Curating Your Dream Wardrobe

how to create your dream wardrobe

It’s worth noting that I’m well aware that the term ‘Dream Wardrobe’ definitely sounds a little….dated. That term is giving me flashbacks of a Barbie dream closet but I couldn’t really find another word to describe what I mean. I’m talking about looking into your wardrobe and just being happy with everything you’ve got, feeling extraordinarily content.

In the past when I’ve looked in my wardrobe all I’ve seen is gaps, the things I need but don’t have, or the things I want but don’t have. I felt like that for a while and then hit a point a few months back where I just got fed up and figured hey, I’m all for saving my money but you also can’t take money with you to the grave so I may as well spend my time and money on things that make me happy, which right now is my wardrobe. I wanted to look in my wardrobe and feel happy, not just feel ‘meh.’ So I went on the hunt to configure my dream wardrobe, and here’s how:


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Step 1: Prepare for this to take time.

One thing I should preface before I start all this off is that I don’t think of the process of curating my ‘dream’ (there’s that word again) wardrobe as something to do on a whim. I think to do this right you have to be fully prepared for the process to take time. I’m talking months or even the span of a year or years. My aim wasn’t to buy a bunch of items at once, deplete my bank balance and then have an over-flowing wardrobe. My aim was and is to curate a wardrobe filled with pieces that I need, pieces that I love, pieces that reflect my style and different moods, and pieces that will stand the test of time.

Step 2: Make a Pinterest board or folder for your ideal wardrobe. 

To get the ball rolling on this whole process you first have to obviously figure out what you’re actually looking for, and Pinterest, reading style blogs or going online in general can be great for that. If Pinterest is your jam, make a board (it can be a secret board) called your ‘Dream Wardrobe’ or alternatively just create a folder on your computer. Your aim is to collate a folder/board filled with images that inspire you and make you excited about fashion and styling, as well as images that can help guide you to know what actual pieces or accessories etc you need and want as part of your wardrobe. So spend time searching online, put key words into Pinterest and search and search until you feel content enough to start writing a list.

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Step 3: Figure out what you actually need. 

Once you’ve gone crazy curating images of your dream wardrobe and images of key pieces you want as part of your wardrobe, it’s time to be mindful and figure out the difference between what you want and what you actually need, because the latter is something you can’t compromise on.

Do you workout? You’ll probably need workout gear and runners. Maybe you’ve got pets that shed so you need some lighter coloured pieces in your wardrobe that are more pet hair proof. It’s all well and good to brainstorm what you want, but remember to be realistic and also think about your lifestyle to uncover what’s needed. In my eyes a dream wardrobe doesn’t work if it doesn’t have everything you need.

Step 4: Make a list and have it at the ready. 

After you’ve sussed out what you want and need, write out all the pieces you want as part of your dream wardrobe onto a list. For me, I’ve been keeping my dream wardrobe list in the ‘Notes’ app of my phone because I just find that to be the most convenient but wherever you decide to write your list, try and keep it (or a copy of it) with you somehow, that way if you’re shopping in stores or at home you’ll always be able to refer back to that. 

curating your dream wardrobe
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Step 5: Start the hunt. 

Oh ASOS you saviour, with your free returns and free postage, god bless you.

After you’ve got your list sorted, it’s time to start the long process of finding the actual items and this is what you have to be really patient with (that’s a note to self right there because I am uber impatient). So next time you’re searching online or in stores, refer to your list and begin trying to hunt down the pieces on it.

I love online shopping so when I can, I like to take one item at a time from my list (because I’m methodical like that) and I’ll search through different online sites until I find a piece I like. Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes I hit the jackpot, it really just depends. (or can be a great way to sift through multiple websites at once but I’d really recommend searching for your pieces on websites with free or cheap returns because then you can buy a bunch of stuff, try it on in the comfort of your own home and then send back what you don’t want for free with a full refund. Once I really wanted to hunt down a good basic white tee to add to my dream wardrobe, so I bought 4 reasonably priced white tees (bare with me) from ASOS, tried them on at home and then sent back the 3 I didn’t want. I wouldn’t recommend searching for everything on your list at once because you may just go broke, but if you can be patient, I promise that either in store on online, you will eventually find everything on your list.

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Step 6: Take the time to find the perfect fits. 

AKA don’t just settle for anything, even though it’s really tempting because then you get to tick everything off your list really quickly… So if you want a good pair of black ankle boots, don’t just find a decent pair, add it to your wardrobe and then call it a day. Take the time to really find the perfect fits, things you really love that you feel great in. Whatever is on your list, I don’t think it’s possibly to really fulfil your dream wardrobe if you just settle so you really have to be patient and wait to find the right pieces.


What do you think about curating a dream wardrobe?


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