Online Shopping Tips You Need To Know


It’s weird for me to even think of a time when I didn’t shop online. I don’t just mean for clothes either, nowadays I shop online for makeup, bedding, furniture, food, bras (note to self: I need to buy more bras….) and actually now I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything I don’t shop online for. With all that online shopping came a lot of, let’s just say trial and error on my part and now I’d call myself somewhat of an online shopping connoisseur. If you haven’t delved into the world of online shopping yet or even if you’re a seasonsed profesh’, here are my best tips:


shopping-online-tipsThink about what you want before you start searching. 
Once you start online shopping, it’s hard to stop. It’s ridiculously easy to accidentally spend hours at a time stuck in what I like to call the ‘scroll cycle’ where you’re just browsing web page after web page and then all of a sudden it’s hours later and you haven’t found anything. To save your time and money, before you start searching make yourself a mini list of what you’re looking for- even making a list just in your mind will do. So the other day I went onto ASOS to find a specific style of jeans and so I just went straight to the jeans section, narrowed down the search to jeans that were in my size and price range and then bam, it’s 10 minutes later and you either find what you’re looking for or you move on. 


Look everywhere before you buy. 
There is nothing more annoying than when you buy something and then one day later you find something that’s better and cheaper on another site. That’s a special kind of pain right there. Even if you’re fully fledged in the world of online shopping, you can still get caught out by that. Personally I’ve been using a site called *Lyst and it’s brilliant for checking a bunch of sites at once. It works like this: there’s a big ‘ol search bar at the top of the page, you type in what you’re looking (i.e, red bag) and then the site finds a bunch of red bags from all different websites and you just pick what you want from there. For the online shopping buff, this makes things SO much easier because you end up saving countless hours that you would’ve spent searching other sites.


Check the shipping and returns policy. 
You know what’s fun? (sense my sarcasm), spending time shopping on a website, you add things to your cart, you check out and then ohhhhhh hell no, they don’t even ship to your country. You type ‘A.U.S.T’ and you get a flitter of hope but then you realise it’s Austria, they ship to Austria, not Australia. Great. So before you go ahead and start adding things to your wish list/cart, make sure you check the shipping policies and returns policies of where you want to buy from. Make sure they actually ship to your country for starters, then check how expensive their shipping is and lastly, check the returns policy! There’s nothing that’s more annoying than when you want to return something, only to find out that the cost of returning the item is going to be more than it cost you to actually buy the item in the first place.


Check the men’s section as well. 
Sometimes the men’s section is where it’s at, depending on what you want to buy. A while back I really wanted a nice camel coloured scarf but all of the ones in the women’s sections that I looked through weren’t as thick as what I wanted, they had tassles and blah, it was just a firm no from me. In comes the men’s section, five minutes searching there and I found exactly what I wanted. Sometimes it’s worth opening up your horizons a little more to find what you’re looking for. After all, who’s really going to know except for you?


If in doubt about a site, google it. 
If ever you’re online shopping and a site seems too good to be true, the prices seem too good to be true or you just get a suss feeling about the website itself, google search it. A quick search of the brand on Google, Trustpilot, Youtube or even Instagram through hashtags and you’ll quickly be able to tell whether or not the website that you’re about to shop from is actually legit. This is probably one of my biggest tips considering I know a lot of people are hesitant about online shopping because of fear of being scammed.


Do you have any tips for online shopping?



*This post was inspired by Lyst, they’re a super helpful website that I think would help a lot of online shoppers and all opinions are of course my own!