Why A New Year Shouldn’t Mean A New You

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Did you survive the flood? The flood of the “new year, new me” quotes…

I used to hate those quotes with a passion and while I’m still not the biggest fan, if people want to use each coming year as a metaphorical ‘refresh’ then I’m on board with that, because why not? The only thing that really bothers me about the “new year, new me” quotes is the idea that we should all be striving to be a different person when the clock clicks over from 11.59pm to 12.00am. Am I not progressing if I don’t have 20 new years resolutions and don’t want to be a new me?

So despite the flood of ‘new beginnings’ related content currently drowning the internet, here are some things to keep in mind and a few reasons why a new year doesn’t have to mean a new you:

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-Feel free to stay the same-

There’s a misconception that if you stay ‘the same’ throughout the years that you’re not growing, changing or adapting. I’ve had people meet me after years and say that I’m the same which used to offend me but now I take it as a compliment. Of course I’ve changed a ridiculous amount over the years but I am still the same person underneath it all.

If you want to reinvent yourself there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s quite socially accepted, but just know that your perspective can change, you can grow, evolve and learn things and you can still stay the same at your core and that’s completely okay as well. Just don’t ever let goals, a new year or other people’s perspectives and expectations make you feel like you need to change.

-Don’t forget everything you’ve done throughout the year-

To me, the ‘new year, new me’ goal implies that there was something wrong with who you were throughout the year. Improve upon yourself in the new year but don’t let the thought of wanting to create a ‘new’ you negate who you were and what you’ve done this past year. I really believe that there’s a reason for everything (or at least there has been in my life so far) so even if 2016 was really awful for you, embrace it as a learning year and don’t feel like you need to completely erase 2016 from your memory in order to move on.

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-Make little changes instead-

Similar to what I was saying before, you don’t have to become a different person to make changes, alter deeply engrained habits and improve your life.

I try to live by the quote “Be a better version of yourself yesterday” and I think that applies to the new year as well. Rather than trying to be a whole new person all at once and then burning out by February, space things out, set goals, work toward them and realise that it’s really not a race. Try to improve with each passing day and if you did better than yesterday at whatever it is you’re aiming to do then you should be damn proud.

-How many of us can there be?-

If with each passing year there was a new me then by now there would be 22 Julia clones walking around (Orphan Black anyone!?). Obviously the ‘new year, new me’ quote isn’t meant literally but you know what I mean. Take this with a pinch of salt, but what if we all just tried to accept ourselves for where we are in life right now, at this very second with our issues and baggage and all, rather than constantly wishing things in our lives were different or ‘better’. Too soppy? But seriously, if you’re always wanting things to be bigger and better and brighter than you’ll never really be happy in the moment.

How do you feel when it comes to the New Year?