Classic Outfit Combinations Throughout Time

Outfit Combos throughout time

You’ve probably learned by now that I love watching movies and when I watch films, I can’t help but notice and appreciate the costumes. When I watch an old movie or something say, from the 70s or 80s, it actually brings me so much enjoyment to laugh at the clothing styles and weirdly enough something I keep noticing is how many outfits from the different films I watch from different eras are actually still in fashion! I had Clueless on the other day in the background when I was doing work and I actually found it laughable that half of the clothes they were wearing were straight up things I’ve seen in Topshop lately. I mean, talk about the circle of life (cue me slowly holding up a yellow checkered jacket, Lion King style). No matter how many films I watch though, some outfits just never seem to go out of fashion and it’s those kinds of outfits I want to fill my wardrobe with.
Outfit Combinations Throughout Time

Like the…white tee with blue, mid-rise jeans.
This is hugely in fashion now, but variations of this look seem to always be in fashion. Sometimes the tees go more cropped, sometimes the sleeves are longer, shorter or cuffed and sometimes the jeans are slightly different washes of blue, sometimes more high-waisted but the white tee with the blue jeans is timeless. The more films I watch, the more I keep seeing this outfit combination repeated on all different types of characters. If you don’t believe me, look at people’s outfits just walking around on the street because I guarantee you so many people wear this outfit combo now, then think of Rachel Green from ‘Friends’ because she wore this look a whole damn lot!
The last film I saw this outfit in? Jodie Foster’s character in the 1997 film ‘Contact.’



Like the…beige trench coat with black bottoms.
This is a favourite of mine and the trench coat is pretty iconic, the more films I watch the more that fact gets solidified. Fun bit of movie history, from my knowledge trench coats in films date back from around the early 1950’s to now obviously, which is pretty damn impressive and my god does it make you feel like investing in a good trench. Sometimes dresses paired with trench coats is what’s in fashion, but popping up over and over again in various movies is a beige trench coat (at least mid-length) paired with some kind of black pants, whether it be black slacks or a pair of jeans. I mean it’s kind of crazy to think that Audrey Hepburn wore a version of this outfit in the 1963 film ‘Charade’ and now I wear a version of this outfit just out and about in 2017….
The last film I saw this outfit in? Meryl Streep in the 1979 film ‘Kramer vs Kramer,’ and let’s not forget the iconic Inspector Gadget’s outfit (just sayin’). 

Outfit combination ideas

Like the…over-sized top with fitted bottoms.
Thank god for the 80’s bringing in the oversized trend. I owe that era so much because tight tops are just not my jam. Thankfully for me since the 80s the oversized top with more fitted bottoms look has stayed around. An oversized top, tee, jumper, you name it, as long as you pair it with something tighter on the bottom- think jeans, shorts, tights, anything that’s form-fitting. You see this look exaggerated in the iconic outfit from films like the 1983 ‘Flashdance’ and you see it in Rachel and Monica in ‘Friends’ and now you just see this look in everyday life, all day every day.


Have you noticed any outfit combinations repeating as the years go on?
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