How To Get Your Mind Out Of A Funk

Getting Your Mind Out Of A Funk Advice
With it still being relatively close to the start of the year, it’s easy to put pressure on yourself to be a ‘better’ you for the year ahead (you, 2.o). As much as I’d love it, unfortunately when a new year comes we don’t all of a sudden just lose all of the issues we were struggling with the year before. Your new inspirations and motivations for 2018 can mix with your old issues from 2017. The mix is kind of like a really bad cocktail….it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and like you’re in a bit of a funk, not really sure what to do next. Well like a hangover cure for that really bad cocktail, here are 3 of my favourite ways to get your mind out of a funk.


How to Get Your Mind Out Of A Funk


Give yourself a focus point. 

Direction is something that really seems to sort out a lot of my problems. If I’m feeling unsure, overwhelmed or like I just don’t really know what I want to do, in comes direction to the rescue. To clear your mind, try actively giving yourself something to focus on and work toward. Work out what it is currently that you want the most desperately, and go for that. Giving yourself a clear direction even in the most simple way can get your mind out of a funk because it kind of paves a path for you to go down. Plus, actively working toward a goal or something else you want to achieve feels so good. It can eradicate any overwhelmed or murky feelings you may have about your life, leaving you feeling more clear-headed and motivated.


Dance it out. 

Don’t tell me you don’t know where ‘dance it out’ is from. Don’t tell me you’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy?! Mandatory watching is required around these parts people. The good ol’ dance it out motto from Grey’s is actually more useful than you might think. In the show, when the characters are stressed, confused, sad, overwhelmed or if they don’t know what to do about something…they dance it out. So the next time you feel like your mind is in a funk, dance it out. If you’re home alone or in some kind of a safe space, literally just get up off your booty, get on your feet, blast a song you like and jump around and dance like a crazy person. Jiggle every limb individually if you have to, just get out of your mind and into your body for a bit. It’s fun, relaxing and oddly cathartic. So when in doubt, dance it out.


Get a reality check. 

One of the main reasons why I fall into a funk in the first place is because I’m bogged down, with expectations from others and myself. I picture my life and myself the way I want it to be (well, the way I think I should want it to be…) and when things don’t line up with that I start to feel bad. I wish there was a more eloquent way to say that, but I just feel bad. I tend to forget that other people actually feel like this as well sometimes, so reminding myself of that starts to pull me out of that mind frame. To get yourself out of a funk, find people who you can speak openly to and have a frank conversation about life with them. I find doing this helps me to get my mind into a much more level-headed space. Speaking openly to a friend or family member or someone you’re close with will give you a major reality check. It reminds you that we’re all human and we all have our struggles, even if we don’t necessarily show it. Even though we may struggle, like the Persian proverb says….this too shall pass. Wait sorry, did I just quote a proverb? Um, who am I?


Do you have any tips for getting your mind out of a funk?