3 Best Binge-Worthy TV Shows To Watch Right Now

binge-worthy-tv-showsI’m not even going to go on about this again I swear, but I love TV shows. To put it in 12-year-old terms, TV + Julia = one happy lady. So while my eyes haven’t turned into squares yet (ahem parents, you LIED) I have managed to watch a hell of a lot of TV shows in my 23 years. If you have spare time over the holidays or just want to watch some really good television, here are 3 very binge-worthy TV shows. Prepare to not move from your seat for the next week.


How To Get Away With Murder.

My god Viola Davis is such a good actress. I probably spend half the time watching this thinking that. How To Get Away With Murder follows criminal defence attorney/professor Annaliese Keating (Viola Davis) and a few of her students. When I first heard about this show I had a lot of people telling me it was good but meh, the premise didn’t really excite me. I figured a show involving a bunch of lawyers and law students would be dry and dull. Well, like most things in life I was wrong, this is a brilliant show! Without giving anything away it’s got a bunch of plot twists, great acting (four for you Viola Davis, you go Viola Davis) and very compelling storylines. Once you start watching this it’ll be hard to stop until you find out what happens next.


The Handmaid’s Tale.

 I had heard a lot of buzz about this show as well but again I didn’t watch it right off the bat. I saw the old-timey outfits and didn’t feel like watching a period piece so I passed. Then one day I finally watched an episode and realised that oops, this isn’t even a period piece at all, it’s set in modern times! In a world with a plummeting birth rate, women in The Handmaid’s Tale are treated as property of the state and forced into sexual servitude in an effort to repopulate. This show is fantastic and as a woman, watching this made me both happy and terrified. Happy because I’m not living in their world and I have so many more rights, but his show also terrified me because it makes you realise that if we’re not careful then it’s not way out there to think that something like this could actually happen. It’s a petrifying thought but it makes the show even more compelling to watch.


Game of Thrones.

The ringtone on my phone for the past 3 years has been the Game of Thrones theme song. If that doesn’t tell you that I like GoT then I don’t know what will. Set in the fictional realm of Westeros, there’s a bunch of storylines that I can’t even describe in this show but essentially it’s about depictions of conflicting, powerful families and a fight for the iron throne. It’s a fantasy show but there’s drama and plenty of nudity (it’s HBO, what do you expect?). It’s filled with strong characters, conniving characters, shocking twists, brutal deaths and anything else you could possibly want from a show…including dragons. WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS? Okay I’ll stop now, just watch Game of Thrones.


If you’re looking for more shows to watch I talked about 5 of my favs here, but tell me which binge-worthy TV shows do you love the most?