My Top 3 Skin Saving Heroes

An open letter to my skin
I’ve dealt with spots on and off since high school and although I think I’ve finally come to a place where I’m pretty much OK with my skin on a general basis, sometimes my skin just freaks out and I’m left feeling like I’m 18 again, not really knowing what to do. When I test out too many skincare products that definitely aggravates things and I’m left running for the hills and retreating to the few skincare products I know work best for me. The fool-proof ones, the few gems that have never let me down and that for whatever reason, my skin seems to love. If like me you’ve got fickle skin that’s combination, sensitive and prone to breakouts- these are my problem-skin saving heroes:




 Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know that I always bang on about this product, but that’s because it’s my secret weapon. It’s salicylic acid with calamine (which basically looks like pink clay), you don’t shake the bottle you just dip in a cotton tip and apply this to any spots. It works like a charm and it’s the most effective spot treatment I’ve ever used so if you do struggle with spots, try this out!

I do find that if this hits skin that isn’t blemished then it can burn a little (not as scary as it sounds) but I think that’s because it’s quite potent, so as long as you avoid that and stick to just applying this to your spots then you’re good to go. Also, this goes without saying but avoid using this anywhere around the eye area even if you have a spot right near there because I did that once and ugh, would not recommend.




Tea-tree oil

An oldie but a goodie. Now I know this post probably sounds from the title like it’s all about facial skin, but your lip skin (is that a thing?) counts too. For me, when I get super stressed I get cold sores and it’s the bane of my bloody existence, I hate them with a passion. When I first got a cold sore it was a nasty son of a bitch and no matter what I used (I’m talking lotions, potions, spells) nothing worked.

Tea tree oil in all its glory is the only thing that worked, and it works for if you’ve got any kind of a sore on your lips or near your lips. It’s powerful enough to heal the skin, it’s antiseptic, it’s natural and best of all, it’s not going to harm your lips either because we all know that the skin there is more sensitive than say, the skin on your cheeks (or at least mine is!).



Bioderma Sensibio H20

The first time I ever tried Bioderma was when my sister went to France on a holiday and she sent me back a bottle to try, that’s how hard it was to come by in Australia back then and now it’s sold in multiple stores here- crazy! You guys all know the drill, micellar water was all the rage a while back and it seems like every brand came out with their own version of it. I tried some of the more affordable versions but as much as I wanted to love them, my skin didn’t. Does anyone else find their skin has expensive taste?!

Bioderma on the other hand is my solution to so many problems, it takes off all my makeup (including eye makeup), it’s gentle and doesn’t break me out or irritate my sensitive skin and it’s the consistency of water which makes it feel super refreshing to use. Most micellar waters break me out and leave a greasy film on my face, not Bioderma my friends, not Bioderma.


What are your favourite problem-skin saving products?