How To Push Your Creativity To Create Better Content

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You may have noticed (well hopefully you did) that things are changing a little on The Sunday Mode and that’s all down to two things: boredom and experimentation. Boredom because I’ve never been one to enjoy pumping out the exact same type of content and experimentation (aka this post with the hair flip) as a result of me trying to push myself to leave my comfort zone creatively, all the in the hopes of creating better, more inspiring content.It has felt bloody brilliant. I’ve always been a creative little egg so trying new things and stretching those creative muscles has been incredible. If you’re a content creator and you’re feeling like you’re ready to change things up, here are a few ways you could get started:


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Change up your locations and  backgrounds.

This could apply to fashion blogging but also beauty bloggers or really anyone in between. If you’re a sucker for a marble flatlay, ditch the marble background and just try something completely different.

I know a lot of people are worried about stepping out of a ‘niche’ or damaging a certain aesthetic that they’ve worked hard to achieve but often the best things come from trying new things. I know as a reader myself, I really appreciate it when I see people who are obviously putting a lot of thought and effort into the types of photos and content they create. That isn’t to say that if you use the same background that you don’t put in a lot of effort but to push yourself, try changing up background (or location if you’re a fashion blogger)- you might just find a new aesthetic that you like way better than your previous one.

Also as a reader, I know some blogs out there say that you need to stick to a certain aesthetic so that your posts are easily recognisable as your own, but I love nothing more than seeing people put content out there that’s a bit different from post to post. I never know what to expect and I love that because it pushes me to do better myself and it inspires me to think outside of the box.

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Experiment with Photoshop and editing programs. 

I say Photoshop because that’s what I’m currently experimenting with but there are all different types of post-production editing programs/software out there that you could learn to use. So obviously there are your picture editing programs like photoshop but if you’re a Youtuber there’s a multitude of video editing software you can delve into as well (eg, Final Cut, Premiere etc).

Learning how to use an editing program, having that skill set and coming up with ways to manipulate your images to create unique content you’re really proud of is such a satisfying feeling. I’m no pro at Photoshop (yet) but I already feel more innovative and inspired when it comes to my blog photography. Now when I’m thinking about future blog photos, I haven’t even taken any shots yet and I’m already thinking about all the different ways I could edit them into something even cooler. Photoshop man, it really gets my creative juices flowing.

That collage photo up there? Done with photoshop baby, and it was super fun to do. It may not look like much to some but hey, I’m learning!

(PS, this isn’t an ad for photoshop or anything, I just really like using it at the moment).


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Collaborate with others. 

….I’m still working on this one (#introvert). But seriously, being around other people who are creative is sometimes exactly what you need to stimulate your mind and inspire you to be more creative and produce better content. A fleeting thought to one person could really resonate with someone else and give them an idea that they may have never ordinarily had.
Unique ideas = memorable content.




What comes along with changing up your backgrounds, collaborating with others and learning new software skills to up your content is a hell of a lot of experimentation. Oh…and a lot of trial and error. I mentioned before that I was experimenting with Photoshop and some of the first things I tried to do on there were bloody hilarious in the fact that they failed miserably. I’ve also been experimenting with my blog photography and although sometimes the word ‘experiment’ should clearly not be used when doing outfit photos, sometimes through that experimentation comes a reward. Maybe you find a new way of angling your camera to get a really interesting shot or maybe you find out that a certain setting on your camera makes your photos look extra dynamic. Some of my favourite content I’ve produced has been through pure experimentation and I never would have gotten that content if I hadn’t pushed myself creatively. My motto? When it doubt, try it out.

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Do you have any tips for pushing yourself creatively?

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