How To Banish Travel Envy

how to stop feeling envy of people who travel

“Oh bloody hell, I’m sitting here wearing my old pyjamas watching re-runs of One Tree Hill, meanwhile everyone else seems to be sipping smoothies in L.A and having gelato in Rome…”

Maybe it’s just me, well actually no, I really don’t think it’s just me that’s experienced travel envy. It’s not that I’m not happy for the person travelling because I am, but sometimes seeing a friend of even a complete stranger on social media jetting off somewhere ignites something in me that I’m not too fond of. I get a pang of envy and maybe even a little wave of sadness because it’s not me that’s travelling, and man do I love travelling. So what do you do if it seems like everyone except you is either off on a European vacation or walking around Central Park?

Switch off. 

Oh look I’ve pointed out the most cliche thing I possibly could have. It is worth mentioning though because through my own trial and error I’ve found this is probably the fastest way to banish travel envy. If you find you can’t scroll through your social media feeds without feeling like “Why is that not me?!” then the simple answer is to stop scrolling altogether. If you have to be on social media for job purposes, try posting what you need to and then signing out. You don’t have to do this forever, just give yourself a little break from seeing beautiful images of beautiful people in beautiful places.

Figure out your feelings
Have you ever wondered why you get a twinge of jealously or envy when you see someone travelling? I’m no psychologist, but I’m guessing that when we feel this way it’s because in some part of our minds we believe that we won’t be able to do those travels and have those adventures ourselves. So the next time you see someone on some amazing holiday and feel a wave of travel envy coming on, recognise how you’re feeling and realise that there’s no reason why you can have those exact same adventures one day as well.
Find something exciting to focus on. 

It might be that you plan a staycation, a little road trip or that you have an exciting event coming up- just find something in your life that ignites excitement and focus on that. Focus on the emotions you feel when you think of it (excitement, happiness, positivity, motivated, eager etc) and how good that makes you feel, rather than focusing on how bad it makes you feel to see everyone else travelling.

Remember that social media makes everything look better than it is. 

Travelling is an interesting beast, it’s brilliant and exciting and it can give you some of the best memories of your life, but sometimes it’s not what you expect and you’d be surprised at how wrong things can go when you have a strong idea of how ‘perfect’ your travels are going to be. I talked about this more in a post here but just try to stay level headed and remember that everything looks 10 times better through an Instagram filter and no one is going to post a picture of themselves crying outside of the Colosseum because someone stole their wallet….

Do you find you experience travel envy?