Christmas Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life
Well, the countdown to Christmas is coming and while Christmas these days isn’t quite as exciting as it was when I was a tot, there’s still something about this time of year that I love. Maybe it’s because I’m one of those people who prefers giving presents to receiving them that makes me love this time of year? Not trying to sound holier than thou here, I just loving giving gifts and if I can give a lot at a time then that’s even better. I know not everyone is like me though, I know people who hate giving gifts because they can’t think of what to buy and I know others who just find the whole gift-giving process to be one big stress. For those of you out there who are feeling the crunch with Christmas around the corner, take a mental load off because here are some foolproof gift ideas for the women in your life.
Feel Unique Elizabeth Arden Cracker

For the Amazing Mothers-
Everyone thinks their mum is the best but I swear my mum is actually the best, well, the best mum for me because she 100% puts up with my shit like no other so props to you mum, props to you for not killing me in my sleep already. So for mums especially I feel like getting them good gifts is a small thank you for all the things they do for you.

Gift-wise for any mother, I think getting them everything and anything in the cosy realm is always a winner (think pyjamas, slippers, fluffy robes etc). Mums aren’t just our mums either, a lot of mothers out there love things like beauty just as much as their daughters do which is why I think getting them those kinds of products is always a good idea if that’s something they’re interested in. Something like the *Elizabeth Arden Makeup Essentials Cracker is perfect because Elizabeth Arden is quite a luxurious brand and this cracker contains a bit of everything. Inside you’ve got a full-size mascara, lip oil and skin renewal booster (LOVE the packaging of this by the way). This is such a simple gift idea but it’s something I think so many mums out there would love and it’s something that personally I’d buy for my mum as a little extra something something on top of the other gifts I’ve gotten her.

If you want to go for the more DIY, heartfelt gift then consider this. Get a cute empty jar, ask the people most important in your mother’s life to write down what they love about her on bits of paper (one thought per paper) and fill that jar with those lovely thoughts from various people. Then, the next time your mum is feeling down she can just open the jar and read one of those kind thoughts. I’ve done this before as a gift and my mum absolutely loved it.

Christmas gift ideas

Skincare Saviours Set Feel Unique



For the Amazing Friends-
One of my favourite things to do when it comes to getting presents for my friends is to think about what it is they love, what they’re interested in and what they want but haven’t bought yet. For example, one of my friends used to love Harry Potter so I bought her a Gryffindor jumper. I actually even got her the jumper from the same manufacturer that made the actual Hogwart’s jumpers but that’s not something anyone would expect, it’s the thought that counts I’m just weird and like to go the extra mile sometimes?

Beauty and skincare-wise the *Skincare Saviours Star which is an exclusive to Feel Unique is something I know any of my friends would love because for starters it’s full of minis, and minis are so enjoyable. Why are minis so much more satisfying than full size products? This Skincare Saviours box houses a bunch of mini skincare bits and bobs, from brands like Caudalie, Emma Hardie and First Aid Beauty and it’s a great gift idea for a friend who likes trying out new products (which let’s face it, that’s basically all of us).

Etsy can also be a great place to find some amazing gifts;  some one of a kind things that your friend just wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Christmas Gift Ideas

gift ideas for mothers, friends and sisters


For the Amazing Sisters-

Lol do these kind of sisters even exist? Just kidding, my older sister isn’t enemy number 1 but I’m still quietly holding a grudge from the time she kicked me in the face when I was little…yeah I need to let that go.

With sisters if you’re super close then gift-giving is easy but if you’re not, then I find that gifts like recipe books, vouchers and perfumes work well. Oh! Also candles, nice pyjamas and beautiful stationary too because who doesn’t like beautiful stationary? For a more heartfelt gift, think about an inside joke that you and your sister have just between the two of you (everyone has at least one inside joke) and get a gift based off of that. It’s funny, unique, light-hearted and always a safe bet.

Something that’s also very fun to get your sister as a gift is an advent calendar because they make you nostalgic and bring you back to your childhood days. I’m not talking about the cheapo chocolate calendars though I’m talking about the beauty kind, like this *12 Days Of Beauty Calendar. Behind each window the calendar has a goody from a different skincare, beauty or haircare brand and even though the gifts are small, who doesn’t love opening up a gift every day? No two sisters are the same but I think every sister either older or younger would love something like this. Ahem, if my older sister is reading this, feel free to get me something like this.



What Christmas gifts are you getting for the women in your life?


*I was gifted these products from Feel Unique. I’m a part of their International Blogger Programme but all opinions are my own as always.