How To Tame Unruly Hair

tips to make hair more manageable


You either have easy to manage hair, or you don’t. My hair used to be naturally curly but now it’s mainly just wavy which means that sometimes it’s quite curly and other times a little straighter but always knotty. When I was little my Mum and Dad would take turns combing my hair and they’d have to hold my head still while they combed because the knots were so tough. ‘Bird’s nest’ I believe was the term used to describe my hair- you got a good visual of that in your head? Nowadays I try to be really careful with my hair but even if I’m super gentle I still find a lot of my hair ends up on my hairbrush (let’s just say I’m lucky that my hair grows really quickly.) If you can relate, here are some ways to tame that unruly hair and make it more manageable:


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Comb your hair before and while in the shower. 

Confession time. Sometimes my hair used to get so knotty that after combing for about 15 minutes I’d just give up and leave it all tangled out of frustration. Oops.

So if like me your hair is the Mother of Knots (gotta love a random GoT reference) and you dread the days when you have to wash and brush your hair, try combing your hair before you even hop in the shower to save time and effort later. For an extra detangling kick, take your favourite detangling brush in your shower with you as well and brush your hair after you put on your conditioner but before you rinse. This takes an extra few minutes max and it saves me so much hassle.
I’d recommend? I’ve recently been loving using the *Tangle Tonic Brush
Nope, not my regular Tangle Teezer, the Tangle Tonic (I know, confusing). It’s been nice and gentle on my locks while still removing all my knots with minimal effort and minimal hair fall out. I’m usually pretty faithful to my trusty Tangle Teezer but I prefer using the Tangle Tonic brush for in the shower because with the obvious ‘slip’ factor from the running water, the longer handle of the Tangle Tonic means I can get a stronger grip and comb more easily. If you’re after a new detangling brush and if you have longer hair especially then I’d definitely recommend you try this out, especially if you’re after something that’s very affordable.


making your hair more manageable
how to make hair softer, silkier and smoother

Turn your conditioner into a leave in mask. 

I’m obviously no hair specialist but I have done a lot of trial and error with my own hair and conditioner in particular (aka I tried not using it for 2 months…) and now I’ve found what works a gem for me. To help make your hair softer and easier to comb, try coating the ends of your hair with a rich conditioner while you’re in the shower, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse. Waiting just a few minutes seems to make the conditioner act like more a nourishing mask and I find that when I do this my hair is a lot smoother and it’s less resistant when I go to comb it later. Also, the richer and more moisturising your conditioner is, the softer and silkier your hair feels when you rinse.

Re-think your hairstyle before you sleep. 

Wait, a hairstyle before you sleep? I promise there’s a method to my madness.
I used to love sleeping with my hair out but I’d head to bed with wavy hair and end up waking up with hair that closely resembled the hair of Albert Einstein if you catch my drift. I must move my head around enough while I’m sleeping that my hair just knots itself and frizzes into a mess. If this happens to you as well, try either putting your hair in a bun or loose plaits before you sleep. I find if I do either of these then my hair doesn’t really have an opportunity to tangle up during the night, so when I go to style it in the morning it’s much more manageable because it’s basically how I left it before I went to sleep. Although this isn’t a great trick if you’re someone who likes straight hair, it does save you a few minutes if you want wavy or curly hair in the morning!

Is your hair super manageable or do you sometimes struggle as well?
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