How Facial Acids Have Changed My Skin

how facial acids have changed my skin

The term ‘acid’ will never not sound intimidating to me. I mean I know most people are aware that the type of acids in skincare products are obviously very different to the burning your skin off type of acids…but something about that word just scares the crap out of me. Because of that, I’ve always been skeptic about using any kind of acid skincare product and after a certain experience that left my skin red, bumpy and burning (I’m looking at you Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels…) I thought acids were better left out of my skincare routine. Well, like most things in life I was wrong.

Staying away from the products with higher percentages of active acids, I’ve been incorporating much more gentle products with Glycolic and Salicylic acid into my skincare routine and my skin has never looked better. So I take it back, hooray for acids in skincare! Here’s how they changed my skin:


pixi glow mud cleanser

My skin is smoother. 
I’ve been lucky in the sense that unless I’m really breaking out, my skin has never been very bumpy or textured, but it has never felt as smooth to the touch as it has since I started incorporating Glycolic Acid into my skincare routine. Glycolic Acid is meant to give you a ‘smoother, softer complexion’ and oh baby does it do that. I can’t speak for products with a high percentage of the stuff but the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser contains just 5% Glycolic Acid and it has transformed my skin (and that’s not an exaggeration.)
The Pixi Cleanser is one of those products that you may think isn’t doing much, but then you really notice the differences in your skin if you stop using it. When I do use it my skin is baby’s ass soft and my foundation just applies so much easier than it normally does, probably because it’s going onto a much smoother base.
Texture-wise this cleanser comes out like a thick paste and it straight up feels like you’re washing your face with a mud/clay mask,  but when you wash it off you’re left with very smooth skin and for me, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in spots since I started using this as well. The packaging is a little ‘meh’ and leaves something to be desired but I really couldn’t care less because it’s what’s inside that counts. Oh yeah, you better believe this cleanser has hit holy grail status for me.

mario badescu drying lotion


I barely ever get spots/breakouts.
For any breakouts, I used to be an au naturale girl and thought popping on some tea tree oil was the best way to go. Well, turns out that for me tea-tree oil and it’s natural counterparts do diddly squat in terms of stopping spots from popping up and healing active breakouts.
Then Salicylic Acid came into my life in the form of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and I’ve never found anything as effective as this for healing spots quickly and with minimal effort. You just take a cotton tip, dab it right to the bottom of the solution (don’t shake the bottle!) and apply a small amount to your spots. You let it dry and then it starts working it’s magic.
In the past I’ve experimented with plenty of other spot treatments and things like topical Benzoyl Peroxide treatments but aside from staining my towels (sigh) nothing really helped my skin, they all just irritated it more. So if you suffer from breakouts or even only get the occasional spot I would highly recommend reaping the benefits of a Salicylic Acid product like this one.
alpha-h liquid gold rose
 My skin is all around more even. 

One thing that has been a constant issue and insecurity for me is my pigmentation and post-acne scars left over from when my skin used to be really bad. So even if my skin is doing well, my post-acne scars make it seem like I have active spots when in reality my skin will be completely spot-free and it’s extremely frustrating. I’ve found most products targeted at fading scars to either be serums (which take too long to work for me because I’m impatient) or harsh peels that feel like they’re taking a chunk of your skin off at a time and they leave me with a tomato red face, which I despise. I’ve been very skeptical about the infamous Liquid Gold by Alpha-H but it’s more moisturising sister, the limited edition *Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose has been a god sent.

I mentioned before that Glycolic Acid is meant to give you smoother, more radiant skin and the mix of Glycolic Acid and other botanical ingredients in the Liquid Gold Rose has given me just that, radiant skin. I’ve been noticing that without makeup my skin lately has an actual glow to it, which I am so impressed with.

After I cleanse, I take some of the Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose on a cotton pad and sweep it over my face and then leave it to dry, applying nothing afterwards to get the full effect and just let the product do it’s thing. This stuff is gentle but really effective. My skin is the smoothest it’s ever been, everything looks much more even and my scars have faded a noticeable amount since I started using this. I mean, it’s not a miracle worker but I feel like this is pretty damn close.


Have you incorporated acid products into your skincare routine?




*Active skin sent me this product to try, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own (I just really really like this product!).