A Note On Letting Fear Decide Your Future



I’m scared of a lot of things, in weird ways. I’m not afraid of heights so you could stick me at the top of the tallest building and I’m fine, but a bug flies near me and I run for the bloody hills. I could give a presentation to a huge crowd of people and be fine, but sometimes small social situations make me choke up and I get scared to step out of my comfort zone.

Aside from the truly awful things in life and aside from guilt (I bloody hate guilt!), the biggest life-ruiner/soul sucker out there is…drumroll please…fear.

Fear makes you panic. Fear makes you anxious. Fear stops you from doing things you want to do and it can control your life if you’re not careful. I wasn’t careful and yep, that happened to me.

I didn’t even realise it was happening until I read a blog post where someone wrote the quote ‘Never let fear decide your future.’ You know how sometimes quotes just hit you where it hurts? I thought ohhhhhh shit, because I realised I had been letting fear decide my future. I think you just have to take an honest look at your life and figure out how many of the decisions you’re making are based or stemming from fear.

Maybe you want to take a chance at going for your dream career but fear is stopping you. Maybe you want to change up your lifestyle but fear is stopping you. Maybe you want to cut toxic people out of your life but fear is stopping you. Even FOMO (fear of missing out) which seems harmless still counts because you’re doing things you don’t really want to do because of again, fear.

It’s funny because we spend so much time trying to figure out what moves to make next in life, that you sort of forget to stop and ask yourself once in a while how many of the decisions you are making, and how many fear is making. I know I’m guilty as hell of this although I’m going to blame a lot of that on my anxiety lol thanks anxiety for being all around shit.
But hey, recognising a problem is the first step? Now that I’ve realised just how much I’ve let fear take the reigns in my life, I’m actively working on doing the exact opposite. So something scares the crap out of me? Well as long as it’s not scaring me for the wrong reasons then I’m planning to just grit my teeth and pull a Nike. AKA, Just do it.

No more avoiding things because it’s difficult or because I’m scared or uncomfortable. No more delaying facing my fears because I’ll “do it next time.” Now is my next time.

So I suppose if you’re feeling this way as well or if you’re noticing that fear is slowly but surely guiding your life, at least know you’re not alone. You’re definitely not alone. Everyone has felt fear at some point in their lives and if it wasn’t a massive problem for a lot of people, then the whole concept of fear wouldn’t even exist, right? We just have to recognize where it’s controlling us so that we can stop it.

You know, usually I try and craft my blog posts a certain way. I try and be helpful or informative in one way or another. So if that’s why you read my blog then I’m sorry, because this post is definitely not that. Sometimes your girl just has to vomit on the page (not literally, I mean word vomit- think Mean Girls). I just had this revelation about fear in my own life and I felt like I needed to get the word out there. I don’t want other people to let fear guide their lives as well and not even realise it because that is the worst feeling. 

And if you’re reading this post and thinking you can’t relate at all well then congratulations. You’ve probably conquered fear and my hat goes off to you! But for the rest of us, hang in there, we got this.

Has fear affected your life at all?

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