10 Skills You Probably Didn’t Realise Blogging Gave You


Oh blogging, you can be so hard to describe to people….

“I have a blog…” 

“…Um no, I don’t just write about what I ate for breakfast this morning. Although actually there are some awesome food bloggers and these posts called ‘What I eat in a day’ and oh, you’ve stopped listening. Okay then.”

Although blogging can be a pain to explain, one thing I seem to always forget is how much it’s taught me, and just how much you learn by running a blog in general. So here are 10 skills you probably didn’t realise blogging gave you:


10. How to create a website. 

Even the fact that you have a blog means you have those basic skills. Even if you bought a template from someone else, you still know the steps to take to create a fully functional website and to keep it running smoothly. Did you know how to do that before you had a blog? ‘Cause I sure as hell didn’t.


9. Domain names. 

Most people don’t know their Go Daddy from their Blue Host, but you sure do. You know exactly what to do in order to nab your own domain name, and that’s a skill in itself.


8. SEO. 

Okay this one is a constant learning process for me, but most people don’t know what SEO is at all. Search Engine Optimization baby. Running a blog, writing posts and trying to make sure your posts actually get seen? You gotta learn at least the basics of SEO, and blogging makes you do just that.


7. Social media promotion. 

So many bloggers regularly schedule tweets and promote across either a few or all the social media platforms. We might schedule a couple of promo tweets and then promote our post over Instagram using the appropriate hashtags and not even think twice about it. Nope, blogging taught us that too.


6. Networking. 

Some people will publish a post and not talk to anyone, but from what I can see, most of us love to interact. We love to engage and chat with other bloggers either in comments sections or through various social media platforms. We’re talking, but supporting one another, and making new connections. Networking baby, we know it.


5. Collaboration.  

I’ve got to work with some amazing brands because of my blog but what I love the most is that having my blog actually taught me how to collaborate with these other people and companies. You’re not hiding behind a big company, it’s just you. If you make a mistake collaborating, you fix it. As a result, running a blog means you quickly learn really great collaboration and communication skills.


4. Writing.

Even though writing for your own blog is obviously different to say, when you used to write at school, you’re still constantly improving that craft through your blog. Think about it, running a blog and publishing content means you’re always writing. You’re always improving how you structure sentences and express yourself. You’re still on top of your grammar and spelling. Blogging forces you to become an engaging, more dynamic writer.


3. To have a voice. 

You run your own blog. It’s your blog, your rules, your voice. I’ve never read a blog where I couldn’t clearly decipher the voice of the person writing it. Blogging gives us a platform to regularly express our opinions and voice our thoughts. It gets us used to speaking our truth and using our voices.


2. HTML.

When I first started blogging, HTML confused the hell out of me! Now I edit a lot of my posts in HTML mode because I actually find it easier. When we see brackets and numbers and multiple letters and numbers everywhere, we know how to read that and which part is which to form our post. To most people, looking at HTML is like looking at a foreign language.


1. Photography.

Hallelujah, blogging made me (and probably made you too) such a better photographer. I used to shoot on Auto mode, I never would’ve dreamed that one day I’d not only shoot in Manual mode, but actually have two different cameras, multiple lenses and love shooting in manual! Blogging forces you to up your photography skills and properly understand at least the basic dynamics of using a camera.

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