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While I’ve been in the process of curating my dream wardrobe I feel like I’ve been on a little journey. I’m clearing out quite a few old items to make room for new ones and along the way I’ve been having a lot of fun just experimenting with my style and trying new things (aka leaving the comfort of my trusty black skinny jeans…).
Aside from falling in love with the dream wardrobe that I’m creating, I’ve realised that there are certain pieces, certain elements of putting together a look that just make all my outfits look more cohesive. When I’m under a time crunch, rushing out the door or even if I’m just feeling a little on the lazy side or I’m not sure what to wear, these are the wardrobe essentials I always have at the ready that are complete life (and time) savers.


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I’ve always found that jeans are the best item in my wardrobe in terms of versatility and wearability and you know what? This may sound dramatic but when I found this pair (that I’m wearing in these photos) of mid waist light wash denim jeans I swear, it was like my entire viewpoint on jeans had been refreshed. Yeah, a good boot leg cut or classic pair of skinny jeans will serve you well over the years because they quite literally go with anything, but jeans offer so many more possibilities. Jeans make for an effortless styling essential of mine, purely because there are SO many styles of jeans out there (especially now) that you can really afford to be more adventurous, branch out and try different jean styles and pretty much no matter what style you go for you’ll still be suitably dressed for almost any occasion. Oh jeans, I love you, and now I love you even more and will proceed to buy every nice new style of jeans that I find.


If you haven’t guessed it from my other outfit posts, I’m not big on jewellery. I had a jewellery phase when I was about 14 where I would wear bangles all up and down my arms, long dangly earrings and apparently I was trying to set some kind of record for how large of a ring a person could physically wear on their finger because oh man did I like the statement rings. Nowadays I opt for very minimal in the accessories department, usually some simple rings and most recently, a classic silver watch. Since I got this watch I’ve worn it with all my outfits and aside from being practical (hallelujah I can finally check the time without having to pick up my phone) I’m also wondering how I ever styled my outfits without this piece because it just makes everything look so classy, like the final cherry on top of my outfit. A classic watch is definitely an effortless styling essential.

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It’s hard for me to imagine that there was ever a time that I didn’t like coats….um, who was I? Now they are the piece that makes me feel the most like me, without one I feel a little naked (this is why I have a problem with summer!).

For the A/W seasons, coats are obviously extremely practical to have as part of your wardrobe but they’re brilliant for another reason as well. Let’s be honest, coats hide a lot of what’s underneath (especially if you opt for a button up coat) so you can wear almost anything underneath and no one will be any the wiser. Commando under your coat, anyone? Just kidding, that’d be way too drafty.

If you’re not a coat hoarder lover like me then I’d say for a styling essential, stick with a black coat but if you are like me and can’t get enough of them, start collecting your coats like pokemons and get a cream coat, camel coat, trench coat, navy coat, black coat and grey one too! Then you’ll have all your bases covered and when A/W rolls around- planning your outfits just got a lot less complicated.

In my mind, there’s no better way to add to an outfit than a coat.

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 Outfit details. 
T-shirt by ASOS
 Coat by ZARA
Jeans by WEEKDAY (shop here)
Boots by JO MERCER (shop here)
*Watch by MARC BALE (shop here)
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Feel free to drop your jaw to the floor, because I have fully realised the errors of my monochrome ways and realised that a pop of colour goes with my usual neutral toned outfits really damn well. I love wearing darker colours and despite being as pale as a ghost I would happily walk around in all black outfits but when you add an accessory, pair of coloured shoes or some kind of pop of colour to your outfit it’s like it fills a void that you didn’t even know existed (too dramatic again?). 

If you’re styling an outfit and feel a little stuck, try leaving your comfort zone (or not, if you already love colour) and add a completely different colour tone to your outfit to make it that much more special. It’ll elevate your look without you even really trying. I know there are certain ‘rules’ out there about what colours go with which, but some of the best combinations I’ve seen are ones that I completely wouldn’t have expected. So even if you think some kind of colour match will look horrendous, try it out because you’ll probably surprise yourself. PS- sometimes I’ve tried this and I do indeed look bloody horrendous but hey, I learn from it, try a new colour combination or adding a different pop of colour and it all works out in the end. 

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What are your styling essentials?


*The Marc Bale watch was gifted to me. The shop links used at the bottom of this post are affiliate links, which means I would earn a small commission from the sales if you choose to make a purchase through those links.