Travelblogger Trend has reached new levels and it's now standard to be always en route… However, I started to really appreciate my own room, a fix place and sort of regular daily structure. However, the more I look forward on travel opportunities.
    But in the end I return happily back to my place 🙂

    Have a great sunday


    • It really does feel like that doesn't it, it seems like everyone is travelling all the time. That's great that you're appreciating your daily routine though 🙂

  • I get travel envy almost every day and I hate that social media makes me feel that way. There are times when I want to book a ticket and leave, seeing all these pictures of others travelling and having fun, but then again, social media focuses and shows only the good side of everything. Great post! xx


    • That's how I feel as well, I do have to remind myself that social media only shows the best of things.

  • it is a struggle but its all about perspective i guess…
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  • It's so easy to think peoples lives on social media are always perfect when you see the best of everything! I wish people were more truthful on social media, I used to put myself down seeing all these people having amazing lives on Instagram and visiting amazing places! I hate Instagram but also weirdly love it for that aha <3

  • Great post! It's always good to turn off your media for a few hours or a day or two. Thank you for sharing =o)

  • When you have different things to focus on, it makes a difference but I love travelling and visiting other places – there's nothing better and especially with summer round the corner (in the UK) it really makes you want to get out more!

    Hope you're well and looking forward to seeing more!

    Layla xx

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  • Chloe Miller-Bess

    I struggle from travel envy so much. Such a needed post!