Podcasts To Get You Through The Day

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You’ll probably think I’ve been living under a rock when I admit this, but I didn’t know the first thing about podcasts until about a month ago (I’m clearly a grandma in this area so don’t shame me). I had the gist of it, I just wasn’t sure how you downloaded them and I sure as hell had no idea where to start in terms of what to listen to. Well, after crawling out of my ‘what’s a podcast?’ hole I’m now left wondering how I ever lived my life without them. I listen in the morning, while I’m getting ready, while I exercise- podcasts get me though the day. So if you’re a grandma like me or if you’re looking for new podcasts to listen to, here are my picks:


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I feel like there are two kinds of people. There’s the kind who don’t want to know anything about murders or those kinds of things that happen in the world, then there’s the other kind who find hearing about it fascinating- kind of like a car wreck you can’t look away from. I’ve always been interested in true crime stories but I usually don’t tell that to just anyone because sometimes people give you the “Are you a psychopath in the making?!” look. If you’re like me, this podcast is your safe haven. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff (for some reason I love her voice?) are true crime lovers and they talk about different true crime stories in each podcast but in a completely conversational style, just like you’re chatting to a friend over coffee. Even though the subject matter seems dark Georgia and Karen are hilarious and they keep the podcast pretty light because they’re both so comedic. They don’t make light of the actual murders, they just talk about it in a way that doesn’t make everything straight up depressing. I mean, even though they’re talking about murder this podcast is ranked in the bloody comedy section so it’s really not all that dark!

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This is a pretty new podcast so there aren’t many episodes but if you’re a bit (or a lot) of a nosy person then you’ll love this. The podcast follows Youtubers Anna (from The Anna Edit) and Lily (Lily Pebbles) who each week go into the home of someone they admire and they interview them, talking about their lives, homes and careers. They’ve talked to people like Lisa Eldridge (this was one of my fav podcasts) and the founder of By Terry and it’s so fascinating to hear about how people got started in their respective industries, their thoughts on the different creative industries and it’s also nice to hear a bit about their humble abodes as well- I think a person’s home says so much about them!


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Another Youtuber-led podcast, except this time it’s with Ingrid Nilson and Cat Valdes (shoutout to anyone who used to watch Ingrid from back in her ‘MissGlamorazzi’ days like I did). Ladies Who Lunch is a podcast where Ingrid and Cat basically chat about their thoughts on a bunch of different issues, a lot of which wouldn’t normally be talked about. Although I don’t find every topic to be particularly relevant to me, I still enjoy hearing Ingrid and Cat’s thoughts and it’s always interesting if I have a different opinion on something to hear their opposing takes. This is a super chatty podcast so it’s great to listen to if you’re alone at a cafe or while you’re getting ready in the morning so you feel like you’ve got some company. Not too long ago they actually did a few podcasts dedicated to mental health for Mental Health Awareness Week and I found them to be refreshingly honest and informative while still clearing up a lot of the stigmas around mental health issues. Would definitely recommend!
What are your favourite podcasts? I’m on the hunt for new ones to listen to!