3 Steps To Improve Your PM Routine

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Since being in the blogging world it’s really hit me that a lot of people seem to have these elaborate, regular night time routines and as much as I try, that just ain’t me. Don’t get me wrong, some nights I will literally stay at my bathroom mirror for 20 minutes doing a five step skincare routine and then I’ll read, meditate and eventually go to sleep. Other nights? There’ll be none of that, not even a face wash, just bed. Funnily enough there never seems to be an in between. Even though my routines tend to be all or nothing, I’ve recently realised that there are three things I can easily do each night that make me feel a lot better in the morning. Two of which I just naturally did anyway, one I’m still working on (step 3). So whether you’re someone who has no nightly routine or a whole set of rituals planned out, try incorporating these three things:


resolve any conflicts
I’ve always slept like a coma patient deeply but even I have trouble sleeping if I’m in the middle of a fight or if there’s some unresolved argument going on. If I know someone is mad at me for whatever reason or if I’m mad, I can’t sleep. I just feel too uneasy and don’t like the feeling of knowing that I’ll wake up and things are still unresolved. I’ve always held the belief that sleeping is like wiping a slate clean, so if you can be the bigger person and make up with someone so that everyone is on the same page again before you go to sleep, do it, you’ll sleep a lot more peacefully.
On the other end of the spectrum if you’re in a position where you’re feeling worry or dread about something that’s coming up or something you’ll have to deal with the next day, spend five minutes before bed writing a small list (AKA an action plan) of things you could do in the morning that would make you feel better and slightly less overwhelmed.  Making sure you go to sleep each night without anything heavily weighing on your mind is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.


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“10 people have been stabbed in their sleep in Ohio this evening”   <- oh yeah, hearing that right before bed will lead to really peaceful dreams I’m sure.
 If you’re someone who regularly watches the news, resist the urge to make it the last thing you watch before you sleep and if you’re not a regular news watcher then just avoid watching it at night altogether. You usually take into your dreams the last thing you’ve watched right before bed so if it’s something really negative or over-stimulating that’ll definitely make for more of a restless night. Horror movies or intense thrillers may not be the best option for directly before bed either but it’s all about experimenting and finding what works for you. For me, my line is drawn at The Walking Dead.  I can watch TWD before bed because I usually find it pretty mild (except s7 ep1…) but I’m not about to pop on Texas Chainsaw Massacre right before I hit the hay, you know? You want to try and give yourself something good to dream about.


being more mindful
Something I’ve really been trying to do is to say three things I’m grateful for right before I shut my eyes. You might be grateful for a supportive relationship, a delicious meal, that fact that you passed an exam or you might just choose to be grateful for the fact that you have the ability to walk and talk. Picking three things big or small before bed each night has really been helping me to feel more positive and I feel like when I do this I go to sleep in a much more level-headed, appreciative state of mind.


Do you think you’ll be adding any of these steps to your PM routine?