22 Things I’ve Learned About Fashion In 22 Years

Have you ever had a special event or occasion come up where you want to look really good so you allow plenty of time to plan your outfit and get ready? I have. Have you ever thought that in the end you actually look better when you get ready in 20 minutes rather than two hours? I have- it’s all about the over-thinking.

Usually when I do an outfit post I’ll roughly plan what I’m going to wear the day before so that I’m not in a huge rush in the morning, but last week was completely different. I decided to explore the historic Como House & Gardens and spontaneously take some outfit photos, and it wasn’t really until we started snapping away that I realised how little thought I’d put into my hair, outfit and makeup that day- yet I felt so comfortable.

I used to think that having extra time and putting extra effort into your outfit was always a good thing, but honestly sometimes that approach can completely backfire and before you know it you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t even feel like you. It got me thinking about all of the other fashion and style ‘lessons’ that I’ve learnt over the years, so I thought I’d share my wisdom:

PS, it’s not really wisdom.



1. Clothes can really affect your confidence, so wear outfits that feels like ‘you.’


2. Stripes are never going out of style, feel free to invest.


3. Some styles of clothing will just never suit me, no matter how hard I try to pull a Tim Gunn and ‘make it work.’



4. It’s perfectly fine to not be interested in any fashion trends.


5. It’s perfectly fine to be interested in any and all fashion trends.
6. Oversized clothes are the best thing since sliced bread.



7. If you don’t like what someone else is wearing, keep it to yourself and don’t judge them.
8. If you do like what someone else is wearing, tell them! Spread the love. 
9. ‘Spanx’ must have been conceived as some kind of modern torture device.
10. Don’t wear anything you don’t feel comfortable in or anything that needs constant adjusting. It’s not worth it.



11. You can never own too many bags.


12. You can never own too many shoes.


13. You can never own too many coats.
14. Don’t trust clothing sizes or let them worry you, just go by the fit.



15. Don’t be afraid to try something different, even if it’s not in line with your usual style.
16. If your height or weight changes considerably, buy new clothes rather than trying to make the old ones work.


17. Don’t ever buy the same thing as someone and then compare what it looks like on you vs. them.


18. ‘Sale’ is a magical world that makes you buy things you never would’ve wanted in the first place.



19. Don’t only shop at the same stores over and over again, they’re not going anywhere.


20. If someone compliments your outfit, take the compliment.


21. Instagram, blogs and magazines are brilliant fashion and style inspiration sources.


22. Don’t take fashion/personal style too seriously, let yourself enjoy it.


Trench coat: ASOS
Dress: Zara
Boots: Kurt Geiger
Sunglasses: Retro Super Future