Blogging: Expectation vs. Reality

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There’s a running theme in my life where pretty much nothing ends up the way I imagine it to be. See, I’ve been watching movies and a crazy amount of TV shows since I was little (it’s my happy place) so I’ve got a rather overactive imagination as a result.

When I was little I was devastated that the stick I picked up off the floor didn’t levitate things when I said “Wingardium Leviosa” aloud, and when I was studying in my final year of high school I was sort of expecting the year to go by like a montage, with sips of coffee (I don’t drink coffee?), me flicking through pages of a book, highlighting things and then falling asleep among my books but still passing all my tests with flying colours. Yeah, studying in my final year of high school was nothing like that- it was lots of late nights, lots of red bull, lots of orange tic tacs (don’t ask) and lots of reading and trying to remember facts that I really didn’t care about from 6 different books.

With blogging it was pretty much the same, although I love it my previous non-blogger expectations didn’t quite meet my reality and in a therapeutic way I wanted to share those differences to see if anyone else feels the same way!

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EXPECTATION: Writing blog posts will be really easy. I have so much I want to write about and share, I feel like I have enough post ideas to last forever. I think my approach will be really unique as well, I don’t think anyone will write about the same kinds of things.

REALITY: ….I wonder if people would want to read a blog post on my favourite episodes of Prison Break?

The reality for me at least is that sometimes I’ll have waves where I write a few posts at once because I just feel the creativity flowing through my veins, but other times for the life of me I cannot think of a single thing I want to write about. It can also get pretty frustrating when you think of an idea that you think is original and unique and then you hop on Twitter and see that someone else has written a post about the exact same thing.


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(Behind the scenes of how I take my blog photos)


EXPECTATION: I see so many beautiful photos out there I’m sure mine can be the same, I do have a nice Canon camera after all. All my photos are going to be well lit and all around I think I can really nail this photography thing.

REALITY: Ha ha ha, oh Julia you poor little thing. Turns out most people have lovely, fancy pants cameras but until you learn to actually use it it’s pointless. Thankfully I have improved my photography over time but don’t even get me started on how bad I was at taking ‘well lit’ photos when I first started this blog. Before I started blogging I also didn’t realise how much of an impact the weather has on my photos because I shoot with natural light.
Summer, you’re great. Winter? Work with meeeeeee please, the cloudy weather means my flatlays end up having more shadows than an Urban Decay palette.

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EXPECTATION: If a brand or someone from a company reaches out to me I’d assume that must mean they really like my content and want to work with me! Eeeeee yay.

REALITY: Hello Admin, I really love your blog ‘SITE NAME’ and want to work with you.”

Wait, when did my name change to ‘Admin’? It’s not always like this of course and I’ve got to work with some great companies and people, but still, some of the emails you get sent as a blogger are rather hilarious…

The Social Side of Blogging
EXPECTATION: You know, I think when I start a blog I’m going to end up with a bunch of new, like-minded blogging friends who like the same kinds of things that I do.

REALITY: ….table for one, please?It’s probably partly my fault because I’m a naturally introverted person but so far I haven’t met any genuine, long term friends through blogging and that makes me kind of sad. Sometimes I’ll try to reach out to people and get a lukewarm response so I usually end up getting disheartened and then just keep to myself from then on. I’m hoping one day this will turn around and I can meet or start finding people more like me.

blogging behind the scenes


Getting Your Blog ‘Out There’
EXPECTATION: I know it will be hard but I don’t think it will be that hard to get people to find my blog and read the content I’m putting out there.

REALITY: Click here because this gif says it all.

That about does it, hopefully this didn’t come across as a negative post because I’m really just finding the more humorous parts to my blogging journey. I mean blogging has faults like anything else, but I still love it.

I’d love to know if you’ve had any blogging reality vs. expectation moments?