Best Outlets For Escapism



You know, writing this post and then doing the odd google search, it’s just occurred to me that I don’t think I define ‘escapism’ like others do. The great and powerful Oz Google tells me: escapism is what you call the times that you try and avoid or seek relief from negative or unpleasant times in your life. Well no Google, I disagree with your results. Just like the time I was feeling sick and I typed my symptoms into Google and it kindly told me that I was dying, I’m going to have to disagree…

To me, no matter how good any given time in my life is, I want a little break or escape. Unlike Google, I don’t think of escapism as a means to avoid negative times. I see escapism as a mini break from life. I see it as something that keeps me sane; it gives me a sense of child-like happiness and to be honest it just feels natural to me. Sometimes you just want to watch a film, get encapsulating into a different universe and zone it. Escapism gives my mind a mental break from everything and anything, even the good stuff. Here are my favourite ways to escape:





I recently found out that visualising is actually a form manifesting and visualising. So it’s just a bonus that visualising is also one of the best outlets for escapism as well.

To visualise, either sit or lay down in a quiet area and close your eyes. Pick one scenario involving your ideal life (stay with me). So say you’ve always imagined yourself living in a huge house, your dream house, right? Picture yourself walking through the front door, dropping off some groceries on the kitchen bench (that looks exactly how you want it) and maybe just sitting down at a desk and doing something you love (in a room that’s exactly how you like it). That was a random example of visualising, I know. Picture whatever you want, just change it up each time or once in a while. I find visualising really relaxing but I’m aware it sounds a bit too ‘out there’ for some people. All I can say is that before I started visualising, I thought it was going to be enjoyable but kinda useless. Then I started picturing scenarios in my head and repeatedly visualising the same scenarios sometimes, just with more detail each time. I shit you not, some of the stuff I’ve visualised that I thought would never happen has actually happened. Yep, you’re probably as shocked as I am.

If you’re just looking to escape, you could choose to just check out for 10 minutes and visualise yourself living in a fairytale land while you ride a unicorn (wait, what?), but if you’re interested in manifesting, try visualising a semi-realistic scenario. Visualise a scenario that is actually possible in this realm. At the very least you’ll get a brain break and at the most, you’ll get the ball rolling on that scenario actually manifesting/happening. For 5-10 minutes out of your day, what do you have to lose?


Film & Television

Ooop, can can I get through one post without mentioned film and television? Probably not. It’s my favourite outlet for escapism. The sheer volume of content that’s produced these days means there’s literally something for everyone, at any time you want to watch something. I love nothing more than putting on a film or TV show and jumping into another world and just completely investing myself in that world for the time I’m watching. Sometimes you want to be creative, sometimes you want to be productive, you want to go out there and get shit done. Other times, you just need to plonk yourself down, put Harry Potter on, relax and let it all float away for a bit- you know?



Sometimes the best outlet for escapism lies in spontaneity. Quite literally, just dropping your routines and getting some of that spice for life back (sidenote- what even is ‘spice’ for life?!). I’m not talking about never showing up to work again and moving to Spain or something (although that sounds amazing). I’m talking about kicking up some change in your life. You know those days off where you’re at home, sitting down, pottering around the house, feeling kind of lost or feeling kind of bored and enthused? Instead of feeling that way, do something different! Get in your car and take a day trip, go to an expo, call your friend and ask them to go for a little adventure with you. Go bloody rock climbing- do anything (safe stuff!) out of the ordinary that will make you not feel like you, even for a minute to grant yourself that little escape from reality and the sometimes mundane aspects of life.


Life isn’t meant to all be the same. My philosophy (well, as of 10.07pm when I’m writing this post…) is to be mindful of others but do what makes you happy. If that’s having a few forms of escapism in your life, well then that’s fine by me.


Do you have any favourite outlets for escapism?