5 Pinterest Tips: What I’ve Tried That Works

how-to-grow-your-pinterest-followingAfter my last Beginner’s Guide To Pinterest post a few people mentioned that they’d like another post with more Pinterest tips. So here we are people, here we are. I’ve still got ways to go on Pinterest but I’ve learned so much more than when I first started on there so here are the few nuggets of wisdom I’ve gathered. (Long story short? If you want to grow your Pinterest, my best tip is to get Tailwind.)


1. Get Tailwind.

It wasn’t until I got Tailwind that I actually started to feel like I was getting the hang of Pinterest. Tailwind is a great site if you’re trying to grow your Pinterest account and following. It allows you to schedule multiple pins at a time, analyse your Pinterest ‘traffic’ and it creates a weekly schedule for you with optimal pin times. Not convinced yet? Keep reading buddy.
how to grow your pinterest following

2. Install the Tailwind extension.

One of my favourite Pinterest tricks was installing the Tailwind extension on my computer. The extension just installs a small blue ‘Tailwind’ button on your internet browser (Chrome for me) so that you can essentially pin any content you come across on any web page. So when you’re on Pinterest, you can also just click the extension button and select everything you want to pin and it will schedule all the pins for you. With the extension, you can bulk pin content and doing that saves a tremendous amount of time. Manually scheduling your pins takes forever and I am just not patient enough for that. If you’re at all interested in growing your Pinterest following, install this button.


3. Bulk schedule quality pins.

When I first started using Pinterest I would schedule one.pin.at.a.time. ONE AT A TIME. It took me forever. Going with the whole Tailwind extension thing, as I mentioned it allows you to bulk pin and one way or another, a great Pinterest tip is to bulk pin as much as you can. I just pick a time of the day to sit down and schedule pins. The trick is to schedule as many quality pins as you can, which isn’t too difficult considering so many pins are so beautiful! Lately, I’ve been pining around 30 pins at once and adding those to my Pinterest posting schedule. By doing this I’ve found my Pinterest has grown so much more and the entire process saves me a bunch of time overall.


4. Pin as many pins, per day, as you can.

When you first sign up to Tailwind it generates a pinning schedule for you, based on the most optimal times for you to pin. Originally though, the schedule it generates will only generate so many pinning times per day. So Monday it may generate 3 different pinning times, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 2 etc. What I’ve found has helped my engagement and growth on Pinterest was to create more time slots into my schedule so that I’m pinning as many pins per day as I possibly can (without going nuts).

To do this, you log into Tailwind and go to your Schedule and click ‘Add time slots.’ At first Tailwind may only generate a few new optimal pinning timeslots for you. If you’d like to add more pin time slots, you just wait a while and then click ‘Add time slots’ again and it’ll generate more optimal times for you. A while back, I added around 3 more pins per day to my original pinning schedule. Then in the next week I added a few more, and I’ve just kept doing that but tried to keep things manageable. Since I’ve done this I’ve noticed my engagement has really increased and it’s purely just from me pinning more per day!


5. Share the love- Pin other people’s content.

Something I’m learning more and more is that Pinterest is not a single’s game, in the sense that you can’t just go and promote your own posts and expect people to engage with that. You have to join group boards and actually make an effort to pin other people’s pins/content as well. Pinning other people’s content shares the love and gets you noticed. It also makes it more likely that those same people will see your pins and engage and pin them as well if they find them engaging.


Happy pinning. My god I am sick of writing the word ‘pin’ at this point…


  • I haven’t heard of Tailwind before, so I’m going to check that out right now!

    xo, Elisabeth

    • The Sunday Mode

      Ah it’s so handy! You’ll love it Elisabeth 🙂

  • Great tips, was just trialling Tailwind last night and was unsure of weather I should invest in it, but defiantly going to invest after reading your post.

    • The Sunday Mode

      I was a little unsure as well before I took the plunge and got it, but it’s been so worth it 🙂

  • Love your tips, I have been trying to get into Pinterest so this is so useful! xx


    • The Sunday Mode

      Happy you found this helpful! I feel like Pinterest can be a bit tough to navigate sometimes…

  • Great post. I loved your last one and these are more great tips for me to take onboard. Thanks! 😀

    Samio x

    • The Sunday Mode

      Woo! Glad you’re liking these Pinterest posts 🙂

  • bbethaniee

    Some great points that I’ve never thought about before! Definitely going to use some of this advice later.

    Beth | simplebutfarfrombasic

    • The Sunday Mode

      That’s awesome Beth, I’m glad you found this post helpful. Happy pinning 🙂

  • Good tips! I love Tailwind, but managing multiple social media accounts when you’re a grad student can get a bit hard. I think if I had all day to focus, I’d be able to schedule more pins through Tailwind than I do. However, I do think pinning often is super helpful!

    GG | http://www.girlingamba.com

    • The Sunday Mode

      Yeah with a busy lifestyle doing all of the social media related stuff can be a bit tedious and time consuming sometimes. That’s why I find it really helpful to just sit down for 15min or so and schedule all my weekly pins then through Tailwind. I find it’s a massive timesaver!

  • I’ve signed up to Tailwind and certainly agree it means I can pin without having to physically be up at crazy hours throughout the day. I have yet to see if it drives good traffic to my blog though…fingers crossed


    • The Sunday Mode

      It really helped me to get more engagement on there so hopefully it works for you too. Just schedule lots of pins for each day! 🙂

  • I’ve heard so much about Tailwind and I’m intrigued at signing up for it and checking it out. It seems like a good option if you have a lot of other things going on at the same time so might have to consider it properly!

    Layla x


    • The Sunday Mode

      Definitely, especially if you’re trying to juggle a few different social media accounts at once, then Tailwind would be great for you!

  • I signed up for Tailwind and never really bothered using it, but I’ll definitely have to give it a try soon! I’m so bad at keeping Pinterest updated. I usually just use it to search for tattoo ideas and make story boards, but I keep meaning to try it out as a way to direct more traffic to my blog. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    • The Sunday Mode

      Yeah I remember when I signed up I got a bit overwhelmed and I was like nope. Then finally I went back on and started experimenting a bit and now I love it and find it really useful.

  • Tailwind has completley revolutionised my Pinterest traffic, couldn’t recommend it more! The first month I used it, my blog views from Pinterest went up by 500%…!

    • The Sunday Mode

      Wow, that’s incredible Milly!

  • Great tips. I never thought of actually using tailwind. I saw the ad so many times on Pinterests I was just annoyed by it haha, sounds like it might actually be good though! I had never thought of scheduling pins either. I just pin what I like when I see it haha Thanks for sharing!

    SHANNON VALLE life + style blog

    • The Sunday Mode

      haha, oh don’t worry I’m the same with ads and things. I’ve actually never got an ad for Tailwind through my Pinterest though which is weird…

  • I never knew how pintrest works until I came to your site. I will definitely install Tailwind to make my pintrest experience better and easier. Thanks for sharing!

    • The Sunday Mode

      So glad you found this post helpful! 🙂

  • I have recently started using Pinterest more actively to promote my content, so this post was a super helpful read! Will be checking out Tailwind for sure as I’ve heard some fab reviews about it, and manually pinning does take a lot of time. Thank you for sharing xox

    maria | http://whatismaria.com

    • The Sunday Mode

      Yeah manual pinning was something that I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with for very long, hope you try out Tailwind and like it 🙂

  • This post is so useful! I’m only just starting to get the hang of using Pinterest for my blog, I’ll definitely check out Tailwind 🙂 xx


  • Always looking for ways to grow on Pinterest so this is very helpful!

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  • phoebe

    Oh my goodness there are so many helpful tips and tricks you’ve given me through your site. When I eventually start up my own business/website I’m going to be coming back to these helpful tips a lot!

  • Michelle

    I’ve always considered that extension, but have yet to make the leap! I’m a newbie to Pinterest, but now i’m convinced it’s necessary.