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You wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy, your alarm is buzzing and all of a sudden you feel the warmth of your bed, how snuggly your sheets are and wow, did the pillow become softer all of a sudden? The last thing you want to do is move.
We all have those days where we just want to stay in bed but can’t, so we roll ourselves up and go about our morning like a bit of a zombie. Well instead of spending my mornings feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead, I’ve found some motivating ways to kick start my day (that don’t involve caffeine):


how to get motivated in the morning

Scroll through Pinterest.
For me, I find Pinterest to be crazy motivating and inspiring. In the morning if you can spare say 5 minutes, take a look at some of the images you’ve previously loved and pinned or even think about what you want to get done for the day ahead and find images on Pinterest that will inspire you to do that. So if you want to make sure you exercise, take a look through fitness images as well as things like healthy recipes etc to kick start you and get you in the right mind frame.


Think of 3 things you’re looking forward to. 

It’s pretty simple really, but when you wake up in the morning (I do this while laying in bed) think of 3 things that you’re looking forward to for the day ahead. It can be literally anything, maybe you’re looking forward to watching a new episode of Survivor or seeing a friend. Getting into the habit of ritualistically focusing on what you’re excited for is so uplifting because each morning you already know you have things to look forward to. I can’t remember who told me to do this but I’m so thankful they did (was it you mum? I know you’re reading this.)

Change up your alarm. 

Just putting this out there, my alarm tone is the Game of Thrones theme song…
If you wake up using your phone alarm and still use the standard ringtone, my sympathies go out to you because that noise (yep, I’m calling it noise) is truly annoying. What I find really kick starts my morning is when the first thing I hear (aka my alarm tone) is a song or tune I love. This makes waking up not seem like such a chore and it instantly puts you in a better mood. 

Get active. 
Every morning I hop on the cross trainer and go at a steady pace for around 40 minutes and this habit has become so engrained into my morning routine that if I don’t do it I feel lethargic and completely out of whack. I do whatever I want when I’m on the cross trainer, watch TV, watch Youtube, listen to music, make to-do lists, listen to podcasts, check social media, just whatever tickles my fancy really. You don’t have to go on a cross trainer obviously but if you can, fit time in to go on a short walk or even just doing some stretching. Getting your body moving first thing and getting things circulating is a really easy way to get energy and it’s extremely motivating because you feel like you’ve already accomplished something and your day hasn’t even really started yet. In the least cocky way possible, it gives you that “damn I’m good” feeling and gets you ready for the day ahead.


What are your favourite ways to kick start your day?



  • I love this! I am so dreadful at getting up in the mornings, this has so helped me out


  • I love that your alarm is the Game of Thrones theme song! Haha you must feel like such a majestic badass when you wake up every morning.

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey

    • haha I did when I first made it my ringtone but I gotta say, now I'm pretty used to it!

  • Get active for sure! even though I woke up pretty early in order to do everything on time (like I am the slowest person on earth at eating breakfast) I still arrive late at work! XD

    xx from Italy
    Cate //

  • Definetely need to think about ways for myself…

  • I'm terrible on a morning! I have a bad habit of pressing the snooze button more than I should. I have found changing my alarm song regularly helps, as this shock of a new tune usually helps wake me up.

    Lauren x | bylaurenjane

    • I have a bad habit of just sleeping through my alarm and bypassing the snooze button altogether, it's awful! I actually think I might change up my alarm tone to another one that I like to shake things up, great idea 🙂

  • Those are great tips! I have to admit that I can't actually use a song as my alarm, because then I can't listen to that song anymore, it just makes me cringe and makes me feel like I'm just waking up. But I like the pinterest idea!
    Lucie, xx

    • That's completely fair enough, for me it's all about finding the right song because like you said, sometimes I do just end up not liking the song anymore!

  • When I wake up I set my goals for the day and the things I am looking forward to do on that day !

  • Oh lordy, I understand the trouble with alarm setting! I hit snooze like at least 5 times! Need to take these tips into serious consideration! x

    Tash –

  • I absolutely Love Pinterest. LOL I try not to get on it too early in the morning as it can be quite addicting which ends up being counter productive. However, i agree with you on all other points. I still feel stressed with working out but i'm sure as i get more into it, it'll be more pleasurable

    • Yeah I'd say to set a timer with Pinterest, that sucker can be really addictive. For me it's not that I 'work out' in the morning necessarily I like just getting my body moving and doing something I like at the same time. So for me I really like going at a slow/steady page on the cross trainer and going on my phone at the same time! 🙂

  • Love the idea of coming up with three things that I look forward to every morning. I've never heard that tip before , I'm so glad you shared it. Going to incorporate it from tomorrow! xx

    Coco Bella Blog 

    • That's so awesome to hear, I'm glad you liked that idea 🙂

  • Kudos for getting on the cross trainer everyday! That is definitely not me hahaha. I also have a feeling of the opposite: if I use a song I like for an alarm, it just reminds me of the dread I face when I wake up lol. I like to do stretches when I wake up because it just feels nice and not too intensive, hahaha!

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

    • Yeah it really wasn't me either but now it's just become a habit that I don't really think about, I just do it! Stretching sounds really good too though 🙂

  • I love the idea of scrolling through Pinterest in the morning! Thanks you! x


  • This is so inspiring! I'm not an morning person. I just can't deal with them. So, I need to try these out! At the moment I'm starting my day with some phone games and thinking what to do next..

    Heidi 🍓 | Heidi's Planner | Instagram

    • I'm not a morning person at all either! Phone games sound fun but I think for me I'd get distracted and end up playing them for way too long haha

  • I like to start my day with a nice cup of coffee =o)

  • I hate getting up early in the morning! Back in high school, I could get up in the morning without any problem, now I'm struggling so much. I prefer staying up till late and finishing all that I have. But indeed, this was a really helpful post. When I need to wake up I go to Pinterest and Instagram for around 10-15 minutes so I can open my eyes and after that I'm ready to start my day 😀

    • Oh me too! I'm the exact same, I prefer to stay up late rather than wake up early…

      Sounds like you've got a nice little morning routine sorted though 🙂

  • I've been getting up quite early in the last week and falling asleep around 10 pm. I've been loving waking up early – I'm definitely a morning person. I'm the most motivated and productive. I like turning on the tv and watching a morning show while getting stuff done. I find it strangely relaxing. Lovely post as always!

    • Sometimes I wish I was a morning person, I tend to be a night owl though- I just can't help it!

      Ooo that actually does sound really relaxing 🙂

  • I always want to start the day with exercise, I just can't drag myself out of bed! I do like to listen to music on a morning when I wake up
    Nicoleannx x

    • Yep I totally feel your pain, that's why doing something pretty light and doing something you like at the same time (like checking social media or watching TV etv) is my fav combo 🙂

  • I absolutely love that your alarm tone is the Game of Thrones music. Honestly. It's the perfect thing to wake up to! x

  • This is such a great post! Need to start using some of these techniques because I'm rubbish at getting up in the mornings 🙂

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

  • I really like my sleep. My mum once told me that I may as well set an alarm and just get up because it doesn't seem to matter how much sleep I get or what the time is I still just don't like getting up – even if its past midday. (such good advice for me) I just find that my dreams are so good in the mornings and I'm able to be aware of them and manipulate them into any adventure I want, it's like watching a tv show that I'm in but can change the script to suit me. I had always assumed everybody did this with their morning dreams but was surprised to find that this was not the case. Otherwise, in general it's the first 10 minutes that seems to be the most challenging but if I don't have anywhere that I absolutely have to be at a certain time and it's cold then ………. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • That's so cool that you can do that with your dreams, I wish I could! It kind of sounds like lucid dreaming but I'm no expert, you should look into it! 🙂

  • Getting your body moving first thing in the morning definitely helps but unfortunately I sometimes need motivation to do that haha. Luckily I'm quite a morning person though so I don't have much trouble getting out of bed but I definitely think having something to look forward to helps…For me it's as simple as breakfast and coffee, yum. 😀


    • Haha I do too! It's one of those things where I try not to think about it because otherwise I just want to stay in bed…

      Ooo yep the thought of breakfast definitely gets me up as well! 😉

  • I have to admit that staying in bed a few extra minutes on my phone has been a nice way to not feel rushed out of bed..! I love the idea of 3 things to look forward to during the day, that's a great one! I usually get out of bed and go pee (TMI?) and then I do my five-minute journal which helps me set positive intentions for the day!

    • Hahaha oh my god no not TMI that made me laugh out loud, I mean we all do that right?
      Your five minute journal sounds really awesome as well 🙂

  • I definitely need to get more active – I used to go gym at 6am before work and although i was tired when i got up, it gave me so much more energy for the rest of the day! Great tips, lovely 🙂


    • Wow that's definitely commitment, that's awesome Hannah 🙂

  • These are all perfect tips. I love the idea of scroll through social media for inspiration, not just procrastination. Also, thinking of something you're excited about can be SUCH a big attitude changer and really starts off the day right.

    xx Pia

    • That's what I've found as well, it gets me excited for the day rather than dreading it :p

  • Pinterest is a great idea, takes me seconds to get inspired on there! I agree getting active is also a great factor, love this post!

    Leah x

  • This is such a lovely post – I need all the motivation right now! I'm so behind and this is perfect for kick-starting your day and getting you in the right zone! 🙂

    Layla xx

    • Ah that's awesome Layla, hopefully this post has given you some motivation 🙂

  • I find Pinterest so Inspiring! I am always scrolling thought looking for ideas for my house, blog…everything. I tend to read positive uplifting quotes on Pinterest for a little motivation to get out of bed. -xo

    • I try and do the same thing, I think scrolling through it for me is pretty relaxing as well 🙂

  • Kim

    Pinterest has so many inspiring and motivating things within a click! Although if I scrolled through Pinterest in the morning, I would probably *never* get out of bed, haha. It's addicting!

    Simply Lovebirds

  • I love your tips! Your blog is amazing, it's so inspirational!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  • I enjoyed reading this post!!
    Lately i am so lazy and it is hard for me to wake up early morning and be productive right away 🙁
    What i like to do to get out from the bed in a good mood is to listen to music. I ve found this can really change my mood even when i feel under the weather. And another thing i like to do is to open the windows and let the light come in. And then i am ready to start fixing my room and start my day!

    Your blog is so pretty and the contents are great! I am a little bit shy to ask, but i really think you are great blogging. If it is possible, i would like you to take a look to our blog and tell me your opinion about this. It is written in Italian but there is the translator so you can read some posts. We are new in this and we have a lot to improve. It would be great to know what do you think!!!

    • Oh yeah listening to music in the morning is a great idea, what an awesome way to set the tone of the day!

      Thank you so much and sure I'll take a look at your blog right now 🙂

  • I still really love this post. It's always nice to see what people do and to share the different things that help them as it could also help someone else!

    Hope you're well!

    Layla xx

  • Emily

    These are some great suggestions – and actually very different to what I’ve seen before! I love the idea of using Pinterest to motivate yourself, definitely want to try this come Monday!

    Musings & More