5 Tools For A Better Blog

tools to improve your blog
You may already have an amazing blog, in which case, props to you (and please tell me your secrets). Personally, I’m always looking for ways to improve this little corner of the internet in whatever way I can. Along the way I’ve had a few hits and misses (I could honestly do about 7 posts on my photography and just general blogging fails) but there have definitely been a few things that I’ve noticed have nudged The Sunday Mode in the right direction so I thought I’d share, in the hope that it’ll inspire you to give your blog a little extra kick as well.

tips to improve your blog1. Think carefully about your blog platform. 
Even though I had some teething problems when I swapped my blog over to WordPress, it was worth it. I was previously on Blogger and I was fine with that for a while, until I felt like I’d outgrown it. There were multiple things I wanted to do but the Blogger platform wouldn’t allow it and it was really crippling my creativity. Your blogging platform can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your blog overall so to improve your blog, think carefully about the platform you’re currently using and decide whether or not you would like to make a switch.


2. Invest in a good hard drive. 
Even with a hard drive, I feel like I’m constantly trying to clear space on my laptop. ‘Your storage is almost full’ will probably be marked on my gravestone because that message pops up on my laptop so bloody often. For blogging, if something ever happens to your computer or blog the last thing you want is to lose all your files (that is the stuff of nightmares) so getting yourself a reliable hard drive with a lot of storage will be a lifesaver. As long as you regularly back up your files you’ll be covered incase anything ever happens.


3. Use a blog planning system. 
I used to have a blog planning diary and I loved it. Nowadays I organise my blog through a series of Excel and Word documents on my laptop and I love that, so I’m a firm believer that there’s a planning system out there for everyone, you just have to find what works for you. I talk more about how I organise my blog here, but basically just having a place where you can organise your thoughts, posts and your social media ramblings will be hugely beneficial- not just for your blog but also for your mind!


4. Photography friend. 
For outfit or fashion photos especially, unless you’re super skilled with a tripod then it may be time to get some help. I have tried to take outfit photos myself and I tried and I failed, my friend. To the people out there who do use a tripod and a remote and take killer outfit photos, I envy you but that just doesn’t work for me. For the most part my blog is a one woman show, but sometimes you have to accept that you need a little help and often that’s in the photography department. Finding someone who can help you take photos can really benefit your blog because you have another person’s mind to bounce ideas off, another person to warn you if cars are coming (damn street style shots) and someone to give you a friendly reminder before you start taking photos that your skirt is tucked into your tights…Try finding a  friend or family member who’s got a knack for photography, nowadays I find more and more people have at least a decent amount of camera knowledge so they’re willing to help!


5. Consider using new fonts. 
In Blogger when I was really limited in terms of what I could do, I used to find a lot of ’round a bout, back door ways to make my blog look the way I wanted it too and changing up fonts was one of those ways. It’s funny because fonts are a simple thing yet they can make such a huge difference to the look and feel of your blog and the look and feel of your individual blog posts. There are a few font websites out there and while you have to be careful of the different licenses on different fonts, really consider how possibly incorporating fonts into your blog or blog posts could benefit you.  (PS-  my favourite website for fonts is dafont.com.)


What are your top tips for improving your blog?