10 Reasons To Make Travelling A Priority

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You go on a trip and it’s great, you have fun, you make memories, you take photos and then it looms on you like no other–you have to go home. So you do, and then the post-travel blues set in. You know the ones, you come back to your own country/home/work and responsibilities and everything just feels so  blah. I’ve said it once (well, I’ve tweeted it) but I’ll say it again- nothing makes you want to travel more than travelling does.

If you’ve got the travelling bug like I do or if you just need an extra push to book a trip, here are 10 reasons why you should make travelling a priority:

1. You get a mental break. 
I can get really stressed in my day to day life and maybe it’s just the relaxation you get from leaving your same daily routine, but without sounding too dramatic, travelling rejuvenates my soul (yeah, that was too dramatic even for me) and it just makes me feel like I can be whoever I want to be. I don’t feel restricted or put in a box, I feel like my responsibilities sort of drift away and I can just let everything go and relax. 

2. You’re forced to leave your comfort zone.
In a good way, sometimes it’s only when I’m forced to leave my comfort zone that I realise that life’s not so scary outside of the bubble I’ve created for myself.

3. You open your eyes up to other cultures. 
Certain nationalities tend to gravitate toward certain destinations so while you may feel extremely comfortable with your own surroundings and the kinds of people you see day to day, it’s not until you leave that comfort zone that you can get fully exposed to all of the other different cultures and beliefs out there. One of my favourite things about travelling is trying the local cuisines, learning about the customs and just in general trying to appreciate the fact that we are all so different. Often when I’m in a completely different environment and immersed in a culture that’s not my own, I find I learn the most about myself.

4. You make new connections. 
I’m not super social (introvert) but you know what, there’s nothing I love more than when you get a cheery and chatty uber driver and you just spend the whole time talking about everything and anything. Just in general while travelling though, you get so many more opportunities to meet new people, see new faces and introduce yourself to different kinds of people from all walks of life.

5. You realise your world is really quite tiny. 
In the big bad world, with the trillions of people and their stories, all of sudden that final exam or broken arm doesn’t really seem too crucial.

6. You get to eat amazing food. 
I’m biased to say that European food takes the cake here, but it’s safe to say that there is some amazing food out there, so good in fact that if you’re anything like me you’ll want to book a trip back to Italy just for the pizza…

7. You get a healthy dose of inspiration. 
At home in the same job with the same routine and the same surroundings everything can get a little stale, but immersing yourself in a new environment definitely gives me the kick I need to get more inspired and motivated.

8. You can take amazing photos. 
The kind of photos that you’ll still be looking at 50 years from now (and then a couple of photos of gelato thrown in there for good measure.)

9. You exercise regularly without even knowing it. 
I don’t know about you but I sure do walk a hell of a lot more when I’m on a trip. At home I’ll drive to the supermarket or to…well anywhere really but when I’m travelling I tend to just walk absolutely everywhere. See ya later elliptical and treadmill, because I’d way rather just travel to get my daily exercise in from now on.

10. It’s fun.
That’s one of the most important things, don’t you think?

What are your favourite things about travelling?