Lipsticks To Love On The Daily

every day neutral lipsticks for pale skin

Let’s just cut to the chase. If there was a fire and I was only able to pick 4 lipsticks, this would be them. I mean, let’s just forget about the fact that my priorities are obviously skewed if my house is burning down and I’m just standing on the front lawn holding 4 little lipsticks…can you imagine? I mean I love beauty but man, that’s just sad. Enough of my antics though, let’s get on to the lipsticks I reach for just about every day:

charlotte tilbury hot lips review beauty blogger


Charlotte Tilbury ‘Kim K.W’ lipstick*

I’ll admit, I bought this on a whim while I was overseas because I may or may not have been in one of those “I’m overseas I’m so excited let’s just buy everything in sight and pretend like my bank account isn’t declining rapidly” moods. Y’all know that mood.

I am the furthest thing from Kim K.W’s skin colouring so I imagined this was going to look atrocious on me but nope, it’s shockingly flattering on my pale skin.

Like most Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks this is quite a rich, pigmented lipstick so I only apply a little and then press my lips together to spread things around evenly and the result is a nude that dances perfectly on the line somewhere between a pink and a peach nude. Formula-wise this is creamy but not so creamy that I can get away with skipping lip balm so I’d definitely recommend prepping your lips before applying.


the sunday mode beauty blogger

L’Oreal ‘Nourishing Nude’ Colour Riche Balm 

This is the first ever nude’ish lipstick (it’s technically a balm?) that I thought actually suited me and it definitely opened me up to the world of nude lipsticks.

It’s a very subtle, peach-toned nude with a hint of pink that really compliments my fair skin and lends well to basically any eye look because it’s so neutral. Whenever I do a new eye makeup look and I’m left thinking “what the hell lip shade will suit this?” I’ll always go for this. If you’re in a rush this a great one as well because it’s got a very creamy formula which means you can literally put this on without anything else and you don’t have to give it a second thought. It’s also super afforable which is a huge plus in my books. My only issue? It isn’t sold in Australia! Come on Australia, get your shit together.

mac lipstick review every day neutral


MAC ‘Patisserie’ lipstick

In all honesty I’ve had this for so long that it’s probably time to toss it and re-purchase but let’s just pretend I haven’t had this for a questionable amount of time and talk about how nice this shade is instead.

Such an underrated MAC lipstick in my opinion, it’s the closest shade I’ve ever found to my natural lip colour. It’s not a pink, it’s not a nude and it’s not a berry- it’s just somewhere in between those shades and that’s why I love it so much. This lipstick has the classic MAC formula which for me means it’s not drying but also not super creamy, so although the formula isn’t my favourite the shade itself completely makes up for that in my opinion.

burberry lipstick review beauty blogger melbourne


Burberry ‘English Rose’ lipstick

Dear Burberry English Rose lipstick, I am sorry that I forgot about you and accidentally pushed you to the back corner of my makeup drawer. No one puts Baby Burberry in the corner….

In all seriousness I think the ‘Burberry Kisses’ lipstick formula is my all time favourite out of any I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot of lipsticks). They’re pigmented, comfortable to wear and creamy but not too creamy (au revoir lip balm).

I reach the English Rose shade whenever I want to add a very natural pink/slight berry tint to the lips. This is a great everyday shade and it’s also a brilliant starter shade if you want to try something from the Burberry lip department.

What’s your favourite every day lipstick?


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