Organising My Blog: The Update

blog organisation tips and tricks

A while back I did a post (here) all about how I organise my blog with a planner and while I still pretty much follow the same formula, the planner got ditched and I’ve now opted for more of a techie approach to organising my blog. Hang on, is ‘techie’ even a word? Probably not…
I’ve basically swapped out my blog planner for a ridiculously easy system which basically consists of a few dedicated documents and spreadsheets saved onto my laptop. Making the change has been brilliant for me, my laptop always seems to be with me anyway so having my blog calendar, planner and schedule etc all at my finger tips for whenever I need them is so much easier. If you’re a pen and paper person then I think a planner system like I talked about in my other post is the way to go, but if you’re like me and you can never remember where you put your planner and you can’t find a pen with ink in your house to save your life, then take a look at my current approach:

blog organisation planner system


So so easy but so so helpful. I literally just keep a Word document saved to my desktop titled ‘Post ideas’ and when I have an idea or a concept idea for a post I write it there. I basically write down everything and anything because you never know what might make a great post or what could be further developed into an interesting idea. Obviously I write my actual posts on my laptop as well so when I’m stuck for ideas it’s easy to refer back to my ‘Ideas’ document and get inspiration from there.


If you’ve read my other blog organisation post then you’ll see that I used to draw little sketches of photos I’d plan on taking for my blog. Well, the truth is I ditched this system because it became impractical for when I wanted to change my ideas and it was time consuming as well. Instead of sketches, I now have a Word document (surprise surprise) dedicated to photography planning. Basically I write down the name of a post that needs photos and then underneath I dot point ideas for shots, props that might work, locations, colours, backdrops for the photos and so on. Sometimes I’ll even search Pinterest and add in some inspiration pictures as well. Then before I go to take photos I just look at this document and go from there.

Once a post is written and has photos it goes straight into my calendar. Some people like to get really fancy with the calendars they use for their blog but I like to keep mine very simple. For each month I create a table in a Word document and plan out the order of my content from there, colour coding each individual post so that I can see what I’ve got scheduled. I like to put out a mix of fashion, lifestyle, travel and beauty content so the colour-coding system makes it really easy for me to organise things and see what kind of content is missing. Here’s an example of my calendar for a typical month-


(Green = Beauty post, Purple = Fashion/Style post, Blue = Lifestyle post )



To keep track of everything I created this spreadsheet in Excel (who am I?) and this lets me see the status of all of my posts at a glance. From writing a post to adding appropriate links, publishing it and keeping track of social media promoting- it’s all here. Once I complete something I fill in the Excel ‘cell’ with green and then I only need to look at any gaps to see what still has to be done. Here’s an example of my blog planner-

How to plan your blog
(Pics= photos, Draft= draft written, Locked= all text is ready to go and spell-checked, Shop Links=  product widgets, Text Links + BL= relevant links and bloglovin follow link, Published= the post is live, Insta= promoted on Instagram, Twitter = promoted on Twitter)

And that’s about it! Do you have any golden tips for keeping organised with your blog?