10 Ways To Be A Tourist In Your Hometown


I love travelling, near or far. There’s definitely no sign of travel snobbery here because I firmly believe that whether you go halfway across the world or 30 minutes away from home, you’re still travelling and you always have that opportunity to try new things and make memorable experiences- it’s all about your perspective.

Even though exploring your hometown may not sound as exciting as exploring a new country, often as natives we forget that our home turf has plenty to offer if we’ll just give it a chance. I know I’m definitely guilty of taking where I live for granted, sometimes I’ll talk to tourists visiting Melbourne and shamefully they’ve seen more of it than I have! I think it’s just so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and fall into a pattern of thinking that you’ll try or see everything later. Always later though, never now.

If you want to get yourself out of that rut and really make the most of your hometown (whether it’s for a day or for a week), here are my top ideas of things to do to get you started:

Get ready to whip out your tourist eyes people. 

1.) Drive out of your usual areas, further away than you normally go or in a different direction
2.) Wear tourist clothes (aka comfortable clothes, no heels or something that’s hard to walk in)
3.) Take public transport or walk everywhere for the day (you see so much more when you’re on foot!)
4.) Take a ride on the Hop-on, Hop-off bus
5.) Go to a museum, concert, comedy show, play or art gallery
6.) Look up the most popular ‘Things To Do’ in your hometown on Trip Advisor (and actually do them!)
7.) Try cafes/restaurants that you’ve never tried before
8.) Stay in a hotel
9.) Go on a sightseeing tour
10.) Take photos and document each one of your travel days (include the odd selfie ’cause why not?)


Lately I’ve been planning out little adventure days in Melbourne where I can pretend I’m a tourist seeing everything for the first time. I make an effort to either do something I’ve never done before or see something I’ve never seen before and it’s been really rewarding (and fun) treating Melbourne like my own little playground.


What are your favourite ways to be a tourist in your hometown?