Motivating Ways To Start Your Day

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You wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy, your alarm is buzzing and all of a sudden you feel the warmth of your bed, how snuggly your sheets are and wow, did the pillow become softer all of a sudden? The last thing you want to do is move.
We all have those days where we just want to stay in bed but can’t, so we roll ourselves up and go about our morning like a bit of a zombie. Well instead of spending my mornings feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead, I’ve found some motivating ways to kick start my day (that don’t involve caffeine):


how to get motivated in the morning

Scroll through Pinterest.
For me, I find Pinterest to be crazy motivating and inspiring. In the morning if you can spare say 5 minutes, take a look at some of the images you’ve previously loved and pinned or even think about what you want to get done for the day ahead and find images on Pinterest that will inspire you to do that. So if you want to make sure you exercise, take a look through fitness images as well as things like healthy recipes etc to kick start you and get you in the right mind frame.


Think of 3 things you’re looking forward to. 

It’s pretty simple really, but when you wake up in the morning (I do this while laying in bed) think of 3 things that you’re looking forward to for the day ahead. It can be literally anything, maybe you’re looking forward to watching a new episode of Survivor or seeing a friend. Getting into the habit of ritualistically focusing on what you’re excited for is so uplifting because each morning you already know you have things to look forward to. I can’t remember who told me to do this but I’m so thankful they did (was it you mum? I know you’re reading this.)

Change up your alarm. 

Just putting this out there, my alarm tone is the Game of Thrones theme song…
If you wake up using your phone alarm and still use the standard ringtone, my sympathies go out to you because that noise (yep, I’m calling it noise) is truly annoying. What I find really kick starts my morning is when the first thing I hear (aka my alarm tone) is a song or tune I love. This makes waking up not seem like such a chore and it instantly puts you in a better mood. 

Get active. 
Every morning I hop on the cross trainer and go at a steady pace for around 40 minutes and this habit has become so engrained into my morning routine that if I don’t do it I feel lethargic and completely out of whack. I do whatever I want when I’m on the cross trainer, watch TV, watch Youtube, listen to music, make to-do lists, listen to podcasts, check social media, just whatever tickles my fancy really. You don’t have to go on a cross trainer obviously but if you can, fit time in to go on a short walk or even just doing some stretching. Getting your body moving first thing and getting things circulating is a really easy way to get energy and it’s extremely motivating because you feel like you’ve already accomplished something and your day hasn’t even really started yet. In the least cocky way possible, it gives you that “damn I’m good” feeling and gets you ready for the day ahead.


What are your favourite ways to kick start your day?