3 Changes To Make To Your A.M. Routine

ways to improve your A.M routine

So I’m not great at night routines, that was well established in my ‘3 Steps To Improve Your PM routine’ post.
 But what about morning routines I hear you ask? (I’m aware no one is actually asking this) but yep- a morning routine I do have and because of that I do actually feel mildly qualified to tell you a few ways you can improve your own A.M. routine. It’s not about getting motivated like this post, it’s more so about 3 really simple things you can do that can change how your whole day turns out.


lifestyle blogger morning routine tips
Okay this one is actually really fun to do, and for me it doubles as a kind of meditation. So in the morning when you’re laying in bed, think about what you want to do during the day and whatever you have planned, and see yourself going through your whole day. So if you want to go to gym and eat healthily, visualise yourself getting up, getting dressed, sipping some water then hitting the gym, having a sweat session and feeling really awesome afterwards. It’s not a magic cure or anything but I find doing this each morning really helps me to get done what I set out to do for the day, because it’s almost like just from visualising that I’ve already done it all!


3 changes to make to your AM routine
Chances are your job involves looking at a laptop or computer and even if it doesn’t, you probably spend a chunk of time looking at your phone throughout the day anyway. To give my brain a break from screens, I find spending at least my morning without a phone, laptop, Ipad or anything like that to be extremely therapeutic. So instead of checking social media or replying to emails in the morning, try staying away from technology or at the least, activating ‘Airplane Mode’ where you can. Seriously, even just having 15 minutes of tech-free time is calming because there’s no interruptions or distractions coming at you and you can just sort of block out the world temporarily and be with your own thoughts.


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I can be really mean to myself. Weirdly, I am extremely sympathetic and empathetic to other people yet I struggle with treating myself the same way. One thing that’s helped is being aware of my negative thoughts and countering them straight off the bat in the morning with positive thoughts/self talk. Don’t click out of the post yet, I know ‘positive self talk’ is something people find wanky and will roll their eyes at but bare with me.Your morning sets up your whole day, right? So if I look in the mirror and think “God my eyebrows look weird” (weird example I know) then that obviously doesn’t leave me feeling that great. So I try to catch those thoughts and even if it makes me feel stupid, I’ll say the opposite aloud. It’s kind of a frustrating process at first but if you notice what you’re saying to yourself and do this little process, eventually I’ve found that doing this in the mornings especially means my general thinking throughout the day is a lot more positive and hey, I’m gonna take more positivity wherever I can get it.
What do you think about making these changes to your morning routine?