Beauty Rules You Should Break

Beauty rules come and go and despite the fact that I don’t think beauty should really have any rules we all know the rules are out there, watching us, judging us. Always use heat protector on your hair, don’t wear red lipstick if you have red hair, always moisturise after cleansing etc etc etc. 

I’m not usually the rebellious type, but here are 5 beauty rules you should definitely break:

‘Always apply blush for that healthy look’

It seems to be widely accepted that contouring and highlighting doesn’t work for everyone, but oddly enough blush is supposed to suit the masses? Nope, unfortunately with my fair skin blush just makes me look like I’ve either been smacked in the face or I’m really embarrassed. For anyone that’s naturally red cheeked or super fair like myself especially, don’t be afraid to ditch blush altogether. Blush, we are never getting back together. Like, ever (okay that was embarrassing just to type).

‘Only wear either cool or warm toned shades’

I can’t be the only who gets annoyed by this ‘rule’ right? Obviously we all have different skin tones and different preferences but at the same time, makeup is makeup. It’s there to be enjoyed and experimented with so why on earth are we all sticking to our own safe little colour palettes? Life’s too short to wear the same shades all the time.

‘Apply your face makeup after you finish your eye makeup’

Technically I’ve been breaking this rule since 2010 because I just don’t understand it (unless you’re working with eyeshadows with a lot of fall out). Am I alone here or does anyone else think it just feels more natural to do your face makeup before you do your eye makeup? Plus, if you always do your eye makeup first then how on earth are you supposed to blend your concealer in properly around your eye area without smudging everything?! These are the questions that haunt me.

‘Don’t leave the house without doing your hair’

I think we can all agree that we’re happy to break this rule. Messy waves, a loose up-do or a slicked back ponytail are what it’s all about, especially on those days when you’re running late or just want extra sleep.

‘Use bronzers for that golden, bronzed summer goddess skin’

99% of the time bronzer on me just looks like I have dirt on my face, not so cute. I can see the appeal of bronzer for those with medium or dark skin tones but when you’re as white as a ghost it can be a bit of a different story, you end up really questioning why you’re trying to make a product ‘work’ on your cheeks when it’s the same shade as your brown eyeshadows…

What beauty rules do you like to break?