10 Ways To Add Some Magic Into Your Life

10 Ways To Add Some Magic Into Your LifeWhen I was little, one watch of the first Harry Potter film and I was hooked. When it came out on DVD, I would watch it and listen closely for all the spells, writing them down in this little notebook I had so that I could practice them later…

When I was even younger and my parents were out of the house, I used to take any alcohol bottles I could find, mix together the coloured liquids in a mortar and pestle and stir, pretending I was a making a potion.

I spent a fair amount of my childhood in the garden looking for fairies and in high school, to celebrate when the final Harry Potter film came out, I drew the deathly hallows with a sharpie on one wrist and the dark mark on the other wrist ([proof here people).

My point is, if you can’t tell by all of that, I really love magic. I’ve always loved magic and feeling magical and anything to do with that. When you’re little that feeling can excite and engulf you so quickly, but as I’ve gotten older that feeling is so much harder to come by- adulthood gets in the way I suppose. Well 23 or 83, I say there’s room for a little magic in everyone’s life- so here are some simple ways to add some magic back into yours:


1. Buy yourself crystals (I love the raw kind or the slices of crystals best). My favourite crystals are Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz.
2. Look for all the unbelievably good things in life. Seek out real stories where amazing things happen to people that ‘shouldn’t’ be possible, but it happened anyway.
3. Spend time in nature.
4. Go for a walk on the beach as the sun is setting, barefoot, to ground yourself.
5. Watch all of the Harry Potter films. You can’t watch these and not want to whip your wand out. (Wait– that sounded dirty?)
6. Take a spontaneous trip somewhere.
7. Spend time with animals.
8. Make a playlist of all the songs you love the most.
9. Learn about the changing moon cycles and when the full moon is (most people get very stressed or emotional around the full moon without even knowing it!).
10. Tell the people you love how much they mean to you, genuinely. It’ll give you that warm and tingly feeling and it will affect people positively, without even having to use a spell 😉


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