5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe

refreshing your wardrobe and style

Lately all I have wanted to do is shop, style and repeat, which is interesting considering a while back I was feeling really uninterested in fashion. I realised my wardrobe was the cause, it just felt…stale. I’d look at the clothes I had and feel uninspired and there was little to no eagerness to get dressed in the morning. After writing this post I felt an overwhelming need to refresh my wardrobe and it felt SO damn good.

Now when I get ready I look into my wardrobe and feel inspired and eager to put together an outfit. Some of these tips may be a little out of the blue, but here’s what I did to breathe some life into my wardrobe-



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1. Splurge for dry cleaning. 
No shame, but I wash my clothes the least amount I possibly can (within reason). Why? My drier shrinks everything. I’ve got long arms and legs and it’s just not fun when after one wash your pants turn into three quarters and your long sleeve top ends up looking like a crop top.

Recently I grabbed a bunch of my clothes, the ones I rarely wash, the ones with delicate materials, the ones with stains on them that I swore I’d remove but forgot and I took all of these to get dry cleaned. My dry cleaner still shrinks my clothes a little but no where near as bad as my drier does. When I got my clothes back after the dry clean, it honestly felt like I’d been given a whole new wardrobe. Everything was fresh and looked like it’d been ironed- all of the pieces look like they were new again. Even older pieces suddenly felt new and fresh. While I wouldn’t recommend doing this regularly, for a splurge and in the name of a refresh I would really recommend it.

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2. Change up your clothes hangers and re-arrange. 
We look into our wardrobes every day and unless you’re someone who buys new pieces regularly (I am jealous of you) everything starts to look the same. It’s a simple thing, but just visually changing up what your wardrobe looks like can make a huge difference in how you feel about it’s contents. If you’ve got wire hangers, try swapping them out with wooden ones or if you’ve got wooden ones, maybe go for velvet hangers. Personally when I swapped all my hangers to the wooden kind I automatically felt like all of my clothes had just gone up 10 fancy points because I always associate wooden hangers with clothing stores. Something simple like this can really make you excited to get dressed in the morning. If you don’t feel like spending money, try re-arranging and changing up how you organise your clothes- that way when you look into your wardrobe each day everything will have a whole different energy to it.


3. Weed out the dead weight. 
It’s the old classic rule- refresh your wardrobe by getting rid of any pieces that you don’t wear,  they’re just taking up space that could be filled with items that you’ll actually get some use out of. I think there’s a saying out there that if you haven’t worn something in a year, toss it. So be realistic but also be brutal, if you think about wearing something and it doesn’t give you that happy feeling- throw that sucker out.
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4. Steal someone’s style for a day. 
Sometimes when I want to add a kick of new energy into my wardrobe and when I’m after a new take on how to style my clothes, I’ll pick someone I look up to style-wise (sometimes it’s a blogger, sometimes a celebrity or even a TV character etc) and I’ll try to sort of channel them for a day and dress how I think they’d dress, with what I have. It’s an odd little thing to do but it gives me a boost of motivation and creativity to start trying different combinations with the pieces I already own.


5. Hunt down staples. 

If you’re doing a full wardrobe revival and you’ve gone through the process of tossing or donating any clothes you don’t wear, a really easy way to inject some new life into your wardrobe is to write a list of some staple pieces that you’re currently missing and spend time tracking them down. As much as I like to think my wardrobe is full of staples, when clothes shrink or when I grow tired of certain styles I find it’s always beneficial to add new staple pieces that I can use to style multiple different outfits.

Do you have any easy ways to refresh your wardrobe?