Simple Ways To Streamline Your Life

How to be more minimal in everyday life

I’m a fairly organised and together person (lol just kidding) but honestly when I hear anything about streamlining I just can’t get enough. I’m all about how I can become more efficient and effective because the more organised and simplified my life is, the clearer my mind feels.

Story time: A few months ago I re-did my bedroom and there were boxes everywhere, un-made furniture (gotta love Ikea…) and my room was just a complete disaster zone with things randomly thrown everywhere. During that time I’d say I was the most anxious and scatter-brained that I’ve been in a long time and I always felt uneasy.

I sorted, tidied and organised everything in my room, removed the clutter, put into place a couple of routines that made my days run more fluidly and then I finally started to feel sane again. It’s all about sorting out different areas of your life and making things run smoothly. Streamlining your life even in small ways can boost your efficiency, save you time, clear your mind and make you feel like a much more together person. Trust me, it makes a difference.



Charlotte Tilbury 'Instant Look In A Palette' review beauty blogger
Charlotte Tilbury ‘Instant Look in a Palette’


Use do it all makeup products. 

If you’re looking to streamline your daily routine or if you’re just someone who’s always in a rush (or always running late) then a great way to save time and simplify things is to start incorporating a few multi-use or ‘do it all’ products into your getting ready routine. It sounds simple but sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

You could start easy by using a moisturising lipstick instead of a lip balm and separate lip shade, or you could take it a step further and try out an eye + face palette combo. I used to be really skeptical of these kinds of products but if you find a good quality palette from a brand you trust that contains a combination of shades that you’ll actually use, then it’s brilliant. These kinds of multi-use products are a ridiculously easy way to regularly streamline your morning routine.

I’d Recommend?
*The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette

It contains the original Filmstar Bronze & Glow shades that I already use on a daily basis so that’s extremely handy, two pops of colour for the cheeks and three very blendable, satin-finish neutral eyeshadows. The shadows are even numbered so you don’t have to think about what to use and where. For me I use the lightest as my base shadow, number ‘2’ as the crease colour and then I’ll use the darkest shade smudged out as a liner. All of a sudden I’ve got an easy ‘my eyes but better’ look that saves me time and energy every morning because I don’t really need to even think about what I’m doing and all the shades I need are in one place. This was the first eye + face palette I’ve used and now I’ve gone from thinking they’re gimmicky to wanting more- would highly recommend. 

how to live more minimal


A big part of streamlining is de-cluttering and if you want a more streamlined life, make sure you’re not holding onto possessions that unintentionally bring you stress. To get the process started, try going rome by room through your home and think about what stresses you out. Some objects may bring you stress when you look at them (i.e, presents you’ve kept out of guilt that you don’t actually want) or maybe there are a few pieces of clothes in your wardrobe that you bought but didn’t really wear so you’ve just kept it in there collecting dust. Ditch the maybes and just make a ‘throw out/donate’ pile and a ‘keep’ pile to get rid of the unwanted clutter in your life and to bring some new energy into your space. A decluttered space = a streamlined space, which = a clear mind.

Create routines. 

If you’re the kind of person who regularly changes things up in your life that can be a great habit, but sometimes doing things differently every time can be a really time consuming process and a more fluid routine can be needed to keep areas of your life running a little smoother. I’m not saying that you should have a routine for everything but for me, I find having things like a morning routine to be extremely useful for saving me time and energy and helping my days to run more efficiently. If you’re looking to streamline your life, figure out which areas in your life or times in your day are currently the most chaotic and try and implement a routine to change that. You want to find a routine that’s going to keep you on task, motivated, reasonably relaxed, positive and productive.


What are your favourite ways to streamline your life?


*Gifted for review purposes and Charlotte Tilbury palette is an affiliate link. Hopefully by now you’ll all know that all opinions in this post are obviously all genuine and my own!