Best Outlets For Escapism



You know, writing this post and then doing the odd google search, it’s just occurred to me that I don’t think I define ‘escapism’ like others do. The great and powerful Oz Google tells me: escapism is what you call the times that you try and avoid or seek relief from negative or unpleasant times in your life. Well no Google, I disagree with your results. Just like the time I was feeling sick and I typed my symptoms into Google and it kindly told me that I was dying, I’m going to have to disagree…

To me, no matter how good any given time in my life is, I want a little break or escape. Unlike Google, I don’t think of escapism as a means to avoid negative times. I see escapism as a mini break from life. I see it as something that keeps me sane; it gives me a sense of child-like happiness and to be honest it just feels natural to me. Sometimes you just want to watch a film, get encapsulating into a different universe and zone it. Escapism gives my mind a mental break from everything and anything, even the good stuff. Here are my favourite ways to escape:





I recently found out that visualising is actually a form manifesting and visualising. So it’s just a bonus that visualising is also one of the best outlets for escapism as well.

To visualise, either sit or lay down in a quiet area and close your eyes. Pick one scenario involving your ideal life (stay with me). So say you’ve always imagined yourself living in a huge house, your dream house, right? Picture yourself walking through the front door, dropping off some groceries on the kitchen bench (that looks exactly how you want it) and maybe just sitting down at a desk and doing something you love (in a room that’s exactly how you like it). That was a random example of visualising, I know. Picture whatever you want, just change it up each time or once in a while. I find visualising really relaxing but I’m aware it sounds a bit too ‘out there’ for some people. All I can say is that before I started visualising, I thought it was going to be enjoyable but kinda useless. Then I started picturing scenarios in my head and repeatedly visualising the same scenarios sometimes, just with more detail each time. I shit you not, some of the stuff I’ve visualised that I thought would never happen has actually happened. Yep, you’re probably as shocked as I am.

If you’re just looking to escape, you could choose to just check out for 10 minutes and visualise yourself living in a fairytale land while you ride a unicorn (wait, what?), but if you’re interested in manifesting, try visualising a semi-realistic scenario. Visualise a scenario that is actually possible in this realm. At the very least you’ll get a brain break and at the most, you’ll get the ball rolling on that scenario actually manifesting/happening. For 5-10 minutes out of your day, what do you have to lose?


Film & Television

Ooop, can can I get through one post without mentioned film and television? Probably not. It’s my favourite outlet for escapism. The sheer volume of content that’s produced these days means there’s literally something for everyone, at any time you want to watch something. I love nothing more than putting on a film or TV show and jumping into another world and just completely investing myself in that world for the time I’m watching. Sometimes you want to be creative, sometimes you want to be productive, you want to go out there and get shit done. Other times, you just need to plonk yourself down, put Harry Potter on, relax and let it all float away for a bit- you know?



Sometimes the best outlet for escapism lies in spontaneity. Quite literally, just dropping your routines and getting some of that spice for life back (sidenote- what even is ‘spice’ for life?!). I’m not talking about never showing up to work again and moving to Spain or something (although that sounds amazing). I’m talking about kicking up some change in your life. You know those days off where you’re at home, sitting down, pottering around the house, feeling kind of lost or feeling kind of bored and enthused? Instead of feeling that way, do something different! Get in your car and take a day trip, go to an expo, call your friend and ask them to go for a little adventure with you. Go bloody rock climbing- do anything (safe stuff!) out of the ordinary that will make you not feel like you, even for a minute to grant yourself that little escape from reality and the sometimes mundane aspects of life.


Life isn’t meant to all be the same. My philosophy (well, as of 10.07pm when I’m writing this post…) is to be mindful of others but do what makes you happy. If that’s having a few forms of escapism in your life, well then that’s fine by me.


Do you have any favourite outlets for escapism?

  • Definitely agree with your point on spontaneity, a little adventure is a great outlet to escape! Always fun too 🙂

    Anika |

    • The Sunday Mode

      Yeah for sure, plus those times you’re spontaneous usually makes for the best memories 😉

  • This is interesting. I wrote my dissertation about happiness and found that escapism crops up a lot. And come to think of it, it is worded negatively and I agree with you in that it can stem from a positive thing as well, especially if you are more introverted.

    • The Sunday Mode

      Wow that’s fascinating! I do think that being introverted plays into it, escapism is more of a relaxation thing to me rather than an actual escape.

  • Sophie Sierra

    Hell yesss girl, love this post! I agree, I always associate escapism as something that should be sought out regardless, be it through a negative or positive time. I always find reading is one of my favourite outlets, I love how a book can transport you straight into another world and let you stay there as long as you’re fixed on the pages. I’m 100% with you on a movie too, nothing can beat relaxing away from the world for a while. My other main outlet is writing my novel, and I really want to do more manifesting/visualising <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    • The Sunday Mode

      Woo thanks girl! I can imagine that writing your novel would be your main outlet, that is such an incredible thing you’re doing by the way! 🙂

      I used to love reading and I’d read all the time and get sucked into good books but I haven’t found a really good fiction book that’s made me feel that way in ages. Any good recommendations?

  • I laughed out loud when you mentioned tv and movies because it’s totally your favorite thing to do. Have you seen “The Shape of Water”? it got so many Oscar nominations and I would very much like to know what you think about it. Shoot me a dm on Instagram when you see it and we can totally talk about it!

    • The Sunday Mode

      hehe you know me so well! I haven’t seen The Shape of Water yet because I was a little unsure about it when I saw the trailer, but I’ll totally see it and let you know what I think! 🙂

  • That’s so strange that escapism was associated with escaping something negative. I definitely don’t think that has to be the case, unless you think of everyday life generally being miserable and people escape by spending time with friends or drinking or something? I definitely think it’s just a natural thing that we all do because even if our day to day life is pretty good, it can be a little boring so having a way to mentally or physically escape from our normal circumstances always feels pretty good.

    • The Sunday Mode

      I know right? I thought it was kind of odd as well when I googled it. I was like “really…really?”

      I think it’s a natural thing to do as well, but for me I don’t think I escape because of boredom, I think I like to sort of just let my imagination wander. Especially with film and television as well, I like to imagine what I’d be like to be in that world, worlds I know logically I can’t actually be a part of. Ok let’s be real I’m talking about me watching Harry Potter and getting invested in that world while I pretend I’m actually magical haha

  • Bernadette

    I definitely use television and movies to escape. Especially with a fantasy genre you literally forget your little universe and jump into another filled with fantasy and all sorts of things that couldn’t happen in your world … basically movies like Harry potter, christmas movies or anything with a fantasy/magic twist to it are the best for escapism. Fantastic post!

    • The Sunday Mode

      That’s exactly how I feel as well! I think that’s why I love the fantasy/sci-fi genres so much and anything that’s magical 🙂

  • I especially love to read to escape. Growing up I feel like I always had a book with me that would take me on my next adventure

    • The Sunday Mode

      That’s so nice! I think growing up I felt the same way except just with film and tv. Actually, if you have any good books you think I should read let me know 🙂

  • phoebe

    I feel inspired by your post 🙂 I feel like doing all the things you suggested.
    Lately, I’ve been lying on my back (knees bent , eyes open -because doing this once a day is meant to be excellent for your spine)- setting a timer for 20 minutes and just thinking or listening to music. I have grown to find this a really good escape to look forward to. I think I might incorporate visualising/manifesting into this time:)
    My other 2 favourites are reading and immersing myself into a movie.

    • The Sunday Mode

      Honestly that’s probably the best feedback I could get, thanks Phoebe 🙂

      That lying on your back position for your spine sounds really good, especially because I’ve been getting a damn sore back lately. I’ll have to find out how to do that asap!

  • phoebe

    Forgot to mention – love that first photo with the magical leaves flying out of the book – you’re so clever and creative !!

    • The Sunday Mode

      Eee thank you Phoebe! So glad you noticed that and took the time to comment 🙂

  • I love visualizing- it always makes me feel so calm! I just read something on Instagram this morning and it was: “I don’t wish, I manifest.” It really spoke to me and even though I was always very skeptical about things like manifesting, law of attraction or even using affirmations, they all changed my life once I started practicing them. So many things came true that I never thought would, so I’m with you on visualization!

    I loved this post and I agree with Phoebe- the featured image in this post is simply magical!!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    • The Sunday Mode

      I was so skeptical as well, it all sounded way too far fetched for me at first but it’s like the more Louise Hay content I consumed the more I started getting interested in all of that, and then it’s funny how affirming things every day just puts a fire under you to make those things happen as well.

      And thank you! I’m actually thrilled you took the time to point out my feature image- that means a lot…mainly because I took a long ass time photoshopping those leaves into the shot, haha!

  • Deanna Cornell

    Visualizing is so great. I have noticed small things coming into existence. As I continue to practice on the smaller stuff and get better at it, I get hope for the bigger dreams and aspirations. Sponteniety is important. Humans are very habitual and the need to mix it up on ocassion is great for the mind, body, and sould. Like you said. These things don’t have to be huge. Small subtle shifts in the daily routine make a difference! Thanks for sharing your tips. xoxo-

    • The Sunday Mode

      That’s really clever that you’re starting with smaller things and then growing from there, I should do that as well- thank you for the tip 🙂

      I agree that routines as a human falls into a habitual thing that can be hard to break out of, but I think that’s what makes spontaneity so satisfying!

  • Lisa Autumn

    Girl such beautiful pictures!

    xx Lisa |

    • The Sunday Mode

      Thanks Lisa 🙂

  • I definitely watch film and television for escapism. Its what I love most. I actually work a blog post around the same time of night as you. It’s weird you can think of things straight away 🙂


    • The Sunday Mode

      Same here, I love nothing more than a good tv or movie marathon. Yeah I try to write posts during the day but a lot of time my ideas come at night!

  • Sarah Ⓥ

    Visualising/manifesting sounds like a great idea! I had never really heard that it was actually something people actually purposely do, I just do it a lot by accident (or maybe that’s more called daydreaming?)


    • The Sunday Mode

      Yeah it is a bit like daydreaming, I guess it’s more just like focused daydreaming? When I found out that it was a form of meditating as well I was actually so happy.

  • I’m going to admit I’m very tempted to try out visualising! It even sounds relaxing.

    Tori |

    Latest blog post: Valentines Day Gift Guide!

    • The Sunday Mode

      It is relaxing! Definitely give it a go Tori 🙂

  • Looooove posts like this especially when it comes to manifesting and visualising – it’s meditation in it’s own form and think that it’s such a great way to clear your head and focus on the things you want to get through, especially if you’re feeling stressed too. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of time to yourself to gather your thoughts etc….

    Hope you’re well lovely – can’t wait to see more and hope you have a lovely week ahead! 🙂

    Layla xx

    • The Sunday Mode

      Yeah for sure, visualising is actually really helpful when you’re feeling super stressed I find because it lets you just calm down your brain for a bit.

  • The Sunday Mode

    Yes! I love that you’re getting into visualising and seriously it helps so much to manifest 🙂

  • I’ve recently been reading up on manifesting and it’s something that has completely fascinated me. I’m yet to try it (just because I always get a bit nervous when trying something new – I’m a bit of a perfectionist and like to make sure I’m doing it 100% right!) but I’m intrigued to see if it will work for me.

    Kayleigh x

  • Lynn Hoa

    hahaha movie is a good one! Love your honest and deep post! Thank for that one, could really need advice like that. I have a similar post about how to learn to slow down… maybe you want to check it out, too. Lots of love, Lynn