Is Dressing Minimally Boring?

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First off, I’d just like to address the fact that my face in these photos is basically the same colour as the white building behind me…I mean, pale people problems. 


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 So minimal is kind of the new ‘it’ word of 2017, huh? It seems like everything minimal is in fashion. Minimalist living, minimal style, minimal decor and design, living minimally. Well, maybe that’s not how it is out there in the real world but it sure feels like minimalism has taken the blogging, Youtube and social media world by storm.


I’m in too minds about minimalism, on the one hand I’m all for creating a more decluttered lifestyle because I can throw things out like there’s no tomorrow and I find that quite easy. Sentimental birthday cards? Bin it. Keepsakes? Bin it. I’m pretty damn ruthless. Then on the other hand…sometimes I kinda like stuff and don’t want everything in my work life and general life to be minimal.


With fashion though, I realised the other day that minimal is my thing. I like to experiment but even my experimenting is pretty minimal. Before I shot these photos I found myself feeling bad because I wanted to do a style post but thought “people will think this outfit is way too basic and boring.” Then it hit me, I dress minimally every day of my life, it’s just my style, so I’m probably going to always question whether or not an outfit is “too basic” for my blog. People will either like that for what it is, or not, and that’s that.


I keep things simple, I style things simply and I’m totally ok with that. But it does beg the question, is dressing minimally boring?


Short answer, no. Long answer? Buddy you gotta read the post.

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Minimal is like a permanent capsule wardrobe. 

When I didn’t used to dress minimally (those photos shall come with me to the grave) I always felt like I couldn’t wear the same thing twice because each clothing item I had was so damn memorable on it’s own. It’s like I had this little Hannah Montana style butterly bolero (don’t ask) when I was around 13 and I’d wear it one day while I was out with my friends but then not want to wear it the next because I just felt like everyone would think I only had one thing in my wardrobe. Ah, 13 year old problems.

Would I mind now wearing my simple black shirt with one of my neutral coloured coats 5 days in a row? Not at all.

I’ve found that by dressing minimally and having those pieces fill your wardrobe, it means you’ve got a lot of…well, basics. You’ve got pieces that fit together like a puzzle perfectly and pieces that can be put together really easily and so because of that, if you dress minimally then it’s like your wardrobe is like a permanent capsule wardrobe. For whatever season comes along, clothing-wise you’re well and truly covered.

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Minimal always allows room to grow. 

As you grow older your personality shifts and (hopefully) evolves and your style usually evolves as that time passes as well, or at least that’s how it’s been for me. When my wardrobe was filled with one of a kind, stand out pieces I felt a little stuck. I loved each piece I bought at the time I bought it, but a year later or even a few months later I usually would feel as if I’d outgrown the pieces and it wasn’t quite reflective of me anymore, so I didn’t know what to wear. Not everyone wears clothes that are particularly reflective of themselves at that time or how they’re feeling but I do, so to feel uncomfortable in my clothing and like I was wearing ‘fad’ or ‘trend’ pieces that I didn’t even like anymore…it just felt very limiting.

With a much more minimal wardrobe, because each piece is so simple, simple also translates to classic so you can pair the same items together but just in a different way, add a couple accessories and it’ll look completely different. So based on your moods and as you change and grow up, your wardrobe can account for your changing style without you having to continue to buy new pieces. So despite what people may think, I’ve actually found that having a wardrobe full of minimal pieces has been less limiting.

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Minimal is always in fashion.

The thing about trend pieces is that they don’t tend to stand the test of time. They’re the items that 10 years later you see yourself wearing in photos and you think to yourself “why the hell did I wear that?!”. On the other hand, I think there’s an incredible amount of flexibility and freedom that comes with dressing minimally.

No matter how much time passes, if you dress with a minimalist mindset you’re always going to be in fashion purely because those kinds of items just don’t go out of fashion, at least not in the same way that trend pieces do. So if you dress minimally, you can look at other eras and style icons that also dressed minimally for inspiration and you’ll find that those pieces still work for today’s era as well. The sheer possibilities of that is what makes me excited to get dressed in the morning.

By definition, ‘boring’ would refer to something dull and monotonous, right? To me, I feel like dressing dull is a completely other issue, but I guess dullness or boredom in styling can mainly come from pairing your outfits together the same way, every single time. So yeah, dressing minimally can be boring at times but so can dressing not minimally! It’s all just about how you style things, and how you feel in the clothes you wear.

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So is dressing minimally boring? Not at all.PS- please no one play a drinking game with how many times I’ve said ‘minimally’ and ‘minimal’ in this post…