Beginner’s Guide: Using Pinterest To Grow Your Blog

A Beginner's GuideTo Growing Your Blog Through Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, you little devil. Using Pinterest for blogging confused me for months (we’ve already established by now that I am a grandma living in a 23 year old’s body so this shouldn’t come as a surprise). Well, I’ve finally started to feel like I’ve figured out the beast and now I completely empathise with anyone who still feels like they can’t quite wrap their head around it. While I’ve still got a lot to learn, if you’re looking to use Pinterest to grow your blog, here are the things I’ve found the most helpful:


Group boards are basically a ‘group’ created on Pinterest, where a bunch of different bloggers/people share their pins. Usually group boards are fairly specific, so there are whole group boards dedicated just to beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, blogging tips etc- you just have to find the group boards that fit your blog. These boards are a great way to expose your blog to a bunch of people who may not ordinarily stumble upon it, but group boards aren’t usually just open so you do have to reach out to people in order to join their boards.

How do you find boards to join? Well, a few people recommended PinGroupie as a way to find group boards …try your luck but yeah, that didn’t work for me at all (no one ever replied to me!). I still want to find more group boards to join, but I basically went on the Pinterest pages of other lifestyle bloggers, I saw what group boards they were following and went from there! I found this method personally to be much more effective. Once you find boards you want to join it’s pretty much smooth sailing, just make sure you follow the ‘rules’ for each board (everyone has different rules) and be sure to always pin your new content to the appropriate group boards you follow, and support other blogger’s in your group boards by pinning some of their content as well!


It seems like no matter how much I learn, there’s always more I could be doing to grow my Pinterest account and grow my blog’s exposure and traffic through that platform. This can all get a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out. There are a bunch of different blogs and sites out there that all post information on anything and everything related to Pinterest, but I find that choosing 1 thing at a time to work on (in terms of growing my Pinterest) and then reading various guides on that to be the most effective. Actually taking the time to research a few questions you’d like answered can be extremely helpful in terms of wrapping your mind around things and getting started. Yep, it’s the ‘ol one thing at a time approach. With Pinterest especially, it seems like everyone has their two cents to throw in but personally I’ve found Paula’s guides and tips (on to be the most helpful, she has a bunch of Pinterest related blog posts and it was basically by reading them that I finally felt like I had enough information to start getting active on Pinterest without feeling totally lost.


Although probably obvious to most, when I was starting out I didn’t realise that vertical images do better on Pinterest and I believe it’s a 2:3 ratio (AKA 600px by 900px images) that you should be aiming for. Basically, you’re aiming for nice long images that will capture the attention of someone who’s scrolling through Pinterest. So as nice as your horizontal blog photos may be, before you pin them you’re going to have to keep in mind that horizontal images won’t show up very large on people’s Pinterest feeds. Text on Pinterest images works very well too, so if you’re promoting a blog post keep that in mind and make sure that in the text you add your blog’s URL as well. If this all sounds confusing, you can see an example of what I’m talking about here. Also, before you pin anything make sure you add a description to your pin and a ‘source link’ which is basically just a link back to your blog.


I used to wonder how the hell people had time to constantly be pinning things, but it turns out no one’s really doing it in real time- scheduling your pins is the way of the future people. There are a few sites out there that let you schedule pins but personally I love using Tailwind. Basically you connect your Pinterest account through Tailwind and it automatically works out out a schedule for you of what the best times for you to post would be. So then whenever you’re scrolling your Pinterest instead of hitting ‘Pin’ you hit the ‘Schedule’ button that Tailwind provides and the picture you want to pin automatically goes into your queue and it’ll post at one of the optimal times Tailwind has worked out for you. I usually just sit down and will schedule all my pins for the week in one sitting. I can’t stress enough how handy this is and it means that you can basically have a constant presence on Pinterest without actually having to go through and pin things daily.


I’ve got a hell of a lot more Pinterest tips, so let me know if you’d like another post with those tips!


Do you have any awesome Pinterest tips?