Is Makeup Shaming Really Still A Thing?

Alrighty, so buckle yourselves in because this is a topic I’m pretty damn passionate about. You buckled? Let’s roll.

So ‘beauty’ means something different to every person. I find that places like the blogging community make it really easy for you to love beauty. Other people love beauty, you love beauty- it’s a win/win scenario. Everyone can share in talking about what they love. Then after spending time in this beauty-loving community, you finally emerge. You hear some comments, read some things and it’s like wait, what? Are some people seriously still closed-minded about beauty and people wearing makeup?

I’ve been lucky in the sense that I’ve never experienced anything like this before personally, but that doesn’t mean I’m ok with it. It ranges from people who make comments about how they “don’t need makeup” (as if people who wear makeup and love beauty just cling to the stuff and are lost without it). There are people who say they don’t like makeup because they “prefer the natural look.” There are those who will give you a weird look when you say you love makeup, as if you’ve just shown how shallow you really are. Then we get to the bottom of the barrel. You know, the whole “take her swimming on the first date” and the “this is false advertisement” thing when talking about what a woman looks like with and without makeup. I could go on with more examples but if I do then it will make me want to peel my eyeballs like grapes. That’s how much I hate the whole makeup shaming thing.

Well, to everyone that’s every experienced this and to everyone that’s as over it all as I am, here’s what we tell them:


Is Makeup Shaming Still A Thing?Makeup is an art, and a skill set.  

Um, the job is called a makeup artist, not a makeup enthusiast. Have you seen what people can do with makeup? It actually amazes me and it really shows that it is an art form. People can use makeup to fully transform themselves into things like cartoon characters and different celebrities meanwhile I still can’t do winged liner to save my life but anyway. You also don’t just wake up one day and know how to do a good smokey eye, or know how to apply eyeshadows without looking like you got in a fist fight. All of that takes skill, skill that people who make up shame obviously don’t recognise.


Makeup is damn fun, and cathartic. 

Start talking about makeup to anyone who loves it and watch their eyes light up a bit. I know when I’m in a big makeup store (or Sephora) my eyes widen like a kid in a damn candy store. Or you know, like me in a candy store, I do love my sweets. Plus, when I’m stressed, doing my makeup relaxes me. I genuinely look forward to doing my beauty routine every day. The entire process of choosing what products to use, picking what look you’re going to go for, applying your moisturiser then your products etc- I can’t be the only one who finds that all soothing? It’s like a wee little break from life.


Wearing makeup does not make you shallow.

Why this ever became a thing, I will never know. Putting time and effort into your appearance, whether that’s your clothes, your hair or makeup, does not make you shallow. It’s your life, your body, you’re entitled to take care of it how you see fit. No one ever says that someone is shallow if they spend time getting a lot of tattoos, do they? So why the hell do people think liking makeup makes you that way?


The ‘natural’ look isn’t necessarily so natural. 

That moment when someone says you don’t wear a lot of makeup, you just have that natural look they like. Lol okay, I’m actually wearing:

->Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Highlighter, Eyeshadow, Brow Gel, Mascara, Lip Balm, Lipstick.

I’m just not going around wearing a bold red lip every day, neither are a lot of people. But yet, non-makeup savvy people will go on talking about how they like your natural, no makeup look. When I actually go fully makeup free, I don’t hear people saying they love the natural look. I hear people saying I look tired, unwell, a bit pale (um- I am pale?) or like something isn’t quite right. Funny that.


We don’t need makeup, we like it, or we prefer it to the alternative. 

Not going to lie, this took me a while to grapple with. Growing up, I always got offended if someone insinuated that I needed makeup. I struggled with my skin as a teen and it got really bad for about two years at the end of high school. I felt like no one was looking into my eyes when they were talking to me, they were always just looking at my skin. Makeup really helped with that, but I didn’t like hearing other people talk about how they didn’t need makeup because it made me feel ashamed.

Was I overthinking it? Probably, but the whole thing made me feel really down about myself. Now I’m older, my skin is one hundred times better and I still generally wear makeup whenever I’m leaving the house. It got me thinking. I like makeup and love applying it. I love how I feel when I have it on. Is that a bad thing? I also love how I feel when I have clothes on, but does anyone ever question my decision to want to put clothes on before I leave the house? Nope.

So even if someone does wear makeup every day, it’s because they like it, or they love it, or they prefer it to the alternative which is completely okay. I mean, I could go out tomorrow wearing an old tracksuit but I don’t because I prefer the alternative of wearing nice clothes and putting together outfits. As far as I’m concerned, makeup is just an extension of that- it’s a love, not a crutch.


How do you feel about makeup-shaming?


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